The whole year we have to solve different tasks and find ways of solving all sorts of problems. Development of concepts, planning, delivery on schedule in the end, the end of the year, many feel tired. Fortunately, the Christmas holidays are long enough — they give us the opportunity to recuperate. Here tune into the working mood after them hard enough. Instead of trying to immediately take on complex projects, is to fool around in the first hours of the new year?

The sites, which we

describe below, it is hardly necessary to enter into the lists. The practical use of them is no no, therefore, it makes sense to visit more than one or two times we also do not see. However, they have one useful feature — they are all uplifting. And this is very important, because to start the year definitely need in a good mood.

Send bear

The holidays can be done differently. Someone could treat yourself to a overseas trip, and someone spent all days on the couch. If you have colleagues who boast of vengeance photos from winter resorts, you can give vent to your emotions and take it out on a virtual character. The website “Send a Teddy bear” made with a dose of black humor. On the main page living Teddy bear. He looks unhappy, because he had long dreamed about vacation, but whether still will be! Specify any geographical name.

Virtual service of mail delivery will bag the bear and sent on a long journey on vacation. After some time, he’ll be back pretty shabby and I’ll tell you what he thinks about the place where you sent it. Interestingly, the result can be very unpredictable, although it depends on what address will be sent. Safely experiment addresses!

Estrace worm

Sat up in the workplace? Feel as if I have grown roots to the chair? You just need to start to do exercises, to jump, to perform tilts and squats. Well, or at least to try to stir a mysterious worm that lives on the website At first he slightly and silently swinging from mouse movements, but then at some point something strange happens — the worm begins to radiate beauty. Yes, only the sound of the speaker turn it down, and then together with the transformation of the worm will get a fair shake with the element of shock therapy. Useless, but comical.

In harmony with nature

And the site Silent Noise Of Nature — the complete opposite of the previous one. No shocks, just the universal peace and utter Nirvana. Here you can really relax and unwind. Wanted the holidays to get out into nature, but it was not possible? No question! This website will create the illusion of being in the most romantic corners of our planet. You can sit around the campfire, watching a snow storm, imagine flowering meadows and other nice things.

On the screen you can observe all this beauty, and reproduced the sounds of bird songs, ocean surf or wind will add to the realism. I only wish that the air around you is filled with the smell of pine needles or the salty breeze.

Imitation of intense activity

Not everyone is lucky with a normal head. Sometimes you can find such a tyrant, that the first day on the job will be to harass their subordinates and require them to “flurry of activity”. Strange thing, but, as a rule, such people do not understand the work they manage. If you are not lucky with the bosses, do not worry, make a nice man — show that you are working with. In the website

Open the browser in full screen mode, discard all the bad thoughts and just tap on the keys — the screen will magically start to appear the code, and poorly versed people never realize that to your main job, he has nothing.

Meanwhile, in space…

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to celebrate the New year with loved ones. If the holiday you also had to work or were away from family for other reasons, think of those who welcomed the New year in General, not on the Ground. On the page you can see how many people is currently in earth orbit.

Beside each name gives information about how much time this astronaut has spent in extraterrestrial travel.

Slam the door

The new year is a good opportunity to implement some long-overdue idea. For example, to open a business, to start construction of the century in the country or to change jobs. If you chose the latter, then go with a proudly raised head. And don’t forget to slam the door. On the website this can be done at any time, and you can not clap with one door, and the whole collection. Do this many times, take heart — until the next New year still very far away.

The Lord of the weather

What weather gave us holidays? As always, little snow? Yes, it is a pity that man is unable to choose the weather. At least in real life. But online everything is possible. For example, on the website you can control rainfall. The lower the mouse is, the worse the situation becomes grimmer in the browser window is a big storm. But it is necessary to raise the cursor up as the sky brightens and start to sing birds.

Scroll to the end

In the first days of the new year, hardly anyone is ready for serious way, so it’s a good time to prank your co-workers. Toss them a reference to the site and gravely ask daystate to the end. Or send a URL with a trademark phrase: “I Made a website, see if there’s any errors, and then I have the final page layout of the flies”. I wonder how many they will need time to understand what it is just do not work. Turn over each page has its own color, so it seems that there are no duplicates.

Fewer letters

The last three site was created by Rafael Rozendaal (Rafael Rozendaal) — is a very talented and extraordinary artist. In addition to the sites that Rafael is another interesting project that he did with Jonas Lund (Jonas Lund). This is an extension to Google Chrome. Sometimes, to save time, the user disables the browser’s visual information — pictures, flash and so on. It helps to focus on the Essentials — text information.

Rafael offers with the help of the Text free browsing to do the opposite — throw away the downloaded web pages all the text, leaving only the image. He is a creative person and like all artists, are accustomed to look at things from an unexpected quarter. On sites with no text becomes visible advertising, and all that seemed to be the main, goes by the wayside.

Mode “without text” is activated with a special button that appears after installing the extension. Unfortunately, even such a “magic” button may not always do its job — ads and loadable modules, and then burst through the filter of this extension.

Count the minutes until summer

There are people who physically do not tolerate the winter. Give them the summer — when you don’t have to wear seven clothing items and you can swim in the river. It seems that before the time of the summer holidays so far. But on the other hand, if you look at how much is left until spring and the first summer days, you can see that with every second that moment is getting closer. See for yourself, by looking at “Latimer”. He will remind you that autumn is behind us and more than forty percent of the winter past.

Time travel

In our transient life, it’s easy to get lost in time. Sometimes we find it difficult to answer not only the time but also what day it is. If you fell out of time, check out the website Here is Today. It popular you tell when it is you live.

On the website there is an interactive chart by clicking on which you can scale the timeline, considering different periods of time. For example, you can see how many lived from the beginning of the year, with the beginning of the century, how far we have gone from the era of dinosaurs and the appearance of reptiles and even then, how far is the date of the inception of the Universe.

The final countdown

When approaching the time of submission of quarterly report, time flies very quickly, but when waiting for something good, for example the end of the working day, it seems that it’s moving too slow. To make sure that it still does not stand still and every second pleasant moment is getting closer, you could use a timer It’s almost. On this website you can create your own countdown timer to a specific event. The event name entered in the field It’s almost, then you need to specify the exact time of its occurrence. A simple timer will begin counting down and you can see that the expected time is very close. The only caveat — the event name you need to enter the Latin alphabet, otherwise the timer will not be created.


If you still feel like a cunt, do not relax, because hackneyed horoscopes assert that in 2014, according to the Eastern calendar — year of the blue Horse. And we believe that the coming year will be the year of dark horses, put which it is impossible to lose. Good mood and a happy New year!


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