The abbreviation KVM means nothing, like Keyboard Video Mouse, respectively, the KVM switch makes it possible to use one set of input devices and output with multiple computers simultaneously. Imagine a situation in which you may need a KVM switch, easy. Many probably already have thought about purchasing a media center or file server to download and store movies and music. However, such dream, generally, was divided “about life”, because not everyone has the means and a place to put the second

set of monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.

Today we will discuss about a very useful device that can save energy, nerves and keep free space on the desktop, meet – KVM switch ATEN CS62DU. For starters, look at the summary table with the technical characteristics of the device:

The number of computers 2
Switching between PCs Hotkeys toggle button
Connectors Console Keyboard 1x USB type-A “mom”, purple
Video 1x DVI “dad” (black)
Mouse 1x USB type-A “mom”, black
Speakers 1x mini-Jack “mother”, green
Microphone 1x mini-Jack “mother”, pink
KVM ports Keyboard 2x USB Type A, male, purple
Video 2x DVI, male, black
Mouse 2x USB Type A, male, purple
Speakers 2x mini-Jack “Papa”, green
Microphone 2x mini-Jack “Papa”, pink
Connector for switch 1x 2.5″ mini-Jack
The indicator selected PC Yes, green
cable, m
Console Keyboard/mouse 0,15
Video 1,2
Computers 0,6, 1,2
Emulation Keyboard/ mouse Via USB
Max. screen resolution 1920×1200@60Hz; DDC2B
Weight, kg 0,62
Dimensions (LxWxH), cm 8,45×3,40×2,13

Switch ATEN CS62DU Packed in a container of transparent plastic. Bright tab with a description of the key features of the product and the model number is successfully combined with the components of the KVM switch that is visible through the transparent plastic packaging.

On the reverse side of the plastic container contains detailed information on the features of the ATEN CS62DU, and in several languages (except Russian). Also here is a good example of the use of the switch.

Since the KVM switch ATEN CS62DU requires no additional accessories included with the device itself comes with only the manual. It contains not only the rules of work with the device, but the compliance data keys MAC keyboards buttons of a conventional PC-keyboard. On the CS62DU, is not in the manual Russian translation, which is a bit upsetting.

After removing the “Hydra” ATEN CS62DU feel like something is missing. Indeed, usually part of the KVM switch there is a control unit to which are connected the console device and the computers. In this case, the connectors of the console are separate from the control unit, which helped reduce its size. Connecting microphone and speakers through an ordinary audio 3.5 mm monitor or TV connected via a DVI cable, and keyboard and other peripheral devices communicate with the control unit via the USB interface.

Let’s see how it all works:

When connecting devices to the ATEN CS62DU is unlikely to encounter any difficulty even the inexperienced user, because all the connectors are color-coded. Black USB connector allows you to connect a USB hub, which makes it possible to connect not only the mouse, but other USB devices, say a printer.

If you need to disconnect one of the computers from the ATEN CS62DU, audio and video connectors, you can wear protective caps.

To switch between the PC uses a special wired remote with a single button. The remote connects to a special connector on the side wall of the control unit ATEN CS62DU. Pretty long wire panel (about a meter) allows you to conveniently place the control unit and does not clutter the workspace with lots of thick cables. When you press the button, the corresponding indicator of the first or second PC is highlighted in green.

Checking of functions of the KVM switch passed to computers with installed OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Because the connection of the output device (in our case the monitor) was made by DVI, no question of any interference could not be. The picture is clear, the same as when directly connected. Support resolution of 1920×1200 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz will allow you to connect almost any modern monitor, except, perhaps, the most expensive professional models, problems with the identification of other devices also arose.


If your plans include buying a second computer and space to accommodate a second keyboard, mouse and monitor no, the KVM switch ATEN CS62DU will help to adequately solve the problem. Elegant design, compactness and ease of use – what we need at home. Before buying do not forget that KVM switch ATEN CS62DU is designed exclusively for modern solutions, because it does not support devices connected via connectors D-Sub and PS/2.To discuss the material in the conference


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