The privacy and security of personal data for users of the corporate segment is one of the priority factors when choosing a smartphone. In this case, like no other, succeeded the BlackBerry original mobile products which meet the highest safety requirements. Alas, but BlackBerry is no longer engaged in production of mobile electronics familiar to fans of the canadian brand understanding, but continues to develop quality and reliable software.

Guide BlackBerry announced the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership with Microsoft. The goal of this initiative — providing corporate customers of the banking sector, human rights organizations, government agencies and individuals related to health, a reliable tool in the mobile device.

The combination of years of experience of experts BlackBerry in tandem with cloud services being promoted by Microsoft, will allow you to create a outlet uncompromising and unparalleled solutions for the corporate sector. The first such project was the technology of the BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE, the mediating link (“bridge”) to provide secure access to Microsoft software in the BlackBerry system Dynamics — using mobile application BlackBerry Work.

“The mobile application from Microsoft Dynamics now supports BlackBerry BlackBerry through Work. This will allow our corporate clients to work with Office 365 — office programs Excel, PowerPoint and Word — with observance of rules of safety on any smartphone running Android or iOS. In this case, the user can be sure in absolute security and inaccessibility to third parties of all information passing through BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE,” — said in a press release from BlackBerry.


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