3D printing is considered to be a simple and effective solution to simplify the manufacturing process while producing parts that are used in various fields of activity. The versatility of modern printers for three-dimensional printing allows you to use them to build houses, to create a superior traditional counterparts components for cars and other vehicles find applications in heavy industry. Not less popular such systems were in medicine. Suffice it to recall the ergonomic prostheses and

executed in accordance with individual physiological characteristics of the patient and complexity of the fracture of the tires of polymeric materials.

This time to make a 3D printer handy tool for healing deep wounds are going to scientists from the University of Toronto. They in 2014 the device to the skin graft, which is a kind of a printer to print the skin, was considerably modified and became kind of portable device. It is designed for rapid recovery of damaged skin by applying on the affected areas artificial cover. The device will allow treating wounds in the form of cuts or burns with damage up to hypodermis (subcutaneous), without resorting to the services of qualified medical personnel.

Portable 3D-printer weighing less than 1 kg, resembling in appearance and operation principle the marking label gun, will cope with the task in approximately two minutes. The exact operation will depend on the size of the skin injury. The device requires no sample of the epidermis of the patient, so as to form layers of canadian specialists use the so-called “biochemie”. This material gets on the skin in the form of strips, like a band-aid, but differing from it in its viscosity due to the presence in the composition of alginic acid. The basis of the same faux leather are the living cells in conjunction with collagen and fibrin.

At this stage, manual 3D printer was successfully tested on animals: the role of experimental made first rats and then pigs. The next stage includes clinical trials involving human subjects.

Source: 3Dnews.ru

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