Recall that with the release of the software platform Windows 10 for personal computers, Microsoft has abandoned the usual numbering of the produced service packs (Service Pack 1, SP2, etc.) and made a choice in favor of the service packs with the original names — November Update Anniversary Update, Creators Update Creators Fall Update. The current, fifth update Spring Update Creators (in professional circles known as Redstone 4 or 1803) develops the foundations of the previous updates,

developments and brings to the operating system a lot of new functions and features. Many of them already discussed in our news publications, and to dot the “i”, we decided to combine all the available information about the innovations of “dozens” in one material.

The optimized mounting system major updates. With the release of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Microsoft has made a number of changes in the processing and installation of large packs. Now the bulk of the preparatory operations associated with unpacking and copying the system files, and migrating user settings and data, is running in the background. On assurances of developers, this approach significantly — almost doubled — to reduce the duration of the so-called offline phase when you restart the computer, install drivers, and perform other important tasks, blocking access to the working environment of the operating system.

“Timeline” (Timeline). One of the most anticipated features of Windows 10, which allows you to log the execution in a computer of the action and quickly resume work with a particular application. Using the Timeline you can view and resume the session with the web pages in the browser, Edge, files and documents in applications Microsoft Office, to go back to the action in the “Maps” (Maps), news (News), and many others. For ease of return to the past action has a scroll bar with annotation and search tools, including a specific date.

Feature of the “timeline” is that it automatically sinhroniziruete information related to the account user devices. This allows you, for example, to begin work on a laptop on the road, and then continue it at home for a desktop system. In addition, the support Timeline is implemented in some Microsoft applications for mobile platforms iOS and Android.

To activate the “timeline” enough to use the key combination “Win+Tab” or click on the “View task” (Task View) in the Windows taskbar 10

To manage the settings the Timeline settings to Windows 10 in the menu “Privacy” -> “activity Log” (Privacy -> Activity History)

Viewer diagnostic data. To make Windows 10 a more transparent and open from the point of view of confidentiality issues, Microsoft included in the operating system new app “View diagnostic data” (Diagnostic Data Viewer) and the ability to remove OS collect telemetry data. Now any user can perform diagnostic information which sends Windows 10 in Microsoft, and to draw the appropriate conclusions. To access the viewer can diagnostic data in the settings window, under “Privacy” -> “Diagnosis and feedback” (Privacy -> Diagnostics & Feedback).

Microsoft has listened to user criticism of the audience and extended privacy settings of the OS

With the application Diagnostic Data Viewer, you can see what diagnostic data is sent to Microsoft. Fascinating reading!

Improved game mode (Game mode). With the release of service pack Creators a little Spring Update changed the game mode that optimizes the computer and increase its performance in gaming applications. Now mode Game mode, which is activated by the key combination “Windows + G”, it is easier to go to videos of games, enable/disable microphone and camera, to change names of online broadcasts and to configure the settings of the game environment. Also, the developers have provided the possibility of selecting color theme of the game panel. As they say, a trifle, but nice!

Gaming mode in Windows 10

Calibration of the HDR displays. With an eye on modern TVs and monitors, supports video content format of HDR, Microsoft has added to Windows 10 setup calibration function of such displays. The new settings located under “Applications” -> “video Playback” (Apps -> Video playback). There is available the function of automatic video processing to improve broadcast to a monitor or TV picture.

A means of calibration of the HDR displays

Fast pairing with Bluetooth accessories. Thanks to the new Quick Pair Windows 10 Spring Creators Update allows you to connect Bluetooth peripherals to computer just in one click. It is sufficient to switch the device into pairing mode, wait for notification on your desktop and click “Connect” (Connect). The downside of this elegant approach is that this function requires a corresponding hardware support, and at the moment use it can only the owners of Microsoft mouse Surface for Precision Mouse. In the future, undoubtedly, will be other device.

The Quick Pair feature allows you to connect Bluetooth devices to your PC with one click

Fast data exchange between devices. In the spring creative update Windows 10 thanks to the Near Share easier to share the files and other data between physically closer devices. Near Share, which, in essence, is an analogue of the familiar users of the operating systems macOS and iOS tool AirDrop automatically detects nearby devices and uses Bluetooth for data communication or Wi-Fi Direct. The user need only select requires forwarding the data from the context menu, click “Share” and specify the target device, the owner of which will receive a notification that a nearby computer trying to share something with him. In the case of a positive answer, the data will appear on PC, tablet or smartphone to the recipient.

The “Near” feature Share is activated in the settings of Windows 10 and greatly simplifies the file transfer between devices

To enable/disable Near Share, you can also use the notification bar in Windows 10

Improve Windows security. To make it easier for users to monitor the safety of your working environment, Microsoft renamed OS settings page in Windows Defender (Windows Defender) in Windows Security (Windows Security) and fundamental redesign of the structure, highlighting the different areas of protection and combining all the related information security parameters in a single window. Using a new menu item “Security device” (Device Security), it is now possible to access the built-in PC hardware and manage security.

Updated security settings on Windows 10

Another improvement in security terms access control any application Windows (including traditional) to the camera device. If you have previously presented in the section “Privacy” -> “Camera” (Privacy -> Camera) privacy settings was only installed from the Microsoft Store software, this restriction has now been removed, and to control access to the camera for all without exception the system for installed apps.

Access control of Windows applications to the camera

Another important innovation was the ability to quickly configure system permissions for installed from the Microsoft Store apps. Now to configure access rights is sufficient in the start menu right click the mouse on the program icon and select “Advanced” -> “application Settings” (More -> App settings). This will open a window with the settings of the selected programme and settings, access rights to resources PC.


To manage permissions of apps even easier

Improve Microsoft Edge. For the better changed the built-in Windows 10 browser. Of the most significant improvements include the following: changed the preview pane favorites, browsing history and downloads, the ability to mute the audio tab; automatic data entry of credit cards in web forms and AutoFill passwords InPrivate browsing, a new interface, reading mode, incorporating additional tools for working with PDF files and EPUB; metadata synchronization, notes, bookmarks and annotations between devices for books from Microsoft Store; support for EPUB Media Overlays and functions reading books with screen reader. Mention also deserve the ability to use extensions when InPrivate browsing starts and vertical fixing of the developer tools, Microsoft Edge, engaging web applications (Progressive Web App PWA), push notifications and open formats, OGG Vorbis for audio and Theora for video, and CSS extensions for the variable OpenType fonts. About all the innovations of the Edge browser can be read in our dedicated article.

Updated Microsoft Edge

Improving handwriting. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update offers users a new way of handwriting. If earlier the handwriting was performed in a pane separate from the text fields and the user had to switch attention between the two screen areas, it is now possible OS allow you to write directly in the text box. To activate the new feature, tap pen in a text field. It will expand and provide an area for handwriting input, which is automatically detected by the operating system and converted into text.

The handwriting panel is now automatically embedded into the text fields

In addition to the aforementioned improvements, the developers have expanded the capabilities of handwriting input, adding support for new languages: Hindi (Hindi), Welsh (Welsh), Sesotho (Sesotho), Wolof (Wolof) and Maori (the Maori).

Setting the priority of mobile traffic over Wi-Fi. The owners of portable computers with built-in 4G/LTE might be useful new feature in Windows 10 that allows you to automatically activate LTE connection in case of deterioration of the Wi-Fi signal, reducing the data transfer rate or using unsecured networks.

You can set traffic limit. In settings updated “tens” you can now set limits on data usage and/or restrict background data download via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and also via mobile networks. This may be true for those who use the services of Internet service providers with limited traffic and wants to configure the data usage settings in accordance with your needs and budget. To control for using data to make even more simple, you can click the right mouse button on the tab “Usage” data (Data usage) and assign it in “start menu”. After you perform this action in the above menu will appear “live” tiles with relevant information about the data usage. So here’s a useful “life hack”.

Improved data usage management

Platform enhancements Windows Mixed Reality. Also improved in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update platform Windows mixed reality Mixed Reality that has acquired a number of new features. In particular, Microsoft has been optimized to automatically adjust performance parameters, improved performance in games SteamVR and reduced the intensity of use of the video memory, added a new environment Skyloft and the ability to take photos mixed reality controller: just press the button while holding the Windows key. It also reported on the addition of haptic feedback for games SteamVR, increasing the overall stability of the platform and addressing some errors.

Video demonstration of the capabilities of the Windows platform Mixed Reality

New 3D View while editing solid models in 3D Paint. With the release of the first “creative” update the Arsenal of Windows 10 appeared created with an eye on beginners Paint 3D that contains tools for working with three-dimensional graphics. Spring update package brought to the editor a new 3D View that allows you to rotate three-dimensional models and edit them while viewing objects at any angle and from different angles. The assurances of Microsoft, with the advent of the edit mode 3D View to create three-dimensional models has become easier than ever.

Paint 3 D provides creative tools that are suitable to users of any level — and design professionals, and anyone interested to submit their creative ideas

Quick access to the settings of Windows Defender from context menu. Small, but important change in the interface of the system: now when you right-click on the icon “Windows Defender” in the notification area open the full context menu that allows you to run a quick scan PC for malicious applications to update databases, Windows Defender, set notifications and open the Windows security center 10.

Improving “Windows Defender”

Other changes. A lot in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update implemented other innovations and improvements. Of worth mentioning list the following:

  • further changes in design of the operating system under the concept of Fluent Design;
  • the development of personal assistant Cortana and quick access to your contacts “People” (My People);
  • the ability to set fonts and language packs from the Microsoft store;
  • advanced options display scale, and DPI.
  • the new feature “Focus” (Focus Assist) that provides advanced control and mute notifications;
  • modified subsystem Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), now support remote connections, and execution of background tasks;
  • improved gestures for precision touchpads;
  • new tools for developers, including utilizing artificial intelligence;
  • enhanced touch keyboard and the inclusion of prompts for the hardware keyboard;
  • the possibility of limiting the speed of downloading updates via Windows Update.
  • additional power plan “Maximum performance” (Performance Ultimate).

The function “Focus” allows you to flexibly configure the notification settings…

…and then with one click switch between pre-configured modes

Fonts in the Microsoft Store

In power mode the Ultimate Performance system provides the best possible PC performance

These are the main innovations and changes of major “spring” updates “tens”. The update has already started to spread through Windows Update and soon will go to all users PC running Windows 10. The process is not fast and in order to ensure compatibility with different configurations of hardware platforms is Microsoft step by step. This procedure usually takes a few weeks — you should have patience.

Who doesn’t want to wait for your turn, you can manually update the operating system using the tool developed by the Microsoft Media Creation Tool. This will need to be aware of their actions and to understand that when issues arise, the decision may be delayed for a long time. In this case we highly recommend to create a backup of the installed OS. This can be done using standard Windows tools through is located in the settings of the software platform component “Backup and restore”.


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