Genre Roleplay
Publisher Versus Evil
Publisher in Russia “Buka”
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-2100 2.5 GHz/AMD Phenom II X3 B75 3.0 GHz, 4GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 9 and 512 MB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT/AMD Radeon HD 4850, 14 GB on the hard disk account on Steam or GOG
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz/AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM,
video card with support for DirectX 9 and 1 GB of memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570/AMD Radeon HD 7790
Release date May 8, 2018 (PC), 2018 (Xbox One, PS4, Switch)
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch
Official website

The game is tested on PC

In recent history, traditional cRPG, there has been two major series that compete for the attention of fans: Divinity and Pillars of Eternity. Projects Larian Studios and Obsidian Entertainment go with a small break and stand on one field — put pressure on the nostalgic feelings for classic role-playing games and at the same time trying to attract to the genre of a new generation of players. Original Sin 2 really raised the bar of quality in the narrative, flexibility and nonlinearity. Deadfire is struggling to look decent on the background of such a powerful competitor. But to compete with the latest release of Divinity is really hard.

In the sea on vacation

After the events of the first part the main character is settled in a private fortress, built above a huge statue of Adra. Adra — the special material in the world of Pillars of Eternity. Green stone, glowing from the inside out, is an excellent conductor of spiritual energy. It was the battery, which can act as a source of energy, and absorb it. Due to this property the colossus was a great shell for the God whose past body was destroyed. Getting out of the depths, he shamelessly interrupts the celebration, casually killing most of the inhabitants in the castle and goes in the direction of the southern Islands. And not to lie on the beach.

The first part was met by a huge tree with dozens of hanged. The sequel is much more hospitable

Under the hot hand of green titanium came our hero. However, after all the tribulations, he is not going to just die. Make a deal with God of death Barsom, the protagonist embarks on in pursuit of a walking statue to return part of the stolen souls. Of course, in motley company of other adventurers. Some old friends, on the other hand have yet to make friends.

Pillars of Eternity companions were not very expressive. Their personal quests were short and mostly story, they almost did not participate. In the sequel, satellites have become much more alive. They have their own opinion on any issue. And even if they did not insert my two cents into the conversation, the game carefully will alert that someone is “shook her head sadly from your words.” Only still their own history were short and mostly boring — not like Original Sin 2.

As the first part, Deadfire is trying to flirt with the metaphysics (even such a skill there), talks about death and rebirth. About what a soul really is. This time much attention is paid to the topic of faith and its place in everyone’s life. In your team, all your points of view on these issues, and sometimes results in verbal altercation. Associates in General love to have one-liners. Sometimes it seems that without you, they would long ago have at each other’s throats.

Sea battle according to the version of Obsidian

The archipelago of the Dead fire is very different from Derwood where we heroics before. If the first Pillars of Eternity offered a classic fantasy world, the sequel adds to this the lion’s share of pirate romance. So, we get a ship on which to sail the sea between the Islands. It is a pity that “Inflexible” is not “Normandy.” Here we have only the upper deck Yes hold personal quarters. Not a luxury but a means of transportation.

Take care of the ship you still need to get a sturdy sails and powerful guns, decorate the armor, hire and feed a team. Without all this, you will be sent to the bottom of the first storm or pirate frigate. Fighting on the water made in the form of textual step-by-step tactics. Give orders to subordinates (“Full speed ahead!” or “Fire off the port bow!”), read the result, and then look at the actions of the enemy. Modestly, but with taste.

The progress on the ground

The world has greatly increased in size in comparison with the last part. But most of it is sea surface. Should dock at the next island, like Deadfire turns into the same Pillars of Eternity of 2015, with minor modifications here and there and adjusted for the pirate atmosphere. Land on the global map moves conditional icon of our squad, and the active points or starts a text adventure or a party takes on a specific location.

Other dimensions consistently impressive landscapes… and the evil gods

Immediately catches the eye the increased detail. Obsidian continues to simulate isometric old school RPG in the spirit of Baldur’s Gate. The picture came out very much alive — in the frame of a huge number of animated objects, added a dynamic weather effects and realistic day and night. Shadows of buildings slowly crawling on the pavement, and the characters are not worth posts: normal NPC scurry through the streets here and there, and the companions, waiting for instructions, get bored easily and move on to their business — the conjurer juggles Tehako water, and the warrior wearily Eder smokes a pipe.

In the first hours Deadfire hits the scale, especially when you get to the major cities of Nikitaki. While the mileage of all six of its regions, time failure to score the job history to reconcile the different castes of the indigenous population to find the underground market and start Dating in three different guilds. To get lost in here for five hours — a breeze. Wide Pillars of Eternity really came. To the depths of the same questions remain.

In the archipelago the power is divided by four factions: the Kingdom rauti (local dominant race), two trading companies and pirates Principe. You can work at all, but even in those rare moments when the goals of the factions are opposite to your actions is almost no impact on the outside world. Almost until the very end, you can work on all sides. And this is the most profitable.

Where pirates, there’s the Kraken!

At first, the magazine swells from more errands. The first time I think that to warm up we throw up the job simpler that will start the real adventure with extraordinary characters and moral dilemmas. These really are, — that only is the penetration of a pirate Fort or search for the lost island. But most of the quests are still basic in its structure: reached the appointed spot, struck, or talked his way to the goal and all.

In Deadfire had greater opportunities to resolve the matter peacefully. Due to the fact that colleagues can now share part of their abilities, in the dialogues, often available a lot of different options. If you have not invested talent points your character in deterrence, but this skill is pumped from one of the satellites in the conversation, your character will be able to intimidate the interlocutor. It encourages the formation of the party not only in terms of combat effectiveness, but also on the variety of social skills.

The dialogues are fully voiced — apparently, this forced the writers to reason with internal scribblers. Pillars of Eternity sometimes sinned walls of text, through which we had to Wade. The sequel is devoid of this problem. The characters speak in the case, but conversations don’t sound dry. Rather the opposite. Different races and factions have unique features of speech, and is for several phrases know who you are dealing with. Despite the large number of characters, they all sounded very high quality, with reliable skills and excitement.

On one screen you can find all the reputation of the hero factions and allies, as well as his inclinations. Very convenient

However, from the battles you’re still not going anywhere — sometimes have to use magic and a sword. As before, battles take place in real time, however at any time you can put the action on pause and think about tactics. Familiar with the first part get comfortable here very quickly. On the whole, the interface is intuitive: highlighted coverage skills, the chance to hit enemies and allies.

Battle markedly increased over time. No longer need to save spells — they are now restored after the battle. However, to read in one battle there will be less than in the first part: for example, you can use only one high-level spell. This allows you to use the maximum opportunities in every battle and does not simply “pour” the enemy with powerful magic. Although Planck’s complexity down, and last but not least thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence from teammates. Sometimes they act so well that even on high difficulty, you can sit back and just watch the parade of special effects. Provided that you don’t attack a monster that is several levels stronger than you, in this case, only a competent will enable you to emerge victorious.

* * *

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a logical development of the ideas of its predecessor. She immediately recognized, but has enough innovation to be considered a full-fledged sequel. For the most part, these changes point. Yes, the scale has increased, but Obsidian is not enough for a qualitative leap to stand on the same height with Larian. The second round was for the Belgians.


  • a big world filled with adventure;
  • an interesting story that raises serious issues;
  • a number of entertaining side quests;
  • excellent written and expertly voiced dialogue;
  • a vivid and detailed picture;
  • dynamic battle, not lacking in tactical depth.


  • a lot of boring extra missions, including the personal stories of companions;
  • your actions almost no impact on the environment.
Graphics Deadfire reminiscent of the old isometric RPG, but it looks great and boasts a juicy special effects and great animation.
Sound Standard soundtrack for fantasy with small hints of a pirate theme. Remembered only the title track. But the voice dialogues at the highest level.
Single game Classic in spirit roleplay, but very comfortable and in a modern wrap.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression If you like Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale, you get lost in Pillars of Eternity 2 for many dozens of hours.

Rating: 8,5/10

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Pillars of Eternity III: Deadfire

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