One of the most coveted baby gifts for the New year — your own, personal, personal tablet. Really, the juniors with “iPads” for several years, has ceased to be a novelty. Parents like it or not, but to deny beloved child in an expensive high-tech toy is almost impossible. Therefore, the idea to create a tablet PC especially for children — with safe, conveniently controlled and configurable environment, it seems quite logical, especially if to consider that on every second web page, and in

every third application is the content, shall we say, inappropriate content. How successful SuperPaquito and willing to “change” him the youngest users on this and other issues will be discussed in this review.


Factory box Imaginarium SuperPaquito

The product comes in a quite childish, bulky and very heavy cardboard box.

Configuration of custom tablet. The fact is that in the box we found the charger and adapters for different countries (only four pieces). Its “head” was for the Russian 220 V. Next carefully laid wire microUSB↔USB, analog phone, and documentation in various languages. This set of accessories will allow you to use the device in any country, but the case still have to be purchased separately. Fortunately SuperPaquito standard dimensions and proportions of the screen, so find the case will be easy.


The first question that POPs into my head as soon as get my hands on the tablet and how long the kids will be able to work with the device?. Aluminum housing, coupled with a fairly large screen makes it quite heavy. The thickness SuperPaquito is also, admittedly, a rather big — more than 12 mm. As the youngest high tech would react to such dimensions is an open question.

Obverse side of the Imaginarium SuperPaquito

Externally, the novelty differs little from the other tablets running on the Android operating system. In the center of the front panel is a screen surrounded by a bezel for a comfortable grip. The left side is placed the eye megapixel front-facing camera. The developers apparently believe that to chat on Skype with the camera for easier holding the tablet in portrait orientation. With this, I think, many are willing to argue.

The right side Imaginarium SuperPaquito

Hardware buttons tablet control located on the right side of the device so that the user can always click on them with the index finger, without being distracted from what is happening on the screen. There are black plastic keys power/lock gadget and the button “menu” and “back”. From these, just removed a small led that glows when charging orange light. The keys are a bit hard, but on clicking respond accurately.

The top and bottom faces Imaginarium SuperPaquito

At the upper end of the device placed volume buttons are also made of black plastic. To reach them you have to hold the gadget with one hand. May not be evident red insert in the middle. Exactly the same is, and on the lower face.

The left side Imaginarium SuperPaquito

All ports and connectors are all in one place — on the left side of the tablet. Here are (left to right): microphone, 3.5 mm audio Jack, microUSB interface, video output miniHDMI, a port for connection to own a charger, a slot for memory cards format microSD, and a hardware reset button.

Back Imaginarium SuperPaquito

On the rear panel of the gadget is engraved with the logo device in its lower part presents technical information. Also on the back side has two slots for speakers and eye trimegestone rear camera.

To design and build we have no complaints: the unit is assembled securely, nothing nowhere creaks and not pressed. Aluminum case will come in handy if the gadget will fall out of children’s hands, however, no special protection for — or from — the children in the Imaginarium came up.

Features Of Imaginarium SuperPaquito
Screen IPS TFT, 9.7 inch, 1024×768, capacitive
Processor ARM Cortex A8 @ 1 GHz
Internal memory 16 GB
Wireless networks Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, digital compass
Camera Primary: 3 MP, flash, autofocus
Front: 2 MP, fixed focus
Connectors 1 x miniHDMI
1 x microUSB
1 x microSD
1 x 3.5 mm audio Jack
Battery Li-polymer, 7200 mAh
Additionally Children’s Paquitoland content magicOS
Operating system Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwitch
Official manufacturer’s guarantee 12 months
Dimensions 246x192x12,6 mm


SuperPaquito has a 9.7-inch screen, made by technology IPS. The resolution of the gadget is, frankly, a small but standard for budget tablets: 1024×768 pixels (the proportion of screen — 4:3). The pixel density is less than 132 dpi. Of course, such values of PPI is not enough to hide the “grain”. Eyes it does not hurt, but to see it is not difficult. Thanks to IPS technology, viewing angles of the display: the display remains readable, no distortion of color palette, which side to look. The sensor has no trouble with gestures, it supports up to five simultaneous touches. The front side of the device covered by the monolithic panel.

The results of the test, MultiTouch Visualizer 2

At maximum brightness the luminosity of a white field made up 249,2 CD/m2 — this value will allow you to comfortably use the device under bright sunlight, but on a clear Sunny day the screen fades due to the lack of anti-glare layer. The luminosity of the black field is only 0,473 CD/m2 — a very good sign. And the truth is, black color tablet looks rich and deep, not dark gray. The resulting contrast ratio is about 527:1. The color reproduction is natural and natural, the photos and movies look great on the tablet very well. Color gamut of the display SuperPaquito is 76.2% of the sRGB palette. In General, the screen is very good, but extraordinary it is not.

Color gamut of the display of the tablet SuperPaquito Imaginarium (white triangle) compared to the sRGB color palette (the black triangle)


To our surprise knew no bounds when we learned that the “stone heart” SuperPaquito is a sophisticated processor-based single-core ARM Cortex-A8 (65-nm technology), which appeared on the market back in 2005. Apparently, Imaginarium tried to create a tablet PC that is suitable exclusively for educational purposes, as modern games, this chip is rather weak. Here only it is not clear how to keep the children of the XXI century without one of the favorite types of entertainment. Is unlikely that they will like. Unfortunately, the benchmark results confirm worst fears about computing and gaming features of the gadget.

Quadrant Standard scores AnTuTu Benchmark 3 points Linpack Single Thread Mflops Linpack Single / Multi Thread Mflops Nenamark, fps Nenamark 2, fps
1371 2645 13,912 12,959 22,9 15,6

The estimates can be classified as low — and nothing else. Frustrating and something that “hurts” the gadget from all possible: Linpack test showed that SuperPaquito slow to cope with computational tasks, but less than twenty three frames per second in the Nenamark benchmark suggests that to play on the device can only be in the most unpretentious arcade. The reason for that, of course, the notorious Cortex A8, once upon a time caused a revolution in the world of mobile devices, but today is completely irrelevant.

Test results Nenamark

Test results Nenamark 2

The battery life

The results of the test AnTuTu Battery Tester

The tablet is powered by a lithium-polymer battery 7,200 mA*h For a tablet device the capacity is large. Good results were not long in coming — in profile test AnTuTu gadget scored 733 points, razladilis (with an active Wi-Fi connection and a maximum brightness of the screen) under the maximum load from 95 to 14% in 4 hours. If you reduce the backlight to 20-30%, you can count on 6-7 hours of continuous web surfing. At medium loads the tablet lasts on a single charge for about five hours. In General, the autonomy of the device all right. Note that our instance the interest charge sensor has been calibrated it does not matter: the value of “walking” within ±7%.


The product has two cameras: the main trimekaina and megapixel front. The quality of the photos they are approximately the same: to achieve an acceptable picture is possible only in good ambient light. Shooting indoors is becoming difficult, and in the dark — impossible. But even taken on a Sunny day photos lacks richness and detail. Often, the image is covered by noise. Still — from three megapixels to wait for a miracle is not necessary. The interface of the standard camera application for the Android operating system. It contains all the typical features and settings, but dramatically change the situation they are not able.

MagicOS: for the sake of what all was started

Lock screen SuperPaquito

Menu user selection

We come to the most important part of SuperPaquito — magicOS. Without it new from Imaginarium would be just another tablet “the best marble popping games out”. No, technically Spanish gadget works on the operating system from Google, however disguised it so well that the young people simply will not see any of the page is “Android”. MagicOS is a special “launcher”. It has its own set of software that replaces all of the standard apps that we used to see in the gadgets running on this OS.

Setting up parental controls

The system is divided into two parts: admin panel, designed for parents, and directly to the custom section. To enter, first enter the password. In the configuration panel you can add/remove accounts and configure them to use the device. Content filtering, unfortunately, is exclusively administrationarticle: what will be placed in the “white list” (sites, apps, video), and will be shown to the user. Roughly speaking, if you put in the “allowed” two domains — will be open only sites that are located on them. That is, by adding this Google sheet, you can do a search query, but the third-party web pages, caught up in the results, open does not work. We expected that the system will block certain pages if you find them suspicious content. SuperPaquito proposed in the decision are seen as primitive and uncomfortable.

The main Desk Imaginarium SuperPaquito

Custom desktops are divided into five categories: iCollege, Artis main screen “Entertainment” and “Culture”. The name is quite clearly talking about what applications these tables are placed. Frankly, she magicOS, minus the admin panel, is not anything interesting. Moreover, often visible braking shell. However, they can be attributed to the weak processor. For the week testing a couple of times it happened and unscheduled stop magicOS, after which we expected to see a clean Android, but this did not happen: the “launcher” itself was successfully restarted, carefully hiding the original operating system.

Special children’s apps in the magicOS a bit — almost all parents have to put yourself. There are several more or less standard programs: email client (with a white list of addresses), contacts, YouTube client (also with a white list), the school calendar and “reader” for books in PDF and ePUB formats.

But there is one interesting application of Rewards, which translated into Russian is very funny: “Compensation”. Here the adult can set some tasks and goals that the child would be nice to run and d to astici for the day, week or other period of time. For completing tasks, the child receives a certain number of stars. So the parent can be in a relatively clear form to evaluate the progress of their child.


A draft of this article was called “… all the best to children”. Unfortunately, in the middle of testing it had to change — “the best” from Imaginarium SuperPaquito can not be named. The point is not that it is outdated, and therefore not coping with demanding tasks the processor. Terms of iron is generally quite good, albeit somewhat “slow” tablet. The problem is that a good idea (to create a tablet PC that can be used as a source of knowledge, while not teaching children what is not necessary) is implemented not very well.

Buying SuperPaquito, the parents are faced with a choice: either hard limit on the child in everything, or to remove most of the restrictions. In the second case, the purchase of this tablet makes no sense — you can take any other, and in the first — the device has a chance to please the child. And then don’t be surprised if in a week we will hear from him a request to buy (as you think?) iPad.

The average retail cost of new items is 13 000 rubles. In our opinion, to SuperPaquito has become a really good children’s tablet, will have to make one of two moves: either to significantly lower the price, or completely rewrite magicOS, first, adding a really useful learning applications, and secondly, changing the logic of content filtering on semi-automatic. Otherwise warm reception tablet we do not guarantee it is not enough to come up with a good idea. It is also necessary and well implemented.


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