We hand plays that, along with the course, albeit independently, and increased the average level of smartphones. Even with a small budget, the choice is not between the version of “bad” and “very bad”, but between “normal” and “good”. To find the weak devices, it is necessary to try – even in his pocket, not more than ten thousand rubles. And we argued.

When it comes to choosing a smartphone is a step above the eyes begin to disperse. The need to contact Aliexpress becomes purely optional

– a good enough and “white” variants, moreover, come in A-brands.

Will make the obligatory disclaimer: ten selected smartphones together with alternatives is not everything interesting that is on the market. Actually, the range is much wider. But you have to ask yourself what kind of framework – and in this case it will be a dozen elected. To get into it, the smartphone should be relatively fresh (but we will make exceptions – not always the decision to take the new sense) and be able to work with 4G networks (after all, the key challenge of mobile – to provide access to the Internet always and everywhere).


Honor 5X

  • Operating system: Android 6.0 (c proprietary shell EMUI);
  • Display: 5.5 inch, 1920 × 1080;
  • Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 (8 cores ARM Cortex-A53, such a frequency of 1.5 GHz);
  • RAM: 2 GB;
  • Flash memory: 16 GB;
  • Camera: 13 MP;
  • Two SIM cards and a separate slot for a memory card;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • Average price: 14 990 rubles.

Why buy: features of a camera for 30 thousand rubles, but in 2015.

What can stop: not the best build, average performance of the platform.

Released at the beginning of the year Honor 5X immediately set the tone and bar for other smartphones middle class: metal body, fingerprint scanner, Full HD display, normal battery and acceptable performance. Important point – it’s all available in the usual salon, with a full warranty and the ability to try before buying. In principle, six months in private conversations it was a main candidate for recommendation when requested “and recommend something cheap”. Now the banner was picked up by other manufacturers – but less attractive Honor 5X to fall, to be honest, I didn’t. Especially considering the gradually declining value.

Slightly flimsy case and not the highest performance (many direct competitors ahead of him) – quite tolerable faults with a very impressive merits. One of the best representatives of the lower part of the middle level for the year 2016.

Video alternative: LeEco Le 2. Very close in performance, but based on even more powerful hardware platform of the smartphone from a young but very aggressive Chinese company only just entered the Russian market. All great, but on the official website of the device’s slogan, “No compromise”. So, and still no slot for memory card and minijack for headphones. The Chinese did it before Apple, but the advantages of such achievement certainly do not want to record.

Xiaomi Mi5

  • Operating system: Android 6.0 (proprietary shell MIUI);
  • Display: 5.15 inch, 1920 × 1080;
  • Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8937 (Kryo dual core, 1.8 GHz + two cores Kryo, frequency of 1.36 GHz);
  • RAM: 3 GB;
  • Flash memory: 32 GB;
  • Camera: 16 MP;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • Dual SIM card;
  • There is no slot for a memory card;
  • Price: from 19 000 rubles.

Why buy the most powerful that you can find for the money.

What can stop non-delivery, the need to reflash.

A clear winner in the nomination “I’m Chinese “Ali” buy”. The flagship device Xiaomi was the first released this year for top smartphone platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. And still remains the most inexpensive – but only if you order in a Chinese shop “gray” version of the firmware, which should be the first thing to change. By default, even Google Play is not available. And we are talking about the minimum versions with 32 GB memory – like a good idea, but it is worth considering the inability to expand due to the microSD card, slot there. Also not in this version and the 20th of LTE band, which will affect the coating.

The rest is solid pros: very powerful and beautiful smartphone with a great display, camera and fingerprint scanner. If you do not mind the lack of guarantee, you can book anything better characteristics for the money does not exist. Official Xiaomi Mi5 in “the Messenger”, for example, costs about 30 thousand rubles.

Video alternative: ZUK Z2. Internal startup Lenovo released its second unit – and the second smartphone price up to 20 thousand rubles with the Snapdragon 820. There are still LeEco Le 2 Max – but to find it for the money, you have to catch the discounts in Chinese stores, while ZUK you can buy. The characteristics of ZUK Z2 – a pretty straightforward “killer” Xiaomi Mi5 – only with a large amount of flash memory, 4 GB of RAM and a more capacious battery. But it is not as stable as Mi5, he is worse display, and the design dull.

Meizu M3 Note

  • Operating system: Android 6.0 (c proprietary shell Flyme);
  • Display: 5.5 inch, 1920 × 1080;
  • Platform: Mediatek MT6755 Helio P10 (eight cores ARM Cortex-A53, 2 GHz);
  • RAM: 2/3 GB;
  • Flash memory: 16/32 GB;
  • Camera: 13 MP;
  • Dual SIM card, the second slot is connected with the connector for a memory card;
  • Average price: 16 990 rubles 990/18.

Why buy: it looks like iPhone, but cheaper.

What can stop: it’s still not the iPhone.

In the contest of iranophobia Meizu still holds among the leaders. Some movement in the direction already – but that applies primarily to the leaders. Note the M3 is a classic representative of the family of “trace a familiar path”. However, it is not bad: aluminium housing good performance, a fingerprint scanner successfully integrated in the front Home key, the normal display and camera, peppy for its class platform.

Note that of the M3 there are a host of competitors with a more original design, some of which are already listed above, but when talking about choosing a smartphone into a game always takes a matter of taste. And if you are not satisfied with the same Honor, do not want to mess with “grey” deliveries or irritate my insanely active advertising campaign LeEco, the sight itself slides in the direction of Alcatel, ZTE and other brands. Meizu traditionally and looks very good here.

Video alternative: ZTE Nubia Z9 Max. Another a 5.5-inch device last year, but there is still gunpowder in powder flasks. It is quite fresh, fast, and wears like no design – though in his case it is difficult to say whether this is good or bad. But also quite a working version.

Sony Xperia XA

  • Operating system: Android 6.0 (the Xperia);
  • Display: 5 inches, 1280 × 720;
  • Platform: Mediatek MT6755 Helio P10 (eight cores ARM Cortex-A53, 2 GHz);
  • RAM: 2 GB;
  • Flash memory: 16 GB;
  • Camera: 13 MP;
  • Dual SIM card, the second slot is connected with the connector for a memory card;
  • Price: 19 990 rubles.

Why to buy: cute design, Sony.

What can stop: average features, HD display.

One of the most charismatic smartphone of the year by the autumn fell – and fell into this collection. It is beautiful, well made, and still is the Sony – but for the brand have been known to pay extra. So don’t expect miracles Xperia XA in terms of performance, there is no fingerprint scanner, camera so-so, but the HD display by the standards of our time and do something from the scope of the operator’s phones. However, all the main functions of the smartphone it performs well. As a bonus – very decent front facing camera.

One of the best women’s devices, especially if we consider the white version, or two “gold” – light green or pink tint. The casing is of course plastic, but the thrill of working with him very pleasant.

Video alternative: S9 HTC One – camera from sinking (which year, and all the way) the Taiwanese company, which is also famous for its quality work with the design of their smartphones. One S9 – the echo of this glory, but retains lovely features honored One series, assembled well and, unlike Xperia XA, boasts a Full HD display. Although in General their characteristics are very close.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

  • Operating system: Android 5.1 (with a proprietary shell TouchWiz);
  • Display: 4.7 inch, 1280 × 720;
  • Platform: Samsung Exynos 7578 (four cores ARM Cortex-A53, 1.5 GHz);
  • RAM: 1.5 GB;
  • Flash memory: 16 GB;
  • Camera: 13 MP;
  • Dual SIM card, the second slot is connected with the connector for a memory card;
  • Average price: 18 990 rubles.

Why is worth buying: Samsung, AMOLED screen, compact.

What can stop: average features, small display.

The same shortcomings that the Sony Xperia XA, but without his dignity in the form of a perfect design. But it’s Samsung, so you can talk about the extensive service network, high-quality build, AMOLED display (it’s wonderful), but in this case – and even about luxury glass back of the case. Looks great, only to drop the Galaxy A3, like its more expensive brother, the Galaxy A5 is not worth it.

Definitely not going to like this machine to lovers of large displays – here he the same diagonal and resolution as on the iPhone 7, that is small and with a low pixel density, even if sufficient for the 4.7 inch. It works, despite the modest specifications, quickly and smoothly. If you want a smartphone from the market leader – why not, this is a very good option.

Video alternative: not very expensive modern smartphone on Android c little display? It is a utopia, to find a direct alternative to the Samsung Galaxy A3 is not – remains to look towards the Sony Xperia Z Compact, and even from Z5 and earlier: Z3, for example, and it is necessary to look for the option.

Lenovo VIBE P1

  • Operating system: Android 5.1, shell Lenovo
  • Display: 5.5 inch, 1920 × 1080
  • Platform: Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 (four cores ARM Cortex-A53, frequency of 1.11 GHz + four cores ARM Cortex-A53, frequency 1.46 GHz)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Flash memory: 32 GB
  • Camera: 13 Megapixel
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Dual SIM card, there is a separate slot for memory card
  • Average price: 10 605 rubles

Why is worth buying: battery, metal, 10-plus thousand.

What can stop: mediocre performance, dim display.

For those who do not like to frequently charge the smartphone. Perhaps the best “battery” machine of the year, at the same time very attractive combination of price and quality, Lenovo is still such things are not uncommon. Live without recharging for up to three days (battery 5000 mAh), the resolution 5.5-inch display in a sacrifice is not brought – Full HD, metal housing, and a fingerprint scanner on the spot. And all this in just over 10 thousand rubles, the machine is at the lower end of our sample.

Cons: lack of supply of brightness of the display, mediocre performance. But for my money, even without the powerful battery offer great.

Video alternative: LG X Power – apparatus fresher, but otherwise it can be recommended as an alternative only if you have some allergic to Lenovo: it is more expensive, the housing here is even nicely decorated, but the plastic used HD display, and a smaller battery capacity.

Xiaomi Mi Max

  • Operating system: Android 6.0, shell MIUI;
  • Display: 6.44 inch, 1920 × 1080;
  • Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8956 650 (dual core ARM Cortex A72, frequency up to 1.8 GHz + four cores ARM Cortex A53, frequency up to 1.2 GHz);
  • RAM: 3 GB;
  • Flash memory: 16/32/64 GB;
  • Camera: 16 MP;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • Dual SIM card, the second slot is connected with the connector for a memory card;
  • Average price: 14 490 rubles.

Why buy now: six and a half inches, powerful platform.

What could stop: the need for flashing.

Nothing to do – another Xiaomi in our list. I wanted to avoid repetition by brand, but the best smartphone with big display in this price range do not. Yes, there are all the usual but gray delivery (although Xiaomi has already opened brand shop in Moscow, but there phone is more expensive), the need for flashing. But everything else is already eyeballing the teeth if not a gift, then bought a very cheap horse: no NFC, slot for memory card connected with the connector for a second SIM card (Yes, the fact that he is from Xiaomi – already a pleasant surprise), no 20th-band LTE and so on. Adapted for the Russian market the device will pop up for 20 thousand rubles.

And of course, it is worth considering the specifics of the 6.5-inch gadget is almost a tablet in every pocket you want, and it is not too comfortable. But such gadgets own audience – if you enter into its composition, that is your choice. From the battery, by the way, the device should confidently live a day.

Video alternative: Huawei Ascend Mate 7. More richly decorated, it is better placed in the hand, is better adapted for our reality – but pozaproshlogodnie camera. Again you will need to order the “grey” variant, official delivery has ceased.

BQ Aquarius X5 Plus

  • Operating system: Android 6.0, with no original shell;
  • Display: 5 inches, 1920 × 1080;
  • Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 MSM8956 (four cores ARM Cortex A72, frequency up to 1.8 GHz + four cores ARM Cortex A53, frequency up to 1.2 GHz);
  • RAM: 2 GB;
  • Flash memory: 16 GB;
  • Camera: 16 MP;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • Dual SIM card, separate slot for memory card;
  • Price: 19 990 rubles.

Why buy: you can pass the original, pure Android.

What can stop: more cool features of its competitors.

Not obvious, but they are not less interesting variant. First, there is no original shell for Android – which, frankly, great. Complete freedom. Second, the Assembly of course the Chinese, where without it, but the firm from Spain that you can brag to your friends and surprise them by the fact. Thirdly, the performance of the apparatus at a high level – no failures of any one item: normal display, normal camera, has everything necessary for comfortable use.

With so much competition come in the little things – and someone missing link it might seem a metal housing. Or the extra 2-3 thousand rubles prices.

Video alternative: the Moto X Play is another device on pure Android, and besides, under the legendary brand. The display is larger, the platform is weaker, but the camera is interesting and there is a resistance. The level of originality is slightly lowered, but still remains quite high.

Yotaphone 2

  • Operating system: Android 5.0, without the original shell;
  • Display: 5 inches, 1920 × 1080;
  • Second display: 4.7 inch, 960 × 540, electronic paper;
  • Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AA (four core Qualcomm Krait-400 (ARMv7), the frequency 2.26 GHz);
  • RAM: 2 GB;
  • Flash memory: 32 GB;
  • Camera: 8 MP;
  • Dual SIM card, there is no slot for a memory card;
  • Average price: 18 990 rubles.

Why buy: a guaranteed pass for an original, import substitution.

What can stop: lack of patriotism.

Once the second Yotaphone was worth 40 thousand rubles, and with all your advantages (top-end at the time platform, second display) it is, of course, failed. But who bothers to buy it now when its price fell by more than two times and broke specified in the material bar 20 thousand rubles?

Is that a danger that the support will soon stop and fragile, prone to overheating the gadget will lie dormant users. Although active rumors about the development Yotaphone 3 go – albeit with minimal participation of Russian specialists. But otherwise, if you really seriously – even after almost two years after the announcement this is a very good smartphone, and now it is sold at very reasonable price.

Video alternative: 650 Microsoft Lumia Dual SIM is another variant of non-conformism, if you are tired of Android so that it is ready to go to the operating system for which very few applications, and the prospects are vague. But, according to rumors, there is a chance to be one of the last owners of the smartphone under the Lumia brand. By itself, a good unit, although, of course, with the same YotaPhone is the sum of the characteristics of the rival will not.

Apple iPhone 5S

  • Operating system: iOS;
  • Display: 4 inch, 1136 × 640;
  • Platform: Apple A6 (dual core, 1.3 GHz);
  • RAM: 1 GB;
  • Flash memory: 16/32/64 GB;
  • Camera: 8 MP;
  • One SIM card;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • Average price: 18 990 rubles.

Why to buy: this iPhone.

That can stop him: he still has three years, unwillingness to communicate with the restored version.

Finally, it is. Regular iPhone 5S is slightly distracting from the framework of our budget (although a small amount), so you’ll have to go to the recent sales leader – restored machine. Small by today’s standards this display, not too confident work on the latest versions of iOS, 16 GB memory, and even the danger of turning it into a brick, negativ new firmware… But it is almost the only possibility to get the smartphone on the iOS paid less than 20 thousand rubles. And finally, it’s really a beautiful gadget (unlike the iPhone 5C, which is also worth less than 20 thousand, but visually similar to the “Lumia”).

Video alternative: to borrow a more current version.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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