Flash memory are gradually getting cheaper, increases the volume and the number of write cycles, i.e. all the parameters are chosen close to the normal hard disks. SSDS can easily compete with the “winchesters”, but their cost is far from small, so have a HDD player in the near future there are prospects. For testing we got classic iPod Classic with a hard drive capacity of 120 GB. Not every music lover will gain this collection, but even videos, of which a maximum quality holds up to 150 hours.


Apple iPod Classic
Display The diagonal of 2.5”

Resolution – 320×240 pixels
Data transfer USB 2.0, 22-pin WM PORT
Support audio formats AAC (16-320 kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (16-320 kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (2, 3, 4), Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF
Support for video formats H. 264, M4V, MP4, MOV
Support image formats JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD (for Mac)
Frequency range, Hz 20-20 000
Memory, GB 120
Food Built-in Li-ion battery
Operating temperature, °C 0 to +35
Storage temperature, °C -20 to +45
OS support Windows/MacOS
Dimensions, mm 103,5×61,8×10,5
Weight, grams 140
Price,.e.* 288

Apple iPod Classic 120 Gb. Information about the player.

The package

the iPod Classic comes in a classic cardboard box, which in addition to player embedded proprietary sync cable, headphones, stand and a few brief user guides in various languages. Not a lot, but a larger set of “Apple” of the players had never been.

Appearance and usability

iPod Classic similar to an enlarged copy of the iPod nano third generation, and is similar in size with the top product Touch, except that the hero of the material is slightly thicker, but thanks to this it lies well in the hand. In addition, this is the most difficult player iPod, and its weight feels good in the hand. The front panel is made from aluminum with a matte and slightly rough surface, and the bottom is made of polished metal with a mirror surface that is easily scratched when operating without a case. Besides, the mirror surface gets dirty instantly, so the case the player is absolutely necessary. At this stage, among all the iPod mirror backs only lost iPod nano, and only its without any damage to the appearance can be used without a cover. The build quality is excellent, however, other and to expect difficult, because of body parts, in fact, only two – pan and front panel. Thanks to the pallet with rounded edges around the perimeter of the housing has a high rigidity, so when trying to twist it not only didn’t make any sounds, but did not bend even under very strong pressure.

On the front panel is a standard screen and touch wheel iPods – the Click Wheel.

The bottom panel includes a proprietary interface connector.

Top available slider lock input and a standard 3.5 mm audio Jack.

The sides and bottom do not bear any functional load.


The player size with the iPod Touch installed with 2.5-inch screen, which for comfortable viewing of videos is not always enough, and to look at the details almost always. Solution for 2.5-inch screen is large enough – 320×240 pixels. Viewing angles, contrast and color reproduction is very good, supply of brightness is quite large also, so you can view videos and pictures even in contact with the screen in direct sunlight, and the contrasting color scheme menu allows you to work with him at solar flare even at the minimum brightness of the backlight. Noticeable lack only one small flare image on the perimeter, visible on dark colors. Our player was also found one “broken” pixel.


The headphones supplied with all the iPod is far from perfect sounding, therefore they can be used only during the selection of higher quality headphones. This is why some users appreciate the sound quality of iPods as not very high, but the thing in headphones. For example, in the package of players the Sony Walkman often present high-quality headphones, the cost of which sometimes reaches half the cost of the player itself. The relative advantage of native white headphone only one – everyone around know that the owner player that is iPod.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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