Genre Action
Publisher Trion Worlds
Developer Trion Worlds
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-2115C 2.0 GHz/AMD Athlon II X3 455 3.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 1GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/AMD Radeon HD 7770, 17 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Release date

summer 2018

Age limit 17 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

“We are pleased to announce a new Chapter in the universe of Defiance,” — said the developers, when presented Defiance 2050. They immediately warned that it would be a “rethinking” of the first game released on last generation consoles five years ago, but the words “new Chapter” suggests thinking about restarting or something else that significant. In fact, Defiance 2050, from what I saw in beta, even the reissue is hard to call.

Makeup did not help

It is not clear why the Studio Trion Worlds continues to hold this brand, the same series was closed in 2015. Despite the transition to a shareware model of distribution, too popular game become failed — now on Steam in Defiance plays about 500 people, and on the PlayStation 3 with Xbox 360 hardly left a lot of fans. But I guess the developers have their reasons to continue supporting their offspring.

Yes, this is a screenshot from the updated Defiance, and not from the game five years ago

Another thing that Defiance 2050 — a clear attempt to bring to action the attention of a new audience, but some too late. Actual console exist on the market for almost five years, and Trion Worlds as if only now remembered about the project and decided to republish. Perhaps the reason that like her games (The Division and Destiny 2) hard times — one resulted in the order too late, and secondly, it is necessary to redraw almost every item. And beginners may be interested in other cooperative action with the leveling, open world, joint missions and other features.

But if a new audience to attract is somehow possible, the “old men” in Defiance updated not happy — all earned progress will forever remain in the last game. To move in 2050 nothing (except for the useless title of “Oldschoolshit” and bought with real money improvements, such as slots in the inventory), and the developers did not really explain. Especially funny to find out when launch the beta version of 2050 and see absolutely the same game as before. Same Intro, same missions, same characters, and identical to the starting location. If you have done all this five years ago, I immediately recognize the place and gradually you will remember the characters by name.

Despite attempts to improve the visual quality, Defiance 2050 reminiscent of the game the first years of the PlayStation 3. Clumsy animations, terrible textures that appear in front of the nose objects. The changes are so minor that the competition project sometimes looks not just bad, but disgusting. It is clear that the reissues certainly not the biggest budget, but interested newcomers such outdated graphics won’t be easy. Here even the loading screens have black bars on the sides!

Guy’s got a strong head

Gameplay the game is also not changed much — most of the innovations concern the system’s progress. In the old Defiance was the rating of EGO, which differed from the usual levels that could reach several thousand, and did not stop at the level of 20 or 100. From the new version it was completely removed, replacing the common and more understandable flow. Also, when creating characters to choose from now offers four classes (“beta” showed only one), each of which has its own skill tree and abilities. Attack aircraft, for example, initially available only to a temporary increase in speed.

All the old

To find some other differences from last 2050 Defiance Defiance I failed. Rumor has it that additional unique content waiting for players after completing the story missions and side missions available in the last game. But the fans who spent hundreds of hours Defiance, would not want for this to be back. Certainly the emergence of the reissue would be for older audience a reason to return to the game, but due to the lack of the ability to move the character to fans of Defiance it is more logical to remain in the last iteration.

And for beginners 2050 may not be the worst entertainment. The plot is cliched and not the most original, but the universe the writers turned out to be quite interesting and rich in memorable characters. Most of the missions are a trip from point to point with the subsequent collection or analysis of multiple objects — such tasks in the RPG even more embarrassed to call, usually this is an optional order with mediocre rewards. But here such blunt about it, especially if you listen to the podcast and want to kill the evening. Hero quickly calls. own transport (available in a few minutes after the start of the game), quickly reaches the desired point and almost instantly performs the tasks.

Characters with nicknames and purple arrows — live players

By the way, if The Division you annoyed ordinary enemies, who, like sponges, without consequences absorbed dozens of bullets, here… the situation is no better. At the very beginning you meet a very tenacious opponents. The situation improved a bit when shooting over the heads (and on consoles, the sight of so much “sticks” to every enemy that will be hard to miss), but if you attack a whole crowd, will have to run from corner to corner and hide to shoot from afar. Artificial intelligence, by the way, also did not touch the opponents are constantly “brake” guys with knives running at you at full speed, and attack aircraft almost never use shelters.

Opponents not only strong but also pretty strong, so your health bar often runs out very quickly. Already at the beginning there is a feeling that your weapons are too weak for such battles. The same thing happened in the usual Defiance, but here the presence of full classes and unique abilities can lead to the fact that the skills have to use much more often. Perhaps even will make sense to assemble a team of fighters of different classes and to go with them to conquer a particularly difficult missions. But the test is in “beta” failed due to only one class, which obviously would be the most boring of all.


In General, Defiance 2050 looks very strange. To some extent, it remains unique even in today’s open world constantly meet other live players, and on arriving at the place of job, you almost never will go it alone as there will appear to have taken the same mission partners. No Destiny 2, nor in The Division this time is not implemented so convenient. The rest of the game seems a visitor from the past, who seems to be trying to look modern, but in fact remains very few people want old.

Defiance 2050

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