Model Acer 5 Swift is not the first laptop with the CPU Refresh Kaby Lake, who visited our lab. It’s time to finally get used to the fact that even the most thin and light mobile devices are equipped with powerful 4-core chips. Swift 5 a few stands out from the crowd: ultrabook features a 14-inch matrix, but its weight does not exceed one kilogram. It turns out, before us is a perfect companion for a person used to working in the road? Let’s examine in details the new product and see what it can do.

Acer Swift 5

Specifications, equipment and

In the sale you will find several versions of the Swift 5. As is known, on taste and color all felt-tip pens different, but because the potential buyer can choose among models blue, black, gold and white colors. Also in the sale you will still find models with dual-core processors Kaby Lake last generation, however, the table below lists only the most modern components used in various modifications Swift 5.

  Acer Swift 5
Display 14″, 1920 × 1080, IPS, touch
The CPU Intel Core i5-8250U, 4/8 cores/threads, and 1.6 (3,4) GHz, 15 W
Intel Core i7-8550U, 4/8 cores/threads, 1,8 (4,0) GHz, 15 W
Graphics Intel HD Graphocs 620
RAM 8 or 16 GB DDR3
SSD: 256/512 GB
The wireless communication module Intel Wireless-AC 7265, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac, 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, up to 867 Mbps Bluetooth 4.2
Interfaces 2 × USB 3.0 Type-A
1 × USB 3.0 Type-C
1 × HDMI
1 × 3.5 mm mini Jack acoustics/microphone
Built-in battery 2 cell, 36 WH
External power supply 45 W
Dimensions 329 × 228 × 14.9 mm
Weight 0,97 kg
Operating system Windows 10 x64 Home
Guarantee 1 year
Price in Russia, by data “Yandex.Market” 100 000 rubles. for the test model

To my test model came Acer Swift 5 SF514-52T-88W1. It includes a SSD of 512 GB and coming with 16 GB of RAM standard LPDDR3. According to our computer stores, you get acquainted with the most advanced version of Swift 5, which asked an average of 100 000 rubles. At the same time, over 76 000 rubles you can buy a model SF514-52T-53MB with Core i5-8250U, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. For example, the model HP Spectre 13-af006ur with identical characteristics is an average of 91, 000. Agree, the difference is noticeable.

With the pricing sorted out. All Swift 5 installed the wireless module Intel Wireless-AC 7265, which supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and a maximum bandwidth of up to 867 Mbps and Bluetooth 4.2.

Included with the laptop is the tiny power supply 45 W and a weight of just 150 g. Finally at least someone had the sense to pick light devices light same accessories!

Appearance and input device

In General appearance Swift 5 can be described as simple. The design of the laptop there are no pretentious and challenging elements. But is it important, because for us just a workhorse. It may seem that the device is entirely made of matte plastic, but it is not. Uses a special magnesium-lithium alloy, which, according to the manufacturer, increases the plasticity of the material without loss of strength.

The build quality is assessed as excellent, schlock in the work can not be traced. And blue plastic was surprisingly practical — it is almost not visible fingerprints or dust.


Yes, Swift 5 does not beat records, but with a thickness of 14.9 mm, the device still can be called thin. More importantly, the ultrabook weighs just 970 grams, so it absolutely can be easy to take with you everywhere. Even with the external power supply in a backpack such a burden is almost not felt.

Swift 5 uses 14-inch display, but if you compare the enclosure sizes, the tested model is a little more than such ultrabooks like the HP Spectre 13 and the Acer Swift 7.

Laptop lid reveals 180 degrees. To hinges, no complaints — they accurately positioning the screen and do not let it hang out while typing. At the same time to open the lid with one hand is not impossible.

Nothing wrong that a Swift 5 does not compete with other models for the title of the slim ultrabook, because this will keep the interfaces among full connectors. So, on the left of the laptop output 3.5 mm headset Jack. Here are the indicators of activity of the laptop and the Kensington lock slot. On the right side of the displayed port to connect the power supply, HDMI output, two USB 3.0 A-type and one USB 3.0 C-type.

Front and rear no connectors no. Air being sucked into the fan through a fine grille, located on the bottom of the laptop and blown out through the perforations in the rear wall.

The keyboard resembles the one that was used in the older models of Acer, such as the Aspire R13. Flat keys with a size of 16 × 14 mm have a small height and are spaced from each other by 3 mm. typing on this keyboard is quite convenient, since all buttons are in place. But clavie Esc Prt Sc, Del, and a number of F1-F12 is small so working with them will have to get used to. Uncomfortable keyboard and 5 Swift arrow buttons that both “hanged” functions increase/decrease the sound and screen brightness.

The backlit keyboard has only one color and one brightness level that I am personally quite satisfied. The default is a range of F1-F12, that’s actually somewhat atypical for ultrabooks, as usual multimedia features are considered to be a priority. However, this is for me.

The touch panel — no complaints: it’s not as big as in Swift 7, but its function performs well. The touchpad surface is pleasant to the touch, gestures are detected normally, depression is accompanied by a distinct and fairly loud click. In the work the touchpad behaves quite adequately — checked in the computer card game “Quint”.

As for the webcam, the Swift 5 uses a standard matrix with a resolution of 720p and the ability to record with a frequency of 30 Hz, with all the resulting consequences. Thus, a satisfactory picture quality, you really only get in bright Sunny weather. Indoors, under artificial light the image is very noisy. For Skype calls this quality will be enough for something more serious — definitely not.

The internal structure and capabilities upgrade

The laptop is very easy to disassemble, however, in the design of the device uses screws with a screwdriver type Torx (people — asterisk). After removing 11 screws only remains to gently remove the bottom.

As is often the case nowadays, most of the interior of the space is the battery. Swift 5 used two cells on 4670 mAh with voltage of 7.7 V. For the removal of heat from Core i7-8500U the responsibility of a small cooling system, consisting of a single heat pipes, a tiny aluminum heatsink and fan is of a tangential type.


16 GB of RAM soldered directly to the motherboard. To increase the capacity of RAM will not succeed, and that is why it is better to take model with 16GB. The system uses a memory standard of DDR3-2133.

Disassemble the laptop by yourself makes sense only in case, if you want eventually to replace the SSD. In a test model in one of the two M. 2 connectors installed Toshiba 1100 MTFDDAV512TBN of 512 GB. This SSD works in mode SATA 6 GB/s, although Swift 5 motherboard supports PCI Express devices. The presence of the second port to install another drive form factor 2280 believe the undeniable advantage of this device.


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