Genre Tactical strategy
Publisher Paradox Interactive
Developer Harebrained Schemes
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-2105 3.1 GHz/AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with 1 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti /AMD Radeon HD 5870, 30 GB hard disk
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz/AMD Athlon FX-4300 3.8 GHz, 16 GB RAM, graphics card with 2 GB of memory, for example
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670/AMD Radeon R9 285
Release date 24 APR 2018
Age limit 12 years
Platform PC

Long ago computers did not look complicated tactical game. So even with a large fighting robots! Into the Breach doesn’t count — still pixel machine look not so impressive as their three-dimensional counterparts. Another native of the Golden era of Kickstarter, Battletech is very similar to the visitor from the past: slow, require a lot at once, and at the same time forcing you to think about each step.

Always hungry mercenary

Battletech universe appeared more than three decades ago and managed to grow to obscene proportions. Different versions of “nastolok”, more than a hundred books, a spin-off of the famous series legacy of Kain. To understand all the intricacies of the plot to the beginner it would be very difficult. Fortunately, the developers, which include listed and “father” of the universe, Jordan Weisman, it is understood.

Important events are presented through the static, but the cool drawn screen saver

Specifically for the game was invented Origanski limit (Aurigan Reach) in that part of space, which is almost never described in the official history of the universe, which allowed to write the events of Battletech in the modern global plot without contradictions. Although the narration itself was quite standard — we are waiting for the betrayal, battle for Wesnoth and other related to this lesson, to follow him interesting. After all, we take on the role not some big shots, and the usual mercenary, barely getting by.

You take any job just to get funds for the purchase of new equipment and payment team. In a very rigid framework, the game does not drive, so the splurge is unlikely to succeed, but still keeps the tension. Time — currency is not less important than loans. Not too successfully spent the battle will be a month to wait until the pilots are recovering in the infirmary and bellows repaired in the hangar. What’s new task, if you undertake it no one!

There is already thinking about a backup supply of people and robots, but it is also additional maintenance costs, and the figures in the column of monthly expenses and so depressing. Sometimes it turns out very funny (or sad): hung on a fighting machine with expensive weapons, got to fight, and you in ten minutes broke this arm! At the brazen enemy falls deserved all the wrath and firepower of the squad.

Battletech may be a little scare interface: many items, panels, settings, lots of Windows with text. But learn fast and understand that everything is logical. The inventory menu fur, for example, contains a lot of information and seemingly cumbersome, but confusing in this difficult — slots for the desired weapon is highlighted, and the alert will warn if a robot is hung too much or lack of shells for each weapon.

Do not worry, actually everything is simple and clear

To engage in managerial routine has a little more than I would like, because of the structure of the narrative. As play as the mercenary, and his name is only on the most difficult story missions that drive the story forward. The rest of the time you spend in the free swimming, earning money in the monotonous missions from the category of “kill enemy unit” and “capture base”. A good tactical component of their pulls, but with time initially-orders still begin to pall.

Not least because of the technical implementation of the game. Brakes and glitches occur constantly, and “wonderful” feature to fly on the loading screen (after the mission!) and it’s not fixed at the time of the review. Or I was among the “lucky ones”. Know about it, try to survive more often, but the law of meanness it after an hour of kneading forget to poke the desired button, finish off the last enemy… and instead of celebrating the victory going to the desktop. After this start the grinder again, not too desirable.

Hey, got a smoke?

Think comrade, think!

The main part of the game spending is still not in the chair of the Manager and on the battlefield. And then Battletech is blooming in all its glory. Want to quickly win and mindlessly rush forward? Lose the pilot and the robot. Inadvertently chosen position or gear? A similar result. The game feels very similar to “nastolki” from which the universe grew. Before each turn, it is useful to estimate where to stand, whom, what part of this “who” and what to shoot.

Options for track enough. The most obvious — overheating fur. If you send a fighter with a laser gun in the desert, then he will spend more turns on cooling than on useful actions. Take the risk and shoot, paying no attention to the warnings of the onboard computer, is not prohibited, but then get ready for the fact that the car at the wrong time will simply shut off due to high temperature.

Sustainability also plays a significant role — a robot may overturn when taking damage from missiles, bullets or melee. Faced with the poor for a very long time, and until then, everyone in the neighborhood will be shot lying on his back iron carcass. Over the enemy to hit is very nice, but if you fell someone from friends, it’s time to sound the alarm.

The positioning should pay special attention because the usually strong armor in the front, but the sides and especially back protected is not so good. Overlooked, put your robot is not too well, got a volley from the flank and lost, say, right hand and feet. The rules are the same for everyone, so a couple of nimble light mechs quite able to seriously hurt the hulking trucks. Although if the Braves get under fire of the powerful guns, it is unlikely to survive the first salvo.

Size still matters

And since we’re talking serious tactics, the robots consist of separate parts, each of which you can aim separately. Sometimes it happens stupid mistakes. Checked — like my car a bunch of health, ran to the front and only then realized that the armor left on all extremities, but the frame can only touch the tip of farewell, faithful pumped fighter.

In General, due to the large number of parameters, which you need to follow, the battles get very interesting. However, for the most part this relates to entertaining and quite challenging story missions, and routine staging of the mission after ten hours passed already on the machine, and are mainly used as a way to break in the car with the upgraded weapons.

Exiting the battle, they go Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-very long time. Mechs move like turtles, shoot slowly. The timing of the main battle goes on thinking through the next moves, and in the contemplation of which manipulates barely combat vehicles. Option acceleration occurring in two or four times would not hurt, but in the meantime I advise you to disable the settings all the “cinematic” camera. The camera angles they picked is good, but too stretched and already for a long confrontation.


Battletech — a tactic not without flaws, but perhaps it is played more fun emasculated the companions of the genre, trying to simplify everything. Yeah, she definitely could use some injection of life-giving patches that will seriously improve performance and stability. But the important thing is that the game makes you not only a mercenary, who constantly need to think about money, but this combat commander level mech. Care, proper positioning and the right equipment will help pilots and robots to return to base in one piece, but because of the reckless action, you can lose everything.


  • interesting tactical battles that require to take into account a bunch of different options;
  • a variety of gear, combat robots, and styles of battle;
  • the player plays the role of the Manager, and the commander on the battlefield.


  • on the battlefield everything is happening so slowly that intuitively looking for the acceleration button. Not find;
  • poor optimization and frequent crashes;
  • light routine missions between story quests become boring after a while, and not to be missed.


Considering the recommended system requirements, the picture looks very simple. The maps are small, little bellows, but download at the same minute, and sagging frame rate are not uncommon. Although the robots performed great.


Awesome epic soundtrack fits the events and highlights important points. This is music I want to go to see the sector now!

Single game

Long story campaign able to give many hours of fun and tactical management of the team, but her game is a quick battle where you can try out different combinations of mechs with different weapons.


Exactly the same as in quick battles, but this time not with the computer opponent, and with a live person. However, still need to find willing people in the lobby is very small.

Overall impression

Battletech on the technical side performed not too well, at least until the patches (I hope they will). But all that relates to battles, made perfectly. Deep tactics with a bunch of various ways to fight that require to keep in mind a lot of options that will not leave time for other activities.

Rating: 8/10

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