More recently, the company Atari has revealed the official name of their new retro console, the Atari VCS. Last week the system was demonstrated in the framework of the Game Developers Conference in 2018 in San Francisco. The company shared his opinion regarding the device, but the reporters in attendance did not manage to try any games.

Employees CNet liked the design of the enclosure and the controllers. “Atari VCS looks like a product that you can be proud of and flaunt”, — the

newspaper writes CNet. The only trouble is that the evidence of the operation of the device no. Atari brought the current system to the game developer’s conference — only layout. But he shared his interesting vision. “We all would like to make a BOOM, they say, she’s here, she’s amazing. This day would come, — said the Atari engineer Joe Moak (Moak Joe). — But today is not that day.”

Moreover, Atari is still not decided on the cost of the console and its release date. The reason for this including is that the AMD chip and operating system based on Linux still configured to work together.

Chief operating officer Atari, Michael Arzt (Arzt Michael) apologizes for what he could not reveal any details, including the characteristics of the console. But it still paints a picture of the product: a tiny full-fledged Linux PC with the Atari logo and more than a hundred classic and re-interpreted a bit of games on Board. Atari will also open the door for third-party developers who want to try to convert old projects into something new. So prospective buyers should expect more of these games — one example is the Tempest 4000, the sequel to the arcade action remake of Tempest for the Atari Jaguar.

“We are actively communicating with the developers who want either to move their game on [our] device, or to enter into an attractive partnership deal to recreate and reimagine the classic our intellectual property,” said Arzt.

Atari still has a good relationship with almost all publishers of classic games, including Activision. Arzt says that even if at the start you won’t find the coveted project, it may appear on the VCS in the future. And since the device is, in fact, a Linux PC, you will also be able to play the game distributed in Steam — but while Atari not sure how well that will work though projects like Borderlands 2.

The company reports that the Atari VCS will have a user interface for games and media like Netflix and YouTube (through the browser), as well as a full-fledged Linux OS that experienced users can configure. You will get the opportunity to connect a mouse, keyboard and any Bluetooth or USB XInput controller if you want, but VCS still offers a few of their accessories. One modernized version of the classic Atari joystick, is equipped with Bluetooth and the other in the manner of a modern gamepad Xbox One with asymmetric analog sticks. “It is impossible to introduce innovations in the controller,” said Atari CEO Fred Chesnais (Fred Chesnais), when asked about the similarity of one of them with a gamepad Microsoft.

By the way, this controller is the reason for the first delay output Ataribox (working title Atari VCS — note). Atari told about an undefined problem with the partner-manufacturer of the controller, forced the company to postpone an initial launch. But, according to the artists, this is the only problem caused a complete audit of the project that led to the postponement of the start.

“When we started digging a little deeper, I discovered many things that were, maybe, 90 % of what we wanted,” said Michael Arzt. As the company said last week: “We were not prepared to go forward, even with the slightest deviation”.

Now Atari is considering whether to upgrade to a newer and faster processor AMD, what chip Bristol Ridge, which had planned to use originally. “Us as fans, it is very important to get it right. said Arzt. — [Atari VCS] will be released when it’s ready.”


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