Metal Gear Survive — guest, which was not expected. Review
Genre Action
Publisher Konami
Publisher in Russia “Softklab”
Developer Konami
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz/AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with 2 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/ATI Radeon HD 5850, 20 GB hard disk Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with 2 GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960/R9 280 AMD Radeon
Release date 22 Feb 2018
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

Trends in the industry for those who are too lazy to think of something. Popular game about survival and zombies? PF-f-f, why to understand how they work — all the ideas together, do it! Just wait one moment, I’ll stick on the forehead a big sign “Metal Gear” to hack is not lost among dozens of similar. Konami has destroyed almost all their series, I decided to update the list of the fallen, therefore, appeared on the shelves of Metal Gear Survive. Ridiculous branch, which carries no meaning, offers no ideas and instantly forgotten after passing.

What are you?

I think during the announcement, hardly anyone seriously hoped that Survive will be a revelation. Konami decided to make another shooter with elements of survival and crafting, but screwed him campaign. To expect with such input something incredible really shouldn’t have, but even modest expectations, the game is not justified.

The guys decided to walk into the wall. Won’t touch them

The first dozen hours terribly tedious. After the introductory movie, once in another world, I read tons of training text, grapple with a jumble of different menus and trying not to fall asleep, me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-slow running on a completely empty location. The character is so leisurely moving her legs that is to the possibility of pump, as soon as prefer movement speed, not health or stamina. Otherwise endure endless kilometer races impossible. Especially considering the fact that after the death respawn at the base and five minutes to stomp back.

If you thought that Survive will throw you into an unknown area and provide the opportunity to act as want, should restrain his ardor. The game will be to keep the handle on the “plot” dialogues of the school level, and at the same time will offer as much as two kinds of tasks: to look for the next block of memory and to defend the device for the extraction of energy. Stationary portals allowing you to quickly return to the home base, while the first activation is also necessary to protect. As her from time to time. Guess what you require in side and co-op missions? That’s right, to protect. With visionary developers, not a lot.

Defend, defend, defend. With other occupations to Survive tight

Here, of course, you can shout, saying, what is this campaign?! This game is not about the story — the gameplay in the first place and to survive it! Well, let’s survive. But this is a parody of survival. Nailed to the screen strips of hunger and thirst, many do not mind, but we should also make sure that the user was interested in supporting his ward in good shape. This requires at least some ecosystem and more or less clear pattern of resource renewal.

“Ha ha ha, if to speak Japanese. We taught the hero is constantly wanting to eat and drink, and everything else will work itself out.” No, doesn’t work. To Survive to fill the stomach of the character and the need to be funny often, but if the water no problems, the animals can be a pain in the nerves-obviousness of its appearance. On the map allow you to mark places where you meet the conditional goats, but again they can not be reborn. You have to run around all the familiar places in hopes of at least something to discover. Imagine the only store after each purchase is teleported to a random point of the city, but did not report where. Here the situation is about the same.

Even sillier look new habitats of different animals, which appear after the story missions. They immediately observed, but to reach them through the fog (or dust if to use the terminology of the game), especially after a challenging task when the resources are almost gone out more expensive. Often at the point of destination collect less supplies than you spend on the road there and back. A little easier with supplies is after base development, but can survive only the most patient.

The fog/dust — solution is also quite controversial. In this world the small areas of locations suitable for life, all the rest is covered in a gray haze. The idea is that it should create the atmosphere: the visibility is zero, darting everywhere zombies, the oxygen required for breathing in contaminated areas, is not infinite. Still the markers are not working in unknown areas, so getting lost is easy.

Life-saving beacon on the towers is the only way to navigate where I can’t see Jack

In very rare situations do I feel tension and even fear, but it rather refers to the initial stages of the game. Further understand that the enemies easier to ignore than to kill. Choose a direction and trudge in a straight line for 5-10 minutes to desired point via faceless, completely featureless terrain. Fast not run as endurance in the fog ends about three times faster than in normal conditions. And explore here, by and large, nothing. Like in MGS V, something interesting is revealed only in rare settlements and checkpoints, and between them stretch miles and miles of emptiness.

Buy brains

One far-fetched “survival” is not limited to Survive. Here, for example, need to produce everything from large buildings to rifles and ammunition for them. The shells quickly come to an end, require a lot of resources. Often spit on it and go with a spear, a machete or something harder, trying to cope with disgusting ugly melee. The character is clumsy, the weapon gets long, swinging slowly, but it is still possible to accept. With outright stupidity of the enemies — no.

Base strengthened! An insurmountable obstacle for aboriginal people

Even discounting the fact that they are allegedly zombies, monsters not clever. My favorite trick: allow yourself to notice, to put out in the open grate, and then watching to see how it run together mutants from all around. For some unknown reason, the design of them much more interesting than fresh meat in the form of a hero who remains nothing, except how quiet the bullet from the bow on the other side of the fence. The beauty of this approach is that arrows you can then take back (unlike bullets) and stupid enemies not even smart enough to take a few steps sideways and go around the obstacle. Able to shoot enemies all are in one place, usually somewhere very far away, and pose no serious threat.

Of course, you can use other tactics —various weapons and options in the game enough, but why, if such absurdity works much better more sophisticated solutions? Why long and tedious to gather resources for cool armor when the zombies grow with you and as killed the first three shots, and killing him, hung with heavy equipment, in the same way in the thirties? Why the brazen Konami asks real money for the slots with a new savegame?

Such questions can be asked more than a dozen, because every aspect of Survive made… carelessly. Even the gorgeous Fox Engine, inherited from MGS V, produces a dull gray mass in technical and visual terms the game does not go to any comparison with the last numbered part. It would seem that the same technology, but the gap is huge. Especially in terms of the framerate that manages to “dive” down when there’s nothing going on.

Your face when a few dozen hours trying to find the game anything good

For all the shortcomings of a fresh DIY I did wonder if the game will find its own, albeit not too large, loyal audience of followers. But here is where I live all those people who buy one “virovac” early access over the others. How else to explain their appearance in the tops of the Steam sales? Survive near creations looks even beneficial — there are virtually no bugs, still release the full version. That is the only advantage useless, faceless project, once again demonstrated the helplessness of the modern Konami.

Goodbye, Metal Gear. It was a wonderful thirty years


  • given the quality of the rest of the small number of bugs is surprising.


  • why is Fox Engine the game looks so disgusting?
  • the enemies are lacking the rudiments of intelligence — even zombies need to be smarter;
  • the need for a constant connection to the servers.
  • the heap menu on menu after menu.
  • annoying mechanics of hunger and thirst in the hero every few minutes, gotta put the food;
  • the plot of the campaign may well take the prize. In the school essay contest.
Graphics MGS V looked great, and what was the setting of the rollers! To Survive from former greatness does not remain anything. The game turned into a gray and dull mash-up, constantly braking. 6
Sound Familiar melodies from the previous parts during the credits can be perceived as an insult to the entire series. The current hack is unworthy of them. The actors read the text on a piece of paper without any emotion, and endless “are You hungry” and “do You want to drink” pissed is not less than “Sample Obtained” from Umbrella Corps. 5
Single game Metal Gear Survive very rarely offers anything other than Horde mode and defense. Apart from these incredibly “fun” classes here you need to run a lot of dull locations, endlessly push the hero meat and try not to fall asleep. 5
Multiplayer Together to defend more fun! Here only cards at the moment at least, and when they find the optimum for the production of turrets and fortifications, everything becomes routine. And forget about co-op story —only joint defense on separate cards. 5
Overall impression Faceless “virovac”, which even in the complete abstraction from Metal Gear looks pale. 5

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