Among gaming keyboards special place is occupied by models with RGB led. On the market they are few and far between, but they all feature bright design and, as a rule, with various additional features. After all, the mere existence of a custom according to your taste backlighting – this is not the main feature of high-quality gaming keyboard. This is the case with the new game model MSI VIGOR GK70. In addition to mechanical switches Cherry MX RGB is an input device distinguished by the absence of an additional digital block and, consequently, shorter length, allowing the player to take a more comfortable position, and generally be placed on any empty area of the table. In addition, MSI VIGOR GK70 there are a number of other advantages with which we are now acquainted.

The package


The supplied keyboard MSI VIGOR GK70


The keyboard comes in a small, but fairly high for this type of devices a cardboard box. As befits a package of gaming input devices, box MSI VIGOR GK70 decorated very colorfully, with the use of color printing. Inside, except for the new items, was found to have the following accessories:

  • Micro USB cable – USB length 1.8 m;
  • a set of sixteen replacement keycaps;
  • a replacement key caps;
  • a network cable.

In the package was not printed user guide, but this is due to the fact that we have tested pre-instance, no marked on the keys of the Cyrillic alphabet. Also not found in the box and supports for the wrist, have been reported in the list supplied with keyboard accessories, but the end user it will be obligatory.


Type Wired
Interface USB
The number of keys 87
The switches in the keys Mechanical Cherry MX RGB Red/Silver
Features RGB-backlight all keys: 16.7 million colors
Multimedia functions: Fn + Function keys
Gaming mode: Fn + Windows
N-Key Rollover: simultaneous pressing of
Dimensions, mm 355 × 135 × 45
Weight, kg 0,74
Guarantee, months. 12
Estimated price*, RUB 8 600

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

Keyboard MSI VIGOR GK70 applies to models without optional digital unit — to those whom it is necessary, you should pay attention to the MSI VIGOR GK80. Both models are equipped with switches Cherry MX RGB backlit in translucent housings. The user can choose between the keyboard with switch Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silver. Us on the test got the keyboard with switch Cherry MX Red. Both switches belong to the linear type is the most convenient for frequent repeated keystrokes.

The appearance and performance of switches Cherry MX RGB Red

The appearance and performance of switches Cherry MX RGB Silver

They are extremely similar in design and character work, but the model is distinguished from Red Silver a shorter course. The switching point of the switches is the same and is 45 grams, which allows you to easily press the keys. But if the switches are Cherry MX Red actuation stroke is 1.9 mm, then the Cherry MX Silver it has been reduced to 1.2 mm. Keyboard MSI VIGOR GK70 with this type of switches suitable for those who are willing to play (or work) 40% faster. Note also that the switches are Cherry MX Red are the most popular among gamers, but keyboards with them can often be found even in office workers. The stated number of guaranteed positives when pressed for switches Cherry MX Red/Silver is fifty million.

From other characteristics worth noting the presence of function of recognition of simultaneous pressing a few keys. There are two modes: gaming mode N-Key Rollover, where keyboard to recognize any number of keys pressed, and a working 6-Key Rollover to recognize up to six simultaneously pressed keys.

To connect to a laptop VIGOR GK70 has gold-plated USB interface, connects the detachable cable.

External view


Appearance keyboard MSI VIGOR GK70

Keyboard is made in a plastic case, but based on aluminum plate, giving the device sufficient rigidity. This allows the body GK70 MSI VIGOR to resist bending and deformation even at very intensive work. Looks new attractive, modern and slightly aggressive. In accordance with the latest trends in the world of gaming input devices, the keyboard has no external and internal frames, frame keys, resulting in all of its mechanisms are visible to the user. The key switches and their dark caps very well shaded dark brown tint aluminum chassis.


The adjustable angle housing


Bottom view


The rear edge of the body at MSI VIGOR GK70 quite high, but if desired, it can be raised even a little, changing the angle of the entire keyboard. This can be done with long folding legs, located at the bottom of the hull. The bottom of the case is made of smooth plastic with glued on corners of covers, slip of the keyboard on smooth surfaces.


A USB port and one of the options for cable routing

Gold plated Micro USB connector to connect the interface cable located in the Central part of the body. The manufacturer offers three options for the cable: center, left and right. In the latter two cases the cable neatly inside the shell and does not interfere with work.


The layout of the keys

Keyboard MSI VIGOR GK70 has 87 keys. Individual keys for multimedia functions, as well as additional keys for macros it does not. In this keyboard there is nothing extra – only what can be useful for games and entertainment. In this part of the keys in combination with key [Fn] with the signature engraved in the form of a dragon have additional functions. So, function keys [F9]-[F12] and press [PRTSCRN], [SCRLK] and [PAUSE] control the playback and volume level. Press [F5]-[F8] to change the frequency of the retry [F1]-[F3] and [ESC] is used to control the backlight (it, by the way, you can even turn off). Also note the presence of six keys, [INS] – [PGDN] management capabilities of motherboards and graphics cards MSI gaming series. With their help, you can choose one of three modes of operation of these devices without interrupting the game. The combination of keys [Fn] on one of the numbers enables the inclusion of a profile configured using the software. The key combination [Fn] + [Windows] puts the keyboard into gaming mode where every click is handled correctly, regardless of the number of simultaneously pressed keys. Have MSI VIGOR GK70 there are other switches with zadublirovanny functions, so that this model, despite its compact size, shows very exceptional ability.


Keys have been removed and the caps

Symbolic items on the caps are applied by laser engraving, which prevents their deletion. In this part of the keys with additional functions is engraved on the upper faces and the side surfaces. At first it was confusing, but after fifteen minutes of work you get used to it. But the unusual font used had long enough – too unusual shape have some letters. Note what the letter looks like N and M, and you will understand what was going on.

A set of replacement gaming caps, and four of the regular cap (with the letters) for comparison


Replaceable keycaps and key


The replacement caps

The regular caps have a smooth concave surface, only the space traditionally made curved. For the picky player in the set includes sixteen interchangeable caps. Twelve of them made of translucent red plastic with a textured rubber top surface for providing better grip. No inscriptions on them, so the caps can be considered universal to replace any key. Well, four of the cap is covered on top with zinc alloy, painted in a light Golden color. It is unlikely that this gives the comfort in the game, but it looks just fine. These caps have a well-defined geometry of the casing and intended to replace game keys [W], [A], [S] and [D]. To replace the caps in the package is a plastic key with which this operation is performed for a couple of seconds.

In General, the design, construction, capabilities, and quality of all of the elements of the keyboard MSI VIGOR GK70 admirable. Everyone, even the most insignificant element of its design is carefully designed and has its own slot assignment. Small dimensions in this case have some kind of amplification effect of this gaming mood, why the keyboard seems even more attractive.


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