Stand Nokia consists almost entirely of various things related to telecommunications, the b2c segment and the Internet of things. For smartphones and revived the Nokia 3310 is only assigned a couple of tables in the corner. But there are a whole queue of journalists – just forget the legendary brand, having exchanged it for the many Chinese people are unable. Is the once all-powerful Nokia coming back?

Nokia 3310

Survivability and reliability of the Nokia 3310 legends. Perhaps, it was

the most famous phone in the world in demarthon era. And he would have remained in our hearts (or if you prefer, in the dustbin of history), if not for the company Global HMD designed specifically for its revival. And that idea is quite common. After all, those who once enjoyed 3310 th today already 30 years or even 40 and this is the age when the human acute nostalgic feelings. And instead of another soulless iPhone suddenly want to take up the old phone with buttons, a monochrome screen and incredible by today’s standards the opportunity to work for a week without recharging. But, unfortunately, once the Finnish company remains the same name, and the current owners of the brand have a very specific sense of beauty. Or just everything from the beginning went wrong.

The first thing that raises eyebrows is the design. Yes, Nokia 3310 – button telephone with a small screen. But the similarity with the original model ends. Buttons are not: another form, another move, another light – pale and uneven, it is even seen in the photo. Body more flat and rounded, and instead of brutal gray plastic – cheap Chinese gloss. At a distance of 3310 looks bright and nice, but if you take the phone in hand, it becomes very difficult to hide our disappointment.

Some colleagues wrote that the Nokia 3310 is a wonderful option for developing countries. They say, in Central Africa, where for days there is no electricity, the most important attributes are capacious battery and built-in flashlight (both in the novelty there), but the problem is that in such countries, full keypad dialer for 5-10 dollars. Which in any fundamental way from 3310 nd is no different. Or are the best. And 49 euros in this case the price tag is quite prohibitive. So the target audience Nokia 3310 be 30-40 years old citizens (nostalgia) and young people (bright, cheap and deliberately unfashionable), for which fifty Euro no money.

In addition to a capacious battery (1200 mAh, up to 22 hours in talk mode and up to 740 in standby mode) and a flashlight, the smartphone has a mini-Jack (you can listen to music and radio), there is a built-in camera (terrible, 2 megapixel, no autofocus) and software features of any modern dialer on the basis of the Series 30. Colour screen with a diagonal of 2.4 inches and a resolution of 320 × 240 pixels. Private memory is only 16 MB (again, not Giga and megabytes!), but there is a microSD expansion slot that supports cards up to 32 GB.

The build quality is just disgusting, even the body halves are shifted relative to each other, which is clearly visible on the hole for the audio output. In General, such a legend we don’t need. But we must pay tribute HMD Global – the announcement of a new 3310 has attracted so much attention that the PR departments of Sony, Samsung, LG and Huawei can obzavidovalis. This smartphone have written everything from small private blogs to media conglomerates, and advertising costs and promotion was almost none. In this sense, the case is absolutely unprecedented. And, by the way, in the late 90s and early noughties there were a few pipes worthy of the new birth, – Sony Ericsson, Siemens and Motorola. How about reincarnated T610, RAZR V3 and S65 to MWC 2018?

Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6

And here’s the three main reasons for the reincarnation of the 3310-d is quite modern reasons for Android 7.0 and large displays. On the output of the “six” was known for a long time – at MWC 2017 it is not even the first time appeared in public. But Nokia Nokia 3 and 5 were presented now. And if that’s all the show ended, everyone would have pomislis a little posively, we talked about the fact that the deceased did not return and went to the stands real A-brands. But button classic blew up the media – and this effect will impact in particular on the smartphones. We’ll talk more about them.


Nokia 6 is the flagship of the first range returned by the Finnish company, but honestly, to say that language turns to work. The flagship platform Qualcomm 430? Seriously?! On many games from the Play Market it is better to forget. However, the platform is good: energy efficient and allows you to safely use your smartphone in the majority of common household applications. Although many Chrome tabs can confuse the camera. The rest of the features, by the way, is quite serious: 3 or 4 GB of RAM depending on the version, the 5.5-inch IPS-display with Full HD resolution, stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera and 8MP front, 32 GB of flash memory in the normal version and 64 GB version Arte Black Limited Edition. Is the usual Nokia 6 — 229 euros, a limited-edition version is 299 euros.


All pretty standard, each month a dozen Chinese smartphones with similar characteristics. Nokia 6 features big name and a certain breed, which is evident even in the design (he was just very wishy-washy), and in the Assembly and materials. Yes, the Arte Black Limited Edition looks like a pretty wild time, in the manner of the iPhone 7 Jet Black, but as we know, these glossy wonders of collecting all the fingerprints of the world, there are enough fans. But the “normal” version is made of brushed metal, very nice to hold in hands. In addition to the standard colors (black and silver, with the latter probably even white) is also Indigo and copper – very cool.


Nokia 5 available in the same colors, and they are performed it seems that in metal, if not the other block the camera and flash, and the display is slightly smaller (5.2 inch HD resolution), to distinguish them would be difficult. Features too close: 430 Snapdragon, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB flash memory, rear camera with a resolution of 13 MP and front 8 MP. Cost this model will be 189 euros.


Well youngest, Nokia 3 . Getting a plastic case, even with a metal frame around the display, a 5-inch HD display, dual camera 8 megapixels (main and front), CPU MediaTek MTK6737, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB main memory. He is already worth 139 euros.

We add that the two older models equipped with a fingerprint scanner built into the key on the front panel.

The Finns very much rests on the “premium execution” gadgets, but this is, of course, pure marketing – the same one that “revived” Nokia 3310. While in a dispute with Chinese rivals, which are offered for the same money, the Finnish devices, there are advantages: good uniformity of the model range, subtle yet interesting elements (the physical Home button on the older models, a 2.5 D glass), the latest Android version without any impurities. The latter, however, in two ways: after all, I would like some corporate services, the things that will distinguish Nokia from the total mass of smartphones, is that just the same it was before. It lost the technological superiority combined with an excess of nostalgia and prevents to accept return Nokia really confident. There is a huge possibility that more accurate, “correct”, but quite impersonal gadgets HMD Global will not go away. But there is a small possibility that it can become a kind of IKEA in the world of smartphones – albeit on a much smaller scale, it is about creating a modest but practical things. The return of leadership seems to have rather a scenario from science fiction.


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