Displays MP3 players over the last few years, undergone several changes. From black-and-white dashboard, they first turned to color, then grew in size and began to show the user pictures and videos. Now they claim also on the role of the management bodies, forcing the mechanical and touch-sensitive keys. Fashion trend was set by Apple with its unique solution iPod Touch, and even after it pulled all the other manufacturers of portable electronics. Samsung Electronics is no exception.

New MP3 player YP-P3 is hardly, as it is now fashionable, killer iPod, but it does not mean that he is worse than iPod Touch – it’s quite different. New from Samsung though equipped with a touchscreen, but unlike its competitor, has a quite different management, other, and entirely unlike the iPod Touch looks. What may attract new potential buyers, we now find out.


Samsung YP-P3

Video AVI (DivX/ XviD up to SVGA 800×600), SVI, WMV, H. 264 (.MP4)
Flash SWF
Image JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG
Text TXT
The ratio signal/noise 89 dB with 20 KHz LPF
FM radio Frequency range 87.5-108.0 MHz
Signal/noise 45 dB
Additionally RDS
Display TFT LCD 3 inch, touch, 272h480
Additional features Built-in speaker

Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Voice recorder (record to MP3)

Firmware update
Headphone output power 20 mW (at load of 16 Ohm)
Frequency range 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
Battery 610 mAh / 3.7 V
Play time 30 hours (audio), 5 hours (video)
Dimensions, mm 102h52,7h9,9
Weight, grams 96
The recommended cost, RUB. 4 GB 6800
8 GB 7800


Once again not to sound perennially ideas from Apple, designers from Samsung abandoned the transparent plastic packaging in favor of the traditional cardboard boxes, which, by the way, looks just as new-fangled plastic. Besides, cardboard is cheaper and easier to dispose of.

Inside the box except the player was found in-ear headphones, brand interface cable for charging from a USB port and information exchange with a computer, software CD and quick start guide. The equipment is simple and does not deserve special attention.

Design and appearance

Form factor model YP-P3 is dictated by fashion. This vertically-oriented candybar with a large display, occupying most of the entire area of the front panel. Back of the case, as well as its lateral faces, made of metal, and the frame display and silver paste on the perimeter side faces of the plastic. Front panel’s plastic is matte and has a soft-touch surface that contrasts sharply with the glossy plastic cover of the display. The quality of manufacture of novelties is at a high level, and the materials applied are not the cheapest. After one day of wearing the player in a pocket together with keys and coins on the housing and the protective glass of the display, there was not a single scratch.

Overall, looks YP-P3 stylish, noble, expensive. In the hand the novelty is perfect, and is comparable to a mobile phone weight gives the device a special respect – a feeling that I don’t have Chinese crafts, and a respectable thing.

The design of the player, only minus one detail. Its bezel looks like it consists of three parts, painted in various shades of black. The player would look a lot more interesting if there were only two shades, i.e. the display would not have the additional black framing. Framing it appeared in YP-P3 due to two factors. First, set the display has a slightly smaller diagonal than allow the dimensions of the enclosure, and therefore to prevent visual discomfort, the designers decided to compensate for this lack of protective glass, larger than the display itself. Second, under the protective glass of the display is hidden multifunctional touch area, sensitive to both simple single clicking and moving it with your finger.

There is the novelty and mechanical buttons. They are located at the top near the mesh built-in miniature speaker and is designed to control sound volume, power on and lock. It’s nice that on the background of a touch of the boom, the manufacturer has decided not to refuse from mechanical keys to adjust the volume of sound. So the YP-P3 is quite suitable for working in the cold, when your hands are in gloves. In addition, fast unlock the player, adjust the volume, and then re-lock it right to the touch with one hand without removing the device from his pocket.

The headphone Jack is on the bottom. It is a standard mini-jack 3.5 mm, and therefore allows you to connect any headphones. But the interface connector, unfortunately, is proprietary and requires to connect to the computer, respectively, brand your product, loss or damage which promise the user a long search of this simple, but rare lace.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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