We continue to get acquainted with acoustic system Edifier. Today in our lab was a very interesting model standard 2.1, among the distinctive features of which the manufacturer specifies a very high value of the maximum power to 200 W, as well as a certificate of quality standard THX (from the English. Tomlinson Holman’s crossover). This abbreviation can often be found in front of the stream of films in the cinema, and very different, including professional A/V equipment.

Group THX provides different standards depending on the subject of the certification, whether it is homemade or a full-sized cinema, displays and screens, projectors, amplifiers and various acoustic systems. Thus, THX with their partners-manufacturers of audio – and video equipment can guarantee the quality of the sound and picture from inception to transfer to the final consumer. For users of acoustic systems, THX certified, which means that they will be able to hear the sound the way it was intended by the sound engineer. This also applies to the character of the material – acoustic system Edifier M3600D.

But what is George Lucas mentioned in the title of the article? It’s simple. THX in the acronym is hidden the name of the engineer-acoustics Tomlinson Holman (Tomlinson Holman), which in the early 80-ies of the last century for George Lucas and his company Lucasfilm has done a lot of work to improve technology audio and video playback on large screens, which resulted in the show winning the sixth part of the Saga “Star wars”, “return of the Jedi” in the first cinema to be certified THX. It was the start of a new quality standard, which today is the goal of all serious players in this market, including company Edifier. What the products of this and other manufacturers certified by THX, you can see directly on the website THX.

The package


Packaging and delivery of acoustic system Edifier M3600D

The speakers come in a large and heavy cardboard box, to bring which from the store in the hands will not work. Better to order delivery or carry the kit on the car. Inside were carefully Packed in foam, the following components:

  • subwoofer;
  • active and passive speakers-satellites;
  • RCA audio cable-jack 3.5 mm (length 1.7 m);
  • printed user manual in Russian.

Interconnects of the model Edifier M3600D made non-removable. They are built into the speakers-satellites.


Feature / Model Edifier M3600D
Type of acoustics 2.1


Dynamics Subwoofer: 1 x 8 inch (210 mm); the phase inverter
Speakers: 1 x 2 ¾ inches (70 mm); the phase inverter
Power (RMS), W 200 of (2 columns × 35 + 1 subwoofer × 130)
Frequency range, Hz 40 – 20 000
Signal to noise, not less, dB 85
Distortion, % 0,5
Input interfaces On the subwoofer:
– two pairs of RCA stereo;
– coaxial;
– AUX 3.5 mm
Output interfaces Speakers: 3.5 mm
Additionally Adjustment bass
Dimensions, mm Subwoofer: 264 × 274 × 322
Column: 83 × 174 × 133/140
Weight, kg 9,1
Guarantee, months. 12
Average retail price*, RUB. 7 432

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

Speaker system Edifier M3600D built in the traditional for this type of unit scheme: the subwoofer and two speakers-satellites. The subwoofer has one large eight-inch WOOFER and speakers – one wide-range dynamics of a size slightly less than three inches.

Claimed frequency response from 40 20,000 Hz. This certification is multimedia system with THX suggests the existence of smooth frequency response throughout the operating frequency range, maximum sharp increase sound and high detail. Certification requires the manufacturer to accurately reproduce the tone on all output channels, effects, panning in the transition of sound from one channel to another and to provide clear sound without artifacts at higher volumes. The last indicator of quality is particularly interesting for model Edifier M3600D, as this system has a high power output. The total value is more than 200 W, of which 130 watts for the subwoofer and 35 watts each speakers. Also note that any multimedia system certification THX is several hundred laboratory tests that instills confidence in the stated characteristics.

The novelty can be connected to analog audio sources, and digital. For the first there are two RCA input and optional AUX-input on the right column. For connection of video panels, computers, game consoles and HD players, you can use optical and coaxial inputs. Also note that on the right column Edifier M3600D has a 3.5 mm output for headphones. From the point of view of wired connections this speaker system does deserves the highest rating. But fashion today wireless interface for connecting mobile phones and laptops have Edifier M3600D not provided.


The printed circuit Board. Electronic components and power supply

Digital path device built in amplifiers class D. On a printed circuit Board housed in the subwoofer, we found eight channel audio processor Texas Instruments TAS5508 ADC and Texas Instruments PCM9211. Well, at the bottom of the subwoofer fixed gently closed the screen power supply.

Appearance and design

As other speaker systems, the Edifier, the housings of all three components Edifier M3600D are made from moisture proof high-quality wood-fiber plates MDF top class E0, which guarantees the absence in composition of formaldehyde and other toxic substances. Quality Board and quality of processing of edges is clearly visible in the photo above. The outside of the body are covered with a film of dark grey, almost black in color with structure in wood. The quality of the kit is excellent.


The appearance of the acoustic system Edifier M3600D

Looks modern, but restrained. The subwoofer takes a lot of space, but the speakers-the satellites in the background look very tiny and therefore can be placed anywhere. The main thing that had the length of interconnects, which in the case of Edifier M3600D replace will fail. They are made removable and attached to the columns. The cable on the right column has a large cross section and is unusual for this type of device connector. The thing is that in this column there is a block of management, without which the whole system will not work. It is hardly necessary to refer to the significant disadvantages of fixed interconnect cables, but that’s a hard cable right column is troublesome. It is more difficult to build, and the column under his weight moves easily.


The appearance of the subwoofer

The subwoofer is quite heavy and rests on four large rubber feet, eliminates spurious vibration. Almost the entire front panel of the subwoofer flaunts a convex metal speaker grille with a solid Central plate and the brand logo of the company below. Also the case has the THX logo, informing the user about THX certification. Unfortunately, to remove metal bars have failed.

Interfaces subwoofer

The bass reflex of the subwoofer is placed at the top farthest from the user corner of one of the side faces of the housing. Well, all interfaces are traditionally located to the rear of the metal panel to which is mounted inside the printed circuit Board. The place is quite a lot, so the connectors were able to attribute to each other at a distance for convenient operation. Besides the already mentioned above of inputs for connecting various audio sources here is key off power and mechanical level control of the low frequencies. Despite the presence of the control unit on the right column, this regulator manufacturer decided to leave at the rear of the subwoofer. Not too user-friendly solution. It remains to note that the power cord is attached to the subwoofer is also fixed.


The appearance of satellites

The appearance of satellites is very different from the appearance of the subwoofer, but it has a single style. This is a direct contribution of designers. The speakers have compact dimensions and a slightly sloped shape of the body. The lower part is made of plastic. This kind of stand, the bottom of which are placed small rubber feet. They prevent slipping, but due to the small mass of the column can be easily shifted from its place, even if you just touched the cable.


Column: the side view

The front panel speaker is covered with thin elastic mesh made of synthetic material. Behind the mesh are clearly visible speakers and a trumpet bass. Remove the front panel in this case will not work. Frame with mesh, most likely attached to the body, so to get to the speakers, only breaking the design of the speakers.


Left passive (left) and right-active (right) speakers satellite

The right column is made active. It has a control unit consisting of a single large regulator with a confirmation button. Turn the knob the user changes the volume level and press you can switch between different audio sources. Note that the controller on the column is nice and smooth, though a bit tight, with no limit on the steering angle. Next to the slider is a status indicator that informs the user about the type of the current sound source, and a headphone Jack. The AUX-in Jack located on the rear side of the right column. Well, the left column passive. No controls and indicators on it. The only thing that can be noted on it, is a built – in cable for connection to the subwoofer.


From the point of view of management Edifier M3600D executed almost perfectly. Small minus can be put only for the fact that the adjustment knob low pass is on the back side of the subwoofer. To climb down somewhere, where usually there is a subwoofer, and seek to touch that pen is not very convenient. But to adjust the volume and select the sound source much strain is not necessary – everything is done from the control panel on the right column. Very convenient also that here you can connect headphones if necessary. For a full sense of comfort operation only miss the remote control.

Test sound quality, we were without connection to external amplifiers. In this case, the sound source served as a computer sound card Creative SB Live! and tracks for playback used different formats and quality. To evaluate the sound of speakers Edifier M3600D, we listened to some seventy of the most diverse musical compositions of different genres and styles. Frankly, initial impression after listening to several songs in the genres of electronic music and hard rock have been mixed. But with further listening it has changed. First of all, you need to understand that this speaker system is built with the expectation to work primarily around low frequencies. But if the majority of the cheap DIY in this class acoustics bass just crush the rest of the range, in the case of Edifier M3600D bass plays the role of registration (or framing, if you want) virtually any sound in a composition. High frequencies are subject to a lesser degree, but the middle is painted in incredible tones that other speakers to hear was impossible. For example, an interesting original sound becomes play jazz bands. In General, wind instruments and percussion in the treatment of Edifier M3600D sound fresh, bright and, of course, bazovica.

Bass, as corny as it may sound, the highlight of the new product. In electronic compositions, he is able to envelop the listener with its incredible density, and in the case of, for example, with a Symphony orchestra to make the sound of instruments indescribably profound. Do not drown their performance primitive thud, and inform him of the bright and vibrant color. In this case, find fault with absolutely nothing. Even at maximum volume the speakers to the subwoofer and the speakers don’t “drown” and play without audible distortion. Power enough to organize a small disco in a country house, in the room of 50-60 square meters.

Of course, Edifier M3600D does not claim to be a universal multimedia system. First and foremost, it is designed for clubbing and electronic music. But it nice to listen to any instrumental or orchestral compositions, rock, jazz and more. Except that the vocals sound without the required depth and with the same bass color. Also note the fact that the acoustics, quite possibly the only one in its price range and class, can clearly reproduce the sharp transitions between sounds of different loudness and frequency range, but also perfectly reproduces various complex effects: tremolo, vibrato and more. While you can clearly hear every sound that is not lost and is not suppressed somewhere in the deep bass, and stands by them.

The certificate THX suggests the use of the speaker as a sound source when watching movies and games. It creates a striking spatial pattern, where the explosions, gunshots and other sharp sounds not only clear and bright sound, but also correctly positioned in space.

Concluding the description of the characteristics of sound Edifier M3600D, are the following:

    • bright, tight and very deep bass;
    • nice color bass midrange;
    • detailed sound throughout the playing range of frequencies;
    • realistic spatial sound picture.

Also note that when you power the speaker can not hear any extraneous clicks or POPs, and waiting they do not buzz and do not emit any sounds.

Removable front panel speakers quite quickly covered with dust, and the mesh on them is quite difficult to clean. One of the options for cleaning after long operation can be running on minimal power vacuum. You can also use a slightly damp cloth, but the grid cell dust it cleans very reluctantly.


Without a doubt, the acoustic system Edifier M3600D will meet your expectations from the purchase, but only if you have correctly formulated the task. This entertaining multimedia system, aimed primarily for movies and games. Certificate THX ensures that to cope with the task, this device will be worthy. As shown by our acquaintance with the novelty, it really is.

Among the accounting systems of the standard 2.1 the model Edifier M3600D occupies a special place. Among its advantages is the following:

  • attractive design;
  • the highest quality of performance;
  • digital sound system and high quality element base;
  • a wide range of inputs for audio sources;
  • bright, tight bass, details of which will be described in detail above;
  • the presence of realistic spatial sound pattern;
  • crystal clear sound even at very high volumes;
  • a very high level of maximum power;
  • the lack of extraneous noise in standby mode.

Disadvantages of Edifier M3600D much less significant and do not affect the sound. Among them to mention is the inconvenient location of the controller low pass on the subwoofer and no remote control. Someone can add to this short list and the lack of wireless connection interfaces. It remains to say that the model Edifier M3600D worth the money, but before buying you should clearly imagine what you are going to use this speaker system.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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