The word Instagram, which a few years ago was known only to a few, today it has become almost a household word and received numerous derivatives. The world learned about “integramark” and that such “histogramming”. And even around the popular social network had a lot of services, which in varying degrees can be useful to its users. Some of them implement the functions, which is what is missing in Instagram, others help materialize the uploaded photos, turning them into calendars, magnets, phone

cases and other things that you can hold in your hands. About the most interesting services relevant to Instagram, will be discussed in this review.

Hashgram — search for Instagram in the browser

Despite the fact that viewing photos on Instagram for the past year is available not only on mobile devices, but also through the web interface, the web version still leaves much to be desired. Partly to expand their aims Hashgram service that helps you find interesting content. You can search by username and tags. In addition, the service may generate a feed of the most popular photos.

Each picture can be expanded to show in full screen mode. Since each of the pictures displays information about the author and the assigned tags that can be immediately go on a journey through the world of pictures then, opening the tape of the author or tape images with the same tag. — find photos of cats and not only is another unusual search engine for Instagram. If you go to it, you can see a continuous band, fresh photos from Instagram, in which there are cats. Sketches are slowly moving towards the top of the screen, so you can just sit back and enjoy Pets.

However, those who do not like cats, the developers of this site include a photo feed for any keyword. Page has a special window for input tag, but for those who did not know exactly what he wants to see an automatically generated list of popular queries.

Slipstagram — search videos

Download videos in Instagram appeared relatively recently — in the summer of last year. But perceived she was very warm: only for the first day after the appearance of this the service has been downloaded more than five million clips. Therefore, the creation of a specialized search engine for the videos, uploaded to Instagram, quite naturally.

Slipstagram allows you to search videos by tags and by user name. Video can be viewed directly in the search results, as well as in full screen mode. Sometimes, though, on the results page along with the rollers, the service provides the usual pictures, but they are easy to recognize by the absence of the triangular play icon.

Instadrop — save photos from Instagram to Dropbox

Many of the photographs uploaded to Instagram, are not art — and any other — value, and about them it is possible to forget after a couple of days after they were made. But if your shots do not apply to such not be superfluous to take care of the backup. It can be done, for example, by using a simple free service Instadrop.

Easier hardly anything you can think of: on the service page, you must first specify the account information Instagram, then log into your Dropbox account. After the accounts will be linked, when publishing a photo in Instagram it will automatically appear in your Instagram Photos to Dropbox.

Instarchive — photo archive in one file

I remember in late 2012 in connection with the revision of the user agreement many made the decision to leave Instagram. And though this story is already long gone, not worth to forget that at any moment the free service may cease to exist or you for some reason, you may want to close your account. In such a case is aware of the existence of the service Instarchive, which helps to save all pictures from Instagram. It works very simply: you need to login to your Instagram account, give the app Instarchive access to it, after which it will download all the photos and Repack to a Zip archive. The user will only have to download it to your computer.

Insta-great! — visual tape of photos in the browser

All that makes the service of Insta-great!, is shows photos. If you go to the page without a login, you can see random popular photos, if you enter under your account, you will see the photo feed of friends. The thumbnails appear in a carousel — the size of the center of the picture is increased, and it appears under all the available information: author, tags, description, upload date, number of likes. Viewed photos are placed in the left part of the window, and remain untouched on the right.

If you click on the nick of the author, you can move on to viewing his images. In addition, filter by tags and the ability to quickly send a photo to a Twitter feed. Conveniently, the used filters can be easily disabled, returning to the original tape. And the site has a keyword search.

Extragram — Instagram is running in the browser

Another convenient way of viewing photos with Instagram — Extragram service. This is a web app to work with the social network with which you can not only find interesting pictures and to browse your feed, but also leave comments to pictures, put Likes, make new subscriptions, to unsubscribe from uninteresting authors. If some of the random photos sunk into the soul, you can immediately go to the profile of the author to view all his photos, and also see the list of users that he follows, and those who subscribed to his updates. On a separate tab Extragram displays all the photos which you Like.

Another interesting feature of the service gallery. If you go to this tab, you can see the collected authors of the project photos on specific topics, for example, devoted to celebration of the New year or best places for winter holidays. In looking at these collections you can spend more than one hour.

Statigram — statistics and tools for professionals

Instagram can be an effective way to kill time, a good way to stay in touch with friends. And for some, this social network is a great choice to increase the popularity of your site or for branding. Service Statigram is designed primarily for those who use Instagram for such serious purposes. It in a visual form shows detailed usage statistics of social networks: how many photos posted, how many likes and comments received (not only, but in the middle of each picture), how many people follow the updates of your account. In addition, Statigram displays the top of the most commented and liked followers photos, generates graphs, and lost subscribers over the last week and month. Statistics of the popularity of the account may be sent in the form of diagrams in the mail. In addition Statigram gives you the opportunity to follow all the captions on one page and manage your personal messages.

However, the collection and display of statistics is not the only function of the service. Statigram offers to expand the audience of people who can view the photos published on Instagram, at the expense of those who don’t use this social network. The service generates for each user page view If you tell your friends about it via other social networks, you can get comments from those who are not registered in Instagram, but has an account in Facebook. For such a page automatically generates an RSS feed.

To promote the content shared in Instagram, you can use the publishing feature of the collages on the Facebook page. While it is possible to choose the content that will be published by tags. Another interesting feature is the automatic creation of cover pages for Facebook based on the fifty latest photos from Instagram. For site owners Statigram offers free creation of the widget containing thumbnails or a slideshow of the Instagram photos. In the widget you can use not only the tape images, but also other people’s pictures marked with specific tag. For sites on WordPress this function is even simpler — in the form of a Supplement.

Gramfeed — an enhanced web version of Instagram

Gramfeed was conceived as a website to view photos from Instagram, but at the moment it can be much more than just generate a feed of images. With it, users can post comments, put Likes, manage their subscriptions, view their photos, to display on one page all the images ever they like, search for photos by tags, by user and by location.

The search feature is very flexible: for example, you can try to find certain places in some cities (for example, confectionery in Prague). On the search page you can also find an excellent selection of Instagram accounts of well-known companies. For convenience they are divided into categories: airlines, music artists, popular brand name clothing.

Another interesting possibility is to visualize on Google maps the places where the photos were taken. Finally, it is worth noting the most important feature Gramfeed — the ability to connect multiple accounts Instagram.

Copygram — view and backup photos

Copygram is another attempt to create the perfect web version of Instagram. The service can bribe a visual interface in which everything is centered around the images. Controls service and navigation links between sections are hidden behind a neat button that is always in the top left of the screen.

All the rest of the space given to photographs. Clicking on the image opens it in a new window, then it is possible to leave a comment or a mark “Like”.

In Copygram, as in many similar services, there is a section in which I publish photos of interesting authors. You can also search, and done it so cleverly that at desire it is possible to obtain fairly accurate results. Copygram, the authors propose to specify up to three search criteria, separated by commas. The keywords should answer the questions “What to find?”, “What class?” and “Where?”. Of course, depending on the query, you can use only one or two criteria.

Other features of Copygram is to provide a data backup. The service can save in a single archive not only user-published photos, but those images that he liked. And Copygram allows you to connect multiple accounts of Instagram. However, to work with him to do one “extra” action which, as a rule, is not required for other similar services, is to create a separate account Copygram.


The availability of additional services and applications created by third party developers is a very good way to assess the popularity of any web project. The greater the demand, the more there is of these supplements. Some developers of web services to Instagram not even hesitate to charge for premium features. They rightly consider among 150 million active users will be those who are willing to pay to work with your favorite service was more convenient.


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