Genre Adventure
Publisher Devolver Digital
Developer onebitbeyond
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-3115C 2.5 GHz/AMD Athlon X4 730 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with support for DirectX 9, for example Intel HD 4000, 1 GB hard disk
Recommended requirements Intel Pentium G3250 3,2 GHz/AMD Phenom 9850 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with support for DirectX 9 and 1 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460/AMD Radeon HD 6850
Release date 24 APR 2018
Age limit 6 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

First The Swords of Ditto attracts with its visual style — it’s all here so bright and colorful that the mood rises when one only look at the screenshots. The cozy world of the game you want to leisurely explore: to seek out secret dungeons, to fight with each encountered opponent. But this method of passing is not encouraged — after some time the hero will have to meet terrorizing the town witch, Mormo, and why waste precious minutes to explore the area undesirable. Sometimes I am very sorry that the game has such a condition.

Heroes of might without magic

The story begins with the fact that a randomly generated main character (who can be anyone, from an ordinary boy to a girl with Bunny ears) wakes up in his house and goes ditto for the sword weapon, which he needs to defeat the witch. Beetle-the phantom of the fucking report me helping character to get comfortable with the office and tells him about the purpose, at the same time arranging a small tour of the city. The heroes are trying to go to the witch, but even to fight with her fails — a character instantly dies from her hands.

To open some doors, you need to look for heavy boxes and put them on the buttons

It turns out, the new hero of the sword will appear only after a century. He wakes up in his house, just listen to the instructions from the bug-Ghost, the same goes for the sword, but this time will not rush. First he has to defeat two minions, Mormo, hidden in the dungeons. But to get to them, it is necessary to clean two separate dungeons, and to obtain the necessary items. For example, a gramophone record, that in the shelter of one of the monsters will activate moving platform. If you want you can go to the witch immediately after waking up, but the result is fairly predictable, especially if the intricacies of the game you are not familiar.

For everything the hero is given a few days (depending on the selected difficulty level). On average only have four days, what might seem sufficient period, but they expire very quickly. You do not have time to win the first henchman, as bug reports about the remaining twelve hours, which end almost instantly. The hero goes to sleep, and next morning, having collected all will in a fist, goes to the witch’s fortress in the hope to overcome it. If you fail (and the first time just will not work), the world throughout the century will be under the control of Mormo. Residents will be sadder, the weather turned bad, enemies the next time will be more — in General, the consequences are disastrous. If you win, people are waiting for prosperity and happiness, but in a hundred years, the witch will appear again.

Sometimes you have to unravel the mysteries surrounded by the crowd of monsters

At first, the lost hero does not leave after itself anything, except earnings level, but good enough. If your last character was stronger than others of his opponents and reached the sixth level, a century later will be stronger and enemies — they by that time will earn the seventh, eighth or even ninth. But you still have to kill enemies and gain experience to level up and get access to story dungeons — it is not allowed until you reach the desired level. But it takes time, which is not much.

Back to die

The world of the Swords of Ditto is generated each time different, so remember the location locations makes no sense — with a new hero, everything will look different. Even the shops in the main town will be in unusual places. There seems to be no problem — in the same Rogue Legacy or The Binding of Isaac card also always been different, this mechanic makes the repetition more interesting.

But there is a caveat — very often passes from one location to another is covered in purple slime, which can only destroy one side. During one of the races I lost about half of the day, when I was trying to get out of the city, which is located directly to the right location. Go right — there goo. Go upstairs and then to the right there is a dead end. Go down again mucus. I had to go left, make a huge circle at the bottom of the card and only after that you want to visit the dungeon. It is obvious that this attempt to defeat the witch without success. Due to the random generation of the map do not always get such bad, but if this goo actually was removed from the game, it would be only better.

To destroy obstacles can be only one side — where there are eyes

This element seemed appropriate at the Hob, where it is constantly met locked gates, to interact with which was possible only on the reverse side. But The Swords of Ditto time so it is important that these constraints only in the way you’re losing is not their fault, but because of ill-conceived random generation. Other similar games from this disease do not suffer — they can give you a completely useless weapon or not to give better health, but you will still be able to come out the winner. There is also a possibility, but not the first and not the second attempt.

The presence of timer makes a thoughtful research locations impossible — have a whirlwind rush forward, knowing that after a few minutes the game will end. But secrets and cool dungeons here very much, but if several are opened at once, do the others have either walked away, or obtain from a random resident key, or long to push a heavy box and put it on the button. Fortunately, when you get into dungeons, time stops — you can study them and kill monsters without worrying about the timer.

In the game there is a way to rewind minutes ago and to be able to stretch the passage, but no one really explains how to do it. Just scroll down the list of accomplishments, I learned about this option. The fact that some chests, you can find the tokens that activate the fountain of time. Should bring to the fountain a few of these coins (also issued for minor side quests like killing 30 enemies) of the enemies suddenly start to fall out completely new currency. It is used not only to fast but also to make life easier for the child — after the death of the collected items can be kept in the safe for a small fee. It is a pity that a player of any of this at first has no idea — someone must be so ignominiously to die over and over again, without achieving any success.

The choice of stickers is great, and therefore make the decision can be difficult

The best moments

It may seem that The Swords of Ditto brings more irritation than joy, but in fact it is not. To praise the game too. The pumping system, for example, turned out great — instead of new helmets and swords used stickers that give a stat bonus. This relieved the developers from having to draw the outfit on the figure of the hero and allowed to come up with a fun mechanic with bags of stickers — a kind of luchboxes, which can be opened only in the city. There are sold and coveted improvements.

Stickers don’t make the hero too strong or sturdy, but they give you quite significant bonuses, so due to the limited number of slots is sometimes very difficult to make a choice. You can speed up the roll that will not only help in combat, but also increase the pace of movements to locations. Can add to your sword fire damage, thanks to which will fire to bushes and standing in their opponents. Some stickers and make the character less susceptible to poison and other negative effects. In timer also stops, so long to stand in the shop and choose the desired improvement is not prohibited.

For killing some of the enemies experience reason do not give, and it’s not explained

The combat system is very simple, but the more you play, The Swords of Ditto, the better you fight with the monsters. Often the most effective strategy is a triple combination of blows followed by rolling to the side, but there are other options. For example, to lure enemies to exploding enemy, to kill him and hurt blast those standing around him. Or to get up to shoot you opponent got the shells in a friend, while you on the other hand beat him with a sword. Not so hot depth, but the fight is not boring, and clashes with the bosses at times and does remember the Titan Souls.

Another notable advantage of the game — dungeons and excellent puzzles in them. In the Arsenal of the hero is not only a sword but shooting a plastic gun shells and other fun toys. A lot of this will come in handy when solving puzzles. There are check boxes in the interaction with which the platforms appear and disappear. There are items required to activate the levers and lying usually in the opposite corner of the room, surrounded by traps and spikes. With the help of a flying drone, you can open a door or lower a wall. Sooner or later the puzzles will begin to repeat, but ingenuity not take away from them.


In General, interesting ideas are plenty. But for every thrilling episode is the moment when you roll your eyes from inappropriate mechanic and imagine how much cooler the game would be without them. Suppose it were a big open world and The Swords of Ditto completely copied A Link to the Past — with this visual style, a funny (and sensible) leveling system, fun dungeons and great atmosphere she would forgive. But in pursuit of originality, the authors made a few mistakes that spoil the impression and disturbing to explore the stylish of the location, which they themselves had so lovingly painted. The Swords of Ditto you want to spend a lot of time, but she prevents it and constantly whip forward.


  • great visual design;
  • a lot of unique opponents;
  • interesting puzzles in the dungeons.


  • ticking timer leaves no time for research locations;
  • some useful mechanics does not explain;
  • while traveling lose a lot of time because of blocked passages.


Graphics The game looks great and is reminiscent of the animated series “Gravity falls” and “Steven universe”. Locations and dungeons are quite varied and not boring.
Sound The music that sounds while you move from one zone to another, firmly imprinted in the memory, and the whole soundtrack is good.
Single game Completion may take from four to ten hours depending on how quickly you figure everything out and how successful will be a randomly generated map. The game has more pros than cons, but its flaws are constantly apparent.
Multiplayer Supported local co-op. When playing together, usually there are more first-aid kits, and items can be shared, so through the game becomes much easier.
Overall impression The Swords of Ditto would be a great game, if the mechanics with a limited number of days were thought out better. Now it’s more harm than good.

Rating: 7/10

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The Swords of Ditto

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