Over the last few months we met a couple of very interesting TViX-s. The first was omnivorous cylindrical handsome TViX-HD M-7000, and the second portable TViX mini R-2200. These media players for the Korean company DVICO Inc. was pleasant to look at and interesting inside. That’s just the price they are not the smallest, but quality comes at a price. Today we had the opportunity to try another product from this line. According to the manufacturer, the model TViX HD R-3300 is characterized in that in addition to reading any compressed codecs video, it features composite and S-Video inputs, and therefore can be a good option for digitizing your home video collection film or TV recording.


Display OLED alphanumeric, color
Interfaces 2x USB 2.0 host, 1xUSB 2.0 client
Network LAN port (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Type onboard storage 3.5″ SATA HDD
Video Format: mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .divx, .vob, .tp .ts .trp .dat .iso .ifo *
Codecs: MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, AVI, DivX, XVID, WMV9(MP2HL), VC-1(MP2HL, AP2L3)
Resolution: High (480p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i/p)
Color mode: NTSC/PAL
Audio MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, WAV, DTS (Digital Theatre System), Dolby Digital
Photo JPEG
Subtitle files Text: smi, smil, sub, sub/idx, lrc, txt, srt, aqt, utf
A/V outputs Video: HDMI 1.1, S-Video, composite (LF) component HD
Audio: analog: stereo; digital: coaxial, optical, HDMI 1.1
A/V inputs Video: composite, S-Video
Audio: analog: stereo; digital: coaxial, optical,
File system FAT32, NTFS support disk partitions
Network protocols TCP IP, NFS, SAMBA, FTP
Optical drives Connection via USB 2.0 host
OS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista
Food AC 90-250 V~
Built-in power supply
Dimensions, mm 183 x 139 x 75
Price, RUB. 11 000 (to supply without HDD)

Unfortunately, the ability to work with compressed files in MKV format, no. Can’t a new work with popular H. 264 codec. But among audio codecs did not take place for FLAC, you can record sound without any loss in quality.

However, this device refers to the medium price category and is aimed at mainstream users, for whom the opportunity to digitize the analog signal is still more important than support MKV. The manufacturer has provided potential buyers the opportunity to choose “omnivorous” TViX-HD M-7000, or to sacrifice the most popular HD format in favor of A/V inputs on the Board. Incidentally, to praise the manufacturer for honesty and sincerity. In the table of specifications separately withdrawn following lines: “the Following video formats are not supported: VC-1, MKV, H. 264, AVI, MOV or WMV. The following audio formats are not supported: FLAC, DTS-wav, APE or WMA-Lossless.” So disappointed purchasing users should not be – each knows, for what pays the money.

To a variety of analog and digital connectors novelties to make any claim difficult. Here everyone will find what you need when connecting to a video equipment. Moreover, both modern and of yesteryear. Except that the specification of the HDMI port I would like to have 1.1 and 1.3, as on all modern video panels. But something is worth mentioning separately. The fact that TViX HD R-3300 is equipped with a slot, which can be equipped with a digital TV tuner. And for Russia, with its features of television broadcasting, the media player will be supplied with an adapted analog TV tuner. For testing we got the model TViX HD R-3300 without a built-in TV tuner, so test the reception quality, alas, failed.

Network connectivity for any media player is a useful option. Unfortunately, the low speed of data exchange that we obtained when testing the model TViX HD M-7000, do not give us hope for fundamental differences in this regard for the younger model TViX HD R-3300. But the mere existence of a network interface sooner or later may be useful to the user. In addition, traditionally, media players, TViX, the invention works with wireless networks, but this requires connecting to port USB host portable Wi-Fi adapter.

The mere existence of a USB 2.0 port host – is another strong side of the product, which can significantly expand the capabilities of the player. Like other models from the line, TViX HD R-3300, you can connect external hard drives or flash drives.


Media player comes in a cardboard box branded black color with a glossy embossed. Box has a plastic handle and therefore convenient for transportation.

Inside, in addition to Packed in the foam of the player was discovered the following set of accessories:

  • remote control with two AAA batteries;
  • power cable;
  • USB cable;
  • RCA cable;
  • A/V adapter cable;
  • CD with software;
  • Russian-speaking guide.

Paper Russian-language user guide quick. The full version can be found in PDF format on the supplied CD. Of course, packaging is not as rich as the older model TViX HD M-7000, but fairly complete and probably will satisfy most users.

Appearance and design features

Perhaps the most important feature of the design TViX HD R-3300 can be considered the fact that he is incredibly much like the old cassette recorders. Judge for yourself. Form of a parallelepiped with strictly parallel edges and almost sharp corners. Dark front panel, made of translucent plastic. Display respaldan to the left of this panel. And finally, the most important feature – a large round control keys located on the right side. Why not a “VCR” from the 90s? Of course, it’s not as wide as the recorders of those times, but the overall retro style.

All parts of the body except the patent front panel made of rubberized and very soft to the touch plastic. Interestingly, the cover of the novelty is much softer, which can be found in most modern smartphones and other mobile devices. The impression that the body of TViX HD R-3300 is made of rubber, although this is certainly not the case. In the process of operation it became clear that the soft cover attracts not only looks, but also dust with fingerprints. It turned out that it is prone to scratches even more than the so many beloved manufacturers shiny lacquered plastic. So potential users need to be prepared for the fact that the appearance of the product is long so perfect as the first day after purchase.

If you look closely to the hull structure a little more closely, you will notice an interesting detail is the front panel adjacent to the other parts loose. This is not a marriage, and the original engineering idea. Outdoor perimeter of the front panel is used for intake of fresh air that blows through the electronics (including hard disk), due to pulling the fan mounted on the rear wall of the housing. As in other models of media players, TViX, fan TViX HD R-3300 has a diameter of 40 mm, and the rotation speed can be adjusted independently from the menu.

All connectors and interfaces are located on the rear wall of the housing. We enumerate them once again – they are already mentioned in the table of specifications. But what is worth mentioning separately, as it is about the organization of analog A/V inputs. The fact that direct RCA and S-Video on the back wall you will not find. There is only the 9-pin connector to connect the short adapter is supplied, which, in turn, it is already possible to connect the cables with RCA connectors and S-Video. Frankly, it is strange to see such relatively large media player connected via an adapter. Space as you to post here another dozen of various interfaces. Besides, any adapter inevitably introduces loss in an analog signal.

Well, the place where there should be antenna input, in our case, closed with a plastic plug. If desired, there can be installed TV tuner. The compartment for the installation of hard drive is located under a small plastic cover with vents in lower part of the body. The slide disc is made of plastic, but seem quite reliable.

Backlight player looks stylish and modern. Round the navigation cluster is highlighted in bright purple LEDs. Well, bright colorful display only complements the picture. As soon as you start playback, the button illumination automatically turns off so it doesn’t distract from viewing even in complete darkness.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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