When force majeure shall not affect the planned course of events, the user creates the feeling that he still has time and that he has “plenty of time”. But once you happen to some emergency with the computer — and everything starts to fall from hands: backups on external media was not important files were lost, reinstall the system no time to do the serial number to the working program is lost and so on.

To avoid the stress from such situations, you should keep in reserve “kit” rescue utilities on the drive, which in the case of any unforeseen circumstances, will save the lost data and give the opportunity to finish the job at least in the regime with disabilities. About such programs will be discussed.

Recovery disk

Sooner or later, drives with mechanical reading systems data will disappear. They will be replaced by more reliable devices, such as SSDs (although the reliability of the SSD is debatable. — approx. ed.). However, while HDD remain relevant due to the favorable ratio of volume and price. For most users, the purchase of a SSD for storage is still a luxury. So we have to rely on the fact that the hard disk will not give up in the most inopportune moment. Most often the first signal that the Winchester starts to fail, is a sharp decline in performance and sudden the computer freezes in the process of operation of different applications. This means that an urgent need to create a backup of the data and change the hardware. But the SSD entirely and should not be trusted. A software glitch in the microcontroller, caused by malicious code or improper shutting down of the device may cause failure of the entire file system.

Error in file system is one of the main reasons of incorrect operation of the drives. When working with the media is impossible is incorrectly recognized table file locations, the system refuses to boot and so on. The easiest way to fix it is to reformat the device and reinstall the system from scratch. But, of course, all information from this disk will be lost. And if it is valuable? In this case, you need to find a way to save her. To solve this problem, there is a good GetDataBack program which saved many problematic discs. It comes in two versions — file systems NTFS and FAT. GetDataBack handles long drive, but the probability of recovery, compared to indicators of analogous applications, is much higher.

As free alternatives to GetDataBack can offer R. saver. The program requires no installation, takes up very little space available, among other things, in Russian and is free for those who live on the territory of the former USSR. R. saver can save accidentally deleted files, also it is useful in cases when file system is corrupted. Utility can scan the data on the media and to reconstruct a damaged file table. Using signatures R. saver restores files of different types. If your computer has been attacked or if you have formatted your disk, R. saver will give a chance to “return”.

Recovery flash drives and memory cards

Flash drives may experience a variety of problems: they can be read with errors, not recognized by the system, not formatted, on them it is impossible anything to record. A similar problem may be at the most inopportune moment, e.g. when you have to write off data from the computer, and no other stick is not at hand. To solve some problems related to incorrect operation of the USB drives, you can use the JetFlash Online Recovery program. Despite the fact that it is manufactured by Transcend, with its help you can recover USB flash drives and other manufacturers (although correct work with all devices, of course, not guaranteed).

JetFlash Online Recovery can operate in two modes: data storage and their complete removal. For a start it is proposed to use the first option, and if this does not help, then try restoring formatting.

You should pay attention to the fact that JetFlash Online Recovery is not a data recovery program (on the contrary, in the course of its work, the files can be lost), so if the flash drive is read before using the utility should make a copy of everything recorded on it. If the list of problems encountered with the flash drive, there is a loss of recorded data, before using the JetFlash Online Recovery is to try some recovery programs that do not make changes on the drive itself, but only scan the files and copy them.

To recover photos accidentally deleted from memory cards (as well as in case of other problems associated with the inaccessibility of the images on the drive), you can use Zero Assumption Recovery. This utility performs a wide range of tasks related to data recovery, but it restores the image for free. Theoretically scan the memory card in the camera and in the reader. The use of a card reader is preferable, because not all cameras are defined by the program. In addition, when you connect your digital camera Zero Assumption Recovery may work too slowly or define all of the sectors on the memory card as failed. After a successful scan is complete, you will see a list of all found files, run the preview and copy them to a specified folder on the computer.

Serial numbers and passwords

Typically, during installation of the system and the software that few people care that the serial numbers were saved for the future. But when the need suddenly arises to reinstall, it appears that the place of storage of the serial numbers, knows only the sysadmin who is no longer working, or that they lost with the drives, missing somewhere during the transfer. If you desperately need to remember what serial number was used to install Windows, Microsoft Office and other software, you can resort to the help of the program LicenseCrawler, for non-commercial use it is free.

Start LicenseCrawler on a local computer or over a network. It is enough to specify IP addresses of remote computers. The program will analyze the registry branch, which usually hides the details of the registration and will issue a detailed report that includes data about the name, version, and serial number. In the process of scanning can be used “black” and “white” lists, and for higher accuracy search on 64-bit systems should select the appropriate check box.

The obtained data can be saved as a plain text file or in encrypted form. In the second case they can be open only in LicenseCrawler by entering the correct password.

Virus protection

If your PC is protected by antivirus software, the next wave of the epidemic viruses not afraid of you. However, not all that visionary. It is possible that you will ever have to do some work on the office computer or on another laptop from viruses you can collect the whole zoo.

To oppose a sudden viral attack, decent defense, you should have a bootable antivirus disk. He will revive the system if it fails to boot after infection, and also help to eliminate most common viruses, such as treatment of startup objects that are blocking Windows, remove the viruses that blocks network and interfere with the operation of the various devices.

Almost every manufacturer of antivirus software offers its own version bootable antivirus. For example, “Kaspersky Lab” gives you the ability to download free image Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

If you compare with the usual free anti-virus utilities, efficiency of resuscitation of the system when a shell Kaspersky Rescue Disk is much higher, because the viruses can’t access the files and change their contents. The same boot disk and have the company “Doctor Web”.

Keep on a flash drive free virus removal tool separately is not meaningful because such programs quickly lose their relevance and require constant updates. In addition, anti-virus software running on already infected system might not cope with the treatment procedure.

“Live” USB flash drive

All the utilities mentioned above shall be recorded onto a portable drive, say on a flash drive. And since you decided to allocate for this purpose the drive before you can copy her Arsenal of useful applications, it is desirable to make “live”, it is bootable. This will be another way of hedging against unforeseen problems with your PC.

When the time of completion of the work, and the system crashes and refuses to boot — it’s a disaster. At this moment you need to remember about a rescue flash drive that allows you to download emergency mini-system with a set of the most important programs.

Creating bootable USB drive — a matter of minutes, and the most important thing is to select the shell which will boot from the drive. Most bootable Live systems are Linux distributions. Each distribution has its own characteristics and its own set of preinstalled applications. Therefore, before to transfer it on a USB drive, should carefully review with its features and application package, and to check Russian language support. In addition, you should definitely test a Live system to work, especially for compatibility with your computer hardware. With different distributions for different models of laptops can be certain problems. For example, may not be picked up the Wi-Fi module, no sound, not work properly the video driver and so on.

To be sure that booting from stick is possible on any PC, it is best to take a drive with a large volume and to turn it into a multiboot disk, specifying the whole set of various bootable systems. The easiest way to do this using a special utility YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator. This program is fully automatiseret the process of creating a bootable USB drive — prompts you to select the required distributions, provides a reference to the selected option and automatically compiles a menu of added Live-systems.


Even the most prudent user is not able to predict the source of random problems. But there are many ways to reduce the likelihood of “force majeure”. You can keep in reserve the system image with installed applications, can be regularly run antivirus scanner and frequently update the signature databases. You can abandon the experiment with overclocking iron and carefully monitor the temperature sensors and also periodically access the data system self test hard disk S. M. A. R. T. And it is necessary to have available a USB flash drive with the saving. We wish that this first aid kit emergency care for you and not useful.

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