For several years in a row, Apple managed to keep secret the details about their new products. Last year, the “anonymous sources” published on the Internet for all the details about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This year history repeats itself – already well-known design (IFA 2017 showed even the iPhone 8, and in abundance), known specifications, full range and even the recommended retail price for Russia. Looks like Apple is not left for us any surprises – well, except that part of the


So, we will have not one iPhone, but three. The main novelty of Apple will be called iPhone X and not iPhone 8, as previously reported. The arguments in favor of this version are the following: first, in 2017, the iPhone will be 10 years, and secondly, the company wants to emphasize that the gadget stands out among other iPhone. About the same at the time Microsoft did, releasing Windows 10 after Windows 8. And the other two models of iPhone will be called either the iPhone 7S iPhone 7S Plus or iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – consensus on this score is still there.

iPhone X

Perhaps the most important innovation in the iPhone X – frameless design to the front panel. Looks like Apple finally recognized that the current iPhone does not look better against the competition that sported curved screens and thin frames. S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG G6 and V30, Xiaomi Mi Mix (and now Mi Mix 2) – they are all equipped with the most advanced screens incredibly thin. The new flagship iPhone will get a 5.8-inch screen, and it will first be made on technology AMOLED.

Judging by the numerous leaks, the screen will take up almost the entire front panel, and can boast of a record of the ratio of the area of the display to the area of the front surface. At the top of the screen you will see a small cutout area with the earpiece, selfie camera and all necessary sensors. The screen will smoothly go around this element, as in the smartphone Essential. The display resolution will be 1125 × 2436 pixels and True Tone, familiar to us in the iPad Pro, will automatically adjust the white balance depending on the ambient lighting.

The front Home button will disappear — exit programs hang on the side of the phone, and running applications menu will open by double-clicking the button. On the same principle, a list of programs in the Apple Watch. It is also likely that this key will not physically pressed, but will give tactile feedback in the manner of the Home button in the iPhone 7.

Main camera resolution, but rather two main cameras, is expected to increase compared with the iPhone 7 Plus. Data on the exact solution are quite contradictory, it is most likely the figure of 16 MP. Mostly, however, there will be a vertical arrangement of the lenses on the rear panel — it was one of the first leaks about the new iPhone, and in many images the device the camera is positioned just so. It is noticeably refreshing design, but it is unlikely to greatly affect the practical aspects of use. There are reports that both modules will be equipped with optical stabilization like in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In the current generation iPhone stabilizer is present only in the wide-angle camera.

Great attention is paid to the front camera, as she will replace the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Apple iPhone X will receive an advanced facial recognition system, and to cheat the technology, showing her the picture of the person, will not work. It is also known that the iPhone X will constantly monitor its user, and “catch” his eye. For example, the device “knows” that you’re looking at him and I turn on the screen. If you remember, the iPhone 6 had to include the button, iPhone 7 will automatically light the screen when you took him in hand, and on the iPhone X will be enough just to watch.


Several sources report that Apple was not going to rely on facial recognition: initially, the smartphone was supposed to receive the scanner Touch ID built into the screen and recognize a fingerprint at any point. However, Apple has faced problems in the production and did not have time to bring the system to perfection – as a result the company had to completely abandon the fingerprint scanner. And it looks a bit odd if you pay attention to how Apple actively encouraged us to use it in the previous iPhone models, abandoning the function Slide to Unlock.

Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X

However, there are two alternative versions. First: the Touch ID sensor will still remain, only now he moves to the back panel and will be disguised under the logo with the Apple. Second: the screen will still recognize fingerprints, but not at any point, and at the lower edge. But if somewhere there existed a Apple tote, I wouldn’t have a dime bet on such options.

It is reported that iPhone X for the first time will get a wireless charging function, and the role of the primary interface connector still will be Lightning. Apple still refuses to switch to USB-C on the example of all other manufacturers. By the way, wireless charging is also expected in the other two models of the iPhone, which also will be presented on September 12.

Other iPhone and accessories

And, oddly enough, details about the devices in the network is very small. None of the many “anonymous sources” does not even the exact name. Externally, these innovations practically do not differ from last year’s machines, but back cover is glass, but not transparent. But feel that they can be compared with the iPhone 7 in the embodiment of Jet Black.

As for colors, the iPhone X will be presented in “copper” or “bronze” version, which will be exclusive to the new model. Besides it will be classic black and white, the same colors will be released and Junior iPhone 7S/8, iPhone 8/7S Plus.

Dimensions and body shape will not differ from the current generation iPhone, likely will remain and the screen, but the built-in camera no details. Most likely it will not undergo any hardware changes, but the slow motion mode the manufacturer can be a bit “pumped” by adding a mode with a higher frame rate: 60 fps in 4K resolution, 240 fps in Full HD and 480 fps in HD.

Terms, prices and other novelties

The price will be the most painful place iPhone X. Sources claim that the base version with 64 GB of memory will cost $999. In addition there will be versions for 256 GB ($1099) and 512GB ($1199). In Russia published the price of 990 88, 98 and 109 990 990 rubles, respectively for a model with 64, 256 and 512 GB memory. However, this applies to official retail prices; the first copies of the iPhone X, brought to Russia, will be sold two to three times more expensive. But the cost of iPhone 7S/8 should not differ from the prices of last year’s iPhone 7 – that is, from 52 990 62 990 rubles, respectively. Plus we have every reason to believe that the iPhone X will not be released in time for Apple to start taking pre-orders immediately after the announcement, but the delivery can begin only in mid-October, if not later. But about it we learn tomorrow.

It remains to add that in addition to the new iPhone for his presentation, Apple is expected to introduce a new generation of the Apple Watch, which will appear unchanged in design, but will get LTE module and extended battery life. And with them will also show a new generation of wireless headphones AirPods with a minimal set of changes. By the way, this model has appeared at least four very worthy competitor – be sure to read our overview of new products from IFA 2017.


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