Genre Shooter
Publisher Ubisoft
Publisher in Russia Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz/AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670/AMD Radeon R9 270X, 30 GB hard disk Internet connection and account in Uplay
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0 GHz/AMD R7 Ryzen 1700X 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 8 GB of memory, for example the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080/AMD Radeon RX Vega 56
Release date 27 Mar 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

The Far Cry series is famous not only for exotic locations, but memorable villains. In the sequel the antagonist was the Jackal, where some still see the Jack Carver from the first part. The third game gave us Vaasa, whose monologue about the madness forever entered the history of video games (and has spawned many memes). Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 was also a good character, but he was paid only twenty minutes of screen time, and the story built around him is mediocre.

In the fifth part, Ubisoft has taken into account all the mistakes of the past and offered not one, but four charismatic villains. Yes, and the theme was interesting — the pernicious influence of religious worship on the inhabitants of one of the American States.

Miracles theocracy

Father Joseph Led was really bright and something even a real assassin, and how it showed in the trailers. Clever, prudent, not climbing the bullets and believe in his followers (and God, of course) — he immediately gives the impression of a strong man, and his strength was not in Brawn and intelligence and a huge crowd of admirers, including in the project “the Gates of Eden.” The player takes on the role of Deputy Sheriff, and together with colleagues is sent to capture Sid. But it was silly to expect that everything will go according to plan. If you don’t count the bonus secret ending is in the spirit of Far Cry 4, the outcome is deplorable — the companions of the main character are captured, and he escapes and goes in search of help to rescue friends.

You can’t just swoop in and arrest Joseph

A large area of the fictional hope County in the state of Montana is divided into three large regions, each of which is managed by the members of the family of Sid. Two brothers and sister Joseph hid the companions of the protagonist. After Stripping the tiny island that serves as a kind of training area (co-op not to include, yet will not understand this), the player is free to go in any direction. Choose the region depending on what partner you want to get in the first place — they are all at once depicted on the map. Controlled artificial intelligence companion will actively help in the battle, and they all have different fighting style and bonus skills. Dog celebrates goal and brings the weapon, Archer and sniper like prefer stealth, but the most active and reckless, like Herc from previous games in the series, perfect for fans of all shoot and blow it up.

The structure of Far Cry 5 is strongly reminiscent of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, only much smaller, high-quality. Immediately go to family members Sid will not allow, as in each region it is necessary to increase the so-called resistance level. To carry out the plot and side missions, to rescue prisoners, destroy the altars, destroy the trucks cultists. Scale resistance is divided into three components, and when filling each hero gets to the villain. Will play it plunges into trance music because of what the character will pass out and be captured. Then it was coming well-armed group of enemies, shooting projectiles with a whim — so here is the stuff that turns people into fanatics. A great idea is implemented and allowed the writers to reveal all the negative characters, among which it is difficult to choose the best.

Bear named Cheeseburger — one of the strongest companions

But not only villains were the district of hope has turned atmospheric and believable. No more palm trees, jungle and elephants — we are in the American heartland, where everyone is crazy in their own way: someone in fear locked herself in the trailer, someone does not lose time in vain and shoots a cheap movie, but the father of Herc’s plans to run for Senate and can’t stand “loving Obama liberastov”. The job will perform a variety — some will make horrified from what they do the cultists, others will cheer. In any case waiting for you car chases, shootouts and witty comments minor characters. In the comic missions, even the music on fun, making what is happening out on the outrageous levels of absurdity. But for the most part Far Cry 5 is still a darker, more serious game than its predecessor.

The American dream

A lot in the fifth part is made in such a way that the player feels an active participant in the events. Therefore, in particular, it is now possible to create a character of any gender to choose, and not to get into another speaker idol. But the most interesting feature is the impact of your actions on the dialogue with the story characters. If you clear out one of the regions and for the first time went to the new, its inhabitants already know about your achievements and somehow raised it in the dialogue. Acts so cool “sewn” into the conversation (even a localized version) that in the future I would like to see a study of the dialogue in other games to similar contextual cues from bystanders we used to, but the story characters are usually pronounced the same regardless of the events around them.

Itself the fire to extinguish it is impossible, but with time it will fade

The fact that the district of hope seems more realistic and atmospheric than the previous “cartoony” locations affects the gameplay. No more towers, after the conquest where the map is covered with icons. Everything opens gradually, including with the help of the inhabitants of the regions. Talked to passing the roadside guy — he told about a strange woman living somewhere in the boonies. Went to her place, she gave an additional task. Had a conversation with someone else — wormed on Outpost or stash of money. Some notes refers to the location of the silo tower, the cultists or their altars, which can be destroyed to increase the level of resistance. Far Cry 5 creates a sense of cooperation of residents of the district with the main character, while not slipping into mindless running from marker to marker.

The shooter never seems congested, dreary and dreary, as the player have full freedom of action, and for the study areas constantly rewarding. Just want to fly in a helicopter and admire the scenery — at the same time you will find the altars and shot them with machine guns. Don’t want to clean up the outposts one after the other — to attend only the story —for the full passage of history to leave half of these zones intact. A fairly large selection of weapons allows you to approach any problem in different ways — though of pinwheel water fanatics lead, even hiding in the bushes with a bow. You can even break into the territory of the cultists with a flamethrower and burn all around, and then watch the beautiful flames spread to nearby bushes and trees. A-ha-ha-ha, thought you got mad?

Bows of different types, the secretive passage

The animals become less useful, and to create out of collected materials from them bags and other stuff is not necessary. The hunting here is still no one bothers, and in the inventory of the hero has a lure which allows the user to “call” some little animals, but the collected items are suitable exclusively for sale to merchants and only need a couple of jobs. Fauna, despite the scene is very varied: bears, skunks, bulls, bison, antelope, you name it. But killing them is not so necessary that even the animation of the cat was removed. Character improves with skill points they are awarded for testing (defeat 10 enemies with a bow, blow up a few cars with dynamite and so forth) and search for caches, each of which is a fun mystery with the use of game mechanics.

One of the main features of the fifth part is full support of the cooperative — hour after completing the entry, you can call a mate and go with him absolutely all the content, including races and flights in a wing suit. But the invited player is not saved story progress — main and side-quests, he will then pass again, and on new to clear the outposts and to access the caches. But earned money, bought weapons and received skill points will remain in place. Also you can not depart from each other on distance more than 300 meters. Overall, not the best system, as the partner becomes a kind of mercenary, not a full-fledged second character. On the other hand, the game is strictly story and is designed for thoughtful passage, so partly understand the motivation for Ubisoft.

The editor has a limit on the number of objects, but still be placed on the map a ton

Even Far Cry 5 will offer an “arcade” mode that is certainly great to extend the shooter’s life. In it, players available almost editor dreams — you can complete a mission or multiplayer map for PvP using a huge number of options and settings. To choose a location to browse a catalog of thousands of objects taken from past Far Cry and even Assassin’s Creed. Dotting opponents to define the protected zone, to specify the purpose — at first, there really dazzled. It is not excluded that in the coming weeks, users will be able to recreate here what are some of your favorite arenas from Call of Duty or Halo, with only the light of the games Ubisoft of characters, buildings, and other elements. But an ordinary mission, invented by users, can be played with a partner in co-op.


Ubisoft continues to refresh its most popular series, correcting the mistakes of the past and paying great attention to the quality of each item. In Far Cry 5 was not without a couple of rough spots once a plot character began to behave inadequately and cut circles for the car, although I was just trying to talk with him. And one of the dialogs from the running hero is constantly interrupted due to the fact that my bear companion it touched, had to briefly leave the beast in place so the conversation ended. But other similar cases do not remember, but the whole experience from the atmospheric district of hope, terribly charismatic antagonists and almost unlimited freedom of action — very positive.


  • chic disingenuous;
  • unusual manner of storytelling and the impact of your actions on future dialogues;
  • the tower disappeared — now the map we open on their own, at the same time communicating with the residents of the district;
  • atmospheric environment — bright tropics and highland Kiratu not miss;
  • complete freedom of action in the absence of the sense of congestion — the map is organized smarter and does not press the cloud icon, as before;
  • rich and very convenient editor locations in the “arcade” mode.


  • the second player in co-op is not saved story progress;
  • rare bugs of artificial intelligence.
Graphics Screenshots do not convey, but sometimes the fifth part is downright fascinating, especially in the afternoon when bright sunlight shining through the tall trees. From the Dunia engine is clearly squeezed all the juice. But facial animation is not perfect. 9
Sound A great variety of songs of different genres — eerie scenes become more frightening, and during the mission included the provocative tracks. The localization is also hard to fault. 9
Single game The storyline is decorated with great villains, beautiful scenery and exciting mission. Nobody forces to liberate outposts and engage in routine, and the notorious tower and is removed. 9
Multiplayer Everything except the introduction and the first tiny Islands can be played in co-op. But the second player progress is not saved, only money earned and received skill points. Also with PAL you can have fun in “arcade” mode, where soon will probably be a lot of quality custom creations. 8
Overall impression Great continuation of the series. Far Cry 5 has retained the dignity of their predecessors and well corrected formula looks and feels fresh, and the pursuit of brilliant villains carries no joke. 9

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