Among the acoustic systems developed under the brand Edifier, occupy a special place of having a certificate of Hi-Res Audio. While Edifier marked with “Hi-Res Audio” is focused on the most diverse audience that is expressed in several types of the models: 2.0, 2.1 and Soundbar. This standard was developed in 2014 Japanese and North American associations of Japan Audio Society (JAS) and Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is already widespread among manufacturers of audio equipment.

However, any figures or reliable definition of high-definition audio these organizations do not give, limited to a very lengthy argument that Hi-Res Audio is the sound source of higher quality than CD. It is considered that the hi-RES audio files must have a sampling rate of at least 96 kHz and a depth of 24 bit. Accordingly, the bitrate of such files by an order of magnitude higher than the practical limit of 320 Kbps for MP3 and at times higher than conventional CD-ROM. As for the format, the common file types to MP3 or even AAC with sound high detail, alas, not working. Known for high-quality sound WAV format is not suitable due to the lack of compression and, consequently, the excessive size of the files in Hi-Res Audio. The most suitable formats for storing these musical compositions are considered to be freely distributable FLAC, proprietary Apple format – ALAC, DSD and the increasingly popular young network format MQA.

Of course, to work with audio Hi-Res Audio requires appropriate and sound system able to play them. If the files play on the PC, you will need the appropriate SOFTWARE. If you are using a hardware player, then he must also be able to work with files Hi-Res Audio. Well, the final link in the chain of delivering detailed sound to the ears of the user speaker system, the playback quality of which depends directly on the perception of the smallest details of the sound image by the user. And one of these systems logo Hi-Res Audio has been with us today. Moreover, the model Edifier S360DB belongs to the class of systems 2.1 and is intended for a wide circle of consumers.

The package


Packaging and delivery of acoustic system Edifier S360DB

The speakers come in a very large double cardboard box, to bring which from the store in the hands of perhaps only two. The set is very heavy, so it is better to order delivery or carry the purchase your own transport. Inside were neatly Packed in a foam and soft material of the following components:

  • subwoofer;
  • active (with built-in power cable) and passive speakers-satellites;
  • remote control with battery CR2025;
  • power cable for subwoofer;
  • interconnect cable for satellite speaker;
  • RCA audio cable-jack 3.5 mm;
  • RCA audio cable-RCA;
  • fiber optic input cable;
  • printed user manual in Russian.

All you need to work with acoustics included in the package, so that the user does not have to run to the store for a missing cable.


Feature / Model Edifier S360DB
Type of acoustics 2.1
Dynamics Subwoofer 1 × 8 inch (220 mm);
phase inverter
Speakers HF 1 × planar diaphragm;
Midrange and low 1 × 4 inch (105 mm);
phase inverter
Power (RMS), W 150 (2 columns × 40 + 1 subwoofer × 70)
Frequency range, Hz Speakers: 60-20 000
Subwoofer: 40-150
The signalto-noise, not less, dB 85
Distortion, not more, % 0,2
Input interfaces Two pairs of RCA stereo;
Additionally Remote control
The treble and bass control
Dimensions, mm Subwoofer: 275 × 299 × 322
Column: 140 × 253 × 177
Weight, kg 19,3
Guarantee, months. 12
Average retail price*, RUB. 26 000

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

The wireless communication module 5.8 GHz between subwoofer and speakers

Speaker system Edifier S360DB built in the traditional for this type of unit scheme: the subwoofer and two speakers satellite. That’s just the subwoofer in this case is not associated with the satellite cable. It has its own built-in power supply and speakers connected via the wireless channel, operating at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. Such scheme of work allows you to place the subwoofer where it is really needed and not there, where the reach interconnect cable.


Speaker subwoofer

The subwoofer has one large, eight-inch WOOFER. The manufacturers call it “professional”. Judging by the marking, it has a resistance of 2 Ohms. Speaker is very heavy, with a massive frame made of metal alloy. Note also the presence of the port with the calculated shape and location.


Tweeter speakers

Speakers from Edifier composition S360DB have two dynamics. Four-inch high-frequency speaker manufacturer calls the “highlight” of the entire system. It is specially developed in collaboration with well-known audiophile Japanese company Fostex tape (planar) rather than the classic dome tweeter. The manufacturer notes that in a bookshelf speaker system Edifier speaker tape is used first. Judging from the appearance, this speaker has magnetic shielding, but the marking on it is missing.


Medium and woofer speakers

A speaker for reproducing medium and low frequencies in the columns also claims the title of the next “highlights”, designed specifically for Edifier S360DB. It was created with the participation of German engineers KLIPPEL involved in the development of test equipment for audio applications. To design this dynamics of four-inch used specialized analytical complex, which was brought to perfection his basket and suspension. As a result, according to the manufacturer, managed to get a loudspeaker with clean sound, devoid of[A1] metallic notes and distortion.

Note that in the case of Edifier S360DB the manufacturer gives precise individual specifications and subwoofer, and speakers, and not only for the entire system. So, for the speakers frequency response is from 60 to 20 000 Hz, and the subwoofer from 40 to 150 Hz. The power output generally is provided for each frequency range (dynamics) separately. For speakers: 15 watts RF and 25 W midrange/WOOFER. The subwoofer output power is 70 W and total value is approximately equal to 150 watts, which is enough for living a decent size.

The system can be connected to analog audio sources, and digital. For the first there are two RCA inputs and for connection of video panels, computers, game consoles and HD players, you can use optical and coaxial inputs. Also the sound source for Edifier S360DB can serve any device with Bluetooth 4.1, so that according to this indicator, a hardware component of the novelty deserves a solid “excellent.”


Amplifiers TAS5754M on the system Board right speaker satellite speaker (left) subwoofer (right)

Like other models of acoustics Edifier tested in our test laboratory, trifonic Edifier S360DB built on class d amplifiers On printed circuit boards of the subwoofer and the speakers for each speaker with a separate amplifier Texas Instruments TAS5754M working with sampling rates from 8 to 192 kHz.


Processor ARM Cortex-M0 (left) and the interface of the PCM9211 (right) located on the system Board right speaker satellite

Connection diagram of components and signal transmission

Manages 32-bit RISC processor ARM Cortex-M0 STM32F071 STMicroelectronics. The processor works with a clock frequency of 48 MHz, has a built-in flash memory capacity from 64 to 128 KB. Completes the picture of the front interface Texas Instruments PCM9211, providing the reception and transmission of analog and digital signals from different sources. This interface works also with the Bluetooth signal.


The motherboard and power supply right speaker satellite speaker (left) subwoofer (right)

The manufacturer emphasizes that all components used meets the standards of Hi-Res Audio. We can only note that the wireless subwoofer and the speakers have a separate power supply. In the housings of the subwoofer and the right speaker satellite fixed power supply units closed in the first case, the metal screen and the second plastic, a freely ventilated case.

Appearance and design

The quality of processing the inner open edges of the subwoofer Cabinet

Like other speakers of Edifier, the housings of all three components Edifier S360DB are made from moisture proof high-quality wood-fibrous plates MDF top class E0, which guarantees the absence in composition of formaldehyde and other toxic substances. Quality Board and quality of processing of edges is clearly visible in the photo above. The outside of the body are covered with a film of dark brown color with structure in wood. The quality of the kit, as always, excellent.

The appearance of the acoustic system Edifier S360DB

Despite the classic layout, the appearance of new items was very expressive. This is largely due to the original view of the outer part of each of the speakers – they look really unusual and expensive. Also visual perception is also influenced by the absence of the usual decorative grids on front panels.

Complete system

Each component acoustic system Edifier S360DB massive and require appreciable space for installation. While inter-unit cable between them are connected to only speakers. The subwoofer can be placed where you wish. Connecting only the power cable. One electrical outlet is required to connect active speakers. For some reason the power cable for it, the manufacturer did not do removable.

Interconnect cable supplied

Special mention deserves the interconnect speaker cable supplied. It is quite soft and has at the ends of the plugs to balanced XLR podklyucheniya. Only contacts in this case is larger and the housing connectors do not have the snap lock.


The appearance of the subwoofer

The subwoofer is close to a cubic form, but it has slightly increased relative to the other two sides depth. The subwoofer is very heavy, so the fear that it will vibrate to swing or jump on the floor, not worth it. It is based on four large rubber feet that are enclosed in gold-tone metal ring. It is encouraging to see that the manufacturer has paid attention to the decorative elements, even those points of the design, which will not be visible when working.

The rear panel of the subwoofer

Trumpet bass reflex of the subwoofer is placed at the top farthest from the user corner of one of the side faces of the housing. Well, on the back metal panel is a connector for the power cord, press the on/off power, as well as barely visible red status indicator connection with recessed deep into the body button to create a connection with the speakers. The pair had been connected at the factory, but if necessary, the user can associate the subwoofer with the speakers again, clicking on this button. All input interfaces have Edifier S360DB located on the rear panel of the active speaker.


The appearance of satellites

The appearance of satellites is strictly corresponds to the style of subwoofer. They are made in the case of classic form with straight edges and sharp corners. But made of black plastic the front panel are relatively smooth facets, which gives the columns slightly futuristic look. Lean the speakers on small rubber feet. The right column is made active and the left passive with no controls, or interfaces, with the exception of the connector for the connection of interconnecting cables. Also note that on the backs of the housings of each of the speakers feature a bass reflex.


Control unit and rear panel of the active speaker

The most interesting is the right column. At the very bottom of the front panel, next to the logo Hi-Res Audio is a big translucent insert of dark plastic, behind which an infrared signal receiver for remote control. In one of the side faces of a housing integrated control unit, which can be found in many other speaker systems Edifier. It consists of three controls – volume, bass and treble, as well as the led indicator that informs the user about the color type of the current sound source. Frequency regulators have clearly tracked the middle position, which is easy to identify when you see small click. Volume control is an encoder with a button. It has a discrete course and has no restrictions on the rotation angle and clicking on it the user can switch between the sound sources connected to different interfaces of the system. Well on the metal panel of the active speaker, in addition to all mentioned in the specifications wired interfaces, a keyboard located power switch.

Remote control

Complete with speaker system Edifier S360DB comes a highly original remote control, operating from a single battery form factor CR2025. Original that it is quite unusual for such a device round shape. The size and shape it is most similar to the puck or a cylindrical jar. It is unlikely that such a body shape of the classic rectangular, but the bright appearance of new items this panel fits in quite handy.


Remote control

The upper part of the console case is made of dark plastic. It in the form of a circle of stacked buttons. In the center is a ring with buttons played on the track (with Bluetooth-connection) and volume level, and around it are buttons to switch between different signal sources. But to adjust the level of low or high frequencies, alas, is only possible with the help of knobs of the control unit of the active speaker. If not for this very small drawback, the possibility of the console it would be possible to put a solid “excellent.”


Included Edifier S360DB without any clicks or POPs, and the speakers do not buzz and do not emit any zvukovu waiting. Switching between audio sources is also happening immediately, just click on the relevant button on the remote control or the volume control on the control unit of the active speaker.

Test sound quality, we were without connection to external amplifiers. In this case, the sound source served as a computer sound card Creative SB Live! as well as the integrated audio chipset of the motherboard of the PC. We used a complete signal cables. To evaluate the sound of speakers Edifier s360db, we have listened to over forty musical compositions of different genres and styles in formats FLAC and WAV, as well as no less than fifty songs in MP3 format with compression quality at the highest possible level. The results were very interesting.

Let’s start with the fact that the speakers-the Edifier satellites S360DB can work well without a connected subwoofer. Virtually all musical compositions does not suffer from a lack of bass. Original mid-bass speakers speakers very bright and space reproduce the lower classes, with the result that acoustics can be used as a 2.0 system, not only as trifonic 2.1. This is useful because sometimes you just do not want or do not want to add to the sound stage coloring subwoofer. It is no secret that many people only purchase the acoustic system with the hope to make it universal, on all occasions: and for movies games, and for listening to music and partying with friends. Normal stereo 2.0 format in this case is not suitable, but the 2.1 system often associated the user with the overabundance of bass and doesn’t pretend to be the universal tool. In the case of Edifier S360DB different. In the list of advantages that acoustics manufacturer could easily make one: system two-in-one – 2.0 or 2.1, depending on the situation.

The sound reproduction of the original designed specifically for this model of loudspeakers satellite speaker makes us think that in this case two is not worse than three. Of course, high-quality three-band stereo system accurately reproduce the entire frequency range, but in the case of Edifier S360DB the developers of the speakers and the speakers tried to make it so that it is clearly heard every single sound. The first thing that attracts sound innovations is a cutting sound detail. Deaf or blurry sounds in this case not at all. Of course, this is true only in the case if you lose the audio file of high quality. If it’s just MP3, then you will quickly feel the difference between the maximum and the average values of bitrate and sampling frequency. The difference would be enormous. As for FLAC compared to MP3, there is already a lot depends on the room and placement of speakers with a subwoofer, and, of course, from the user’s ears. In most cases the difference will be audible. This is especially noticeable when listening to orchestral music with a dozen different instruments or vocals, so the novelty is not in vain has the certificate of Hi-Res Audio.

Unlike other speaker system format 2.1, subwoofer Edifier S360DB not attached to a specific painting medium frequencies and especially not interfere in the user’s perception of high frequencies. As expected, it operates exclusively in its own frequency range, extending to the mid/woofers of the columns and adding to the sound volume, bright and very dynamic bass. As a result, any music coming from your speakers Edifier S360DB sounds without any special colouring – bright, juicy and the most pure. To hear that the system 2.1 is very unusual, and therefore doubly pleasant.

With the subwoofer speakers create a rich and dynamic sound stage. Abrupt transitions and various complex sound effects speakers work precisely and fast, not swallowing and not smoothing sounds. All of this is true for the work of the speaker almost at any volume. The minimum and maximum effect limiting the sharpness of the sound can not reach, but the acoustics still cope with the challenge. In games and movies properly placed components Edifier S360DB allow you to create voluminous effect, but the subwoofer makes the explosions and the clang of iron realistic.

Summarizing our acquaintance with acoustics Edifier S360DB, we note the following features of its sound:

  • the maximum sharp and clear transfer each individual sound;
  • full-time work in 2.0 mode with overlap the entire frequency range and deep bass;
  • bright, clear and very deep bass subwoofer without the intervention or substitution of MIDs;
  • realistic spatial sound picture.


Apparently, the reason the manufacturer did not include the model Edifier S360DB to any particular type of acoustic systems: for movies, games or music. No doubt, the novelty could wear the title of universal acoustics, which will be satisfied with the most different audience. To some extent familiarity with this new product forced us to revise the existing stereotypes regarding the capabilities and purposes of systems of the format 2.1. Almost everything, whatever you wanted to get from music listening or movie soundtrack, you will get using the Edifier S360DB.

Among the main advantages of new items is the following:

  • the original classic-futuristic design;
  • the highest quality of performance;
  • digital sound system and high quality element base;
  • a wide range of inputs for audio sources;
  • features: clear sound;
  • deep surround bass;
  • full sound mode 2.0;
  • the presence of realistic spatial sound pattern;
  • the lack of extraneous noise in standby mode;
  • the remote control supplied.

The only drawback that was noticed when operating the new, is the complexity associated with cleaning the dust. If the speakers its pretty easy to just wipe off, then wipe the surface of the speakers will have to use either a soft cloth or brush with fine bristles. However, this is a solvable issue that has no effect on the sound. It remains to note that the new product is more expensive than similar speaker systems, but this model is worth the money. Certification of Hi-Res Audio in this case is not an empty phrase, but the quality comes at a price.


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