Today we introduce our readers with the capabilities of the multifunction (copier-printer-scanner) office devices Xerox WorkCentre 5021D, is designed to work with various media up to A3 size. This model is equipped with an automatic duplex module, double-sided automatic document feeder and extra trays for different media formats, designed for a maximum load of up to 25 million pages per month. A device with such a monthly online performance definitely belongs to the class of devices for medium

business, but at the same time, it should be noted that the dimensions and weight model Xerox WorkCentre 5021D allow to put it as on the floor or on the table.

Regular readers 3DNews definitely drew attention to the fact that in recent years we rarely overlooked monochrome laser printers and copiers, giving preference to color inkjet and laser models. The reason for this is very simple and prosaic. Even some ten-fifteen years ago the future office and home printing was the mass passions. Some “seers”, it was even foretold the death of monochrome laser printers and copiers due to the wide spread of color “lazerniki”, and the most optimistic even promised the displacement of these devices even inkjet printing. The time was then in a sense it was naughty and exciting, solid race megahertz, megapixels, dpi, and so on.

Over all, however, is predictable: first, the technology of laser printing has reached a level more than sufficient for any application in the real world. Then, as usual, the Forester came and all dispersed, and in the field of office printing such a “Forester” was made by His Majesty Rationalism: came one day and cut off by Occam’s razor, unnecessary and highly specialized, leaving for daily life necessary and sufficient. Namely, GDI monochrome laser-print quality 300/600 dpi, TWAIN scanning 200/300 dpi quality and of appropriate quality copying. As shown by long-term practice or digitization with subsequent text recognition, nor print copies of identity cards with photographs or creating any other business or home office documents — digital or print — does not need the best quality printing, scanning or copying.

In fairness it should be noted that even after achieving this kind of “ideal plateau of quality,” the acute phase of battle between rival manufacturers continued for some time. At various stages it was possible to increase the durability of Teflon coating photoconductors, bring to the ideal of a graphical user interface, communication and control functions, and even go on a granular chemically produced toner. Not to say that today the battle is completely finished and found all the ways to optimize the quality of monochrome laser printing in relation to the cost page. But now competition between producers moved into the plane to provide the user more convenient to operate and more practical for the entire office multipurpose devices – MFPs.

Summing up the Preface with a detailed insight into the history, highlight his main idea: in our time any testing the print quality monochrome laser printing devices for everyday home and office needs is a just another confirmation of the thesis of Captain. It is, therefore, reduced the number of reviews of such models in recent years, not only on our website. At the same time, a much more useful exercise will be a detailed study of the functional possibilities of such devices. This we have the example of MFP WorkCentre 5021D turn.

Technical specifications and scope of delivery

Office Xerox WorkCentre 5021D in its standard equipment includes a full set of functionality MFP, copier, printer and scanner, but unlike the basic version called Xerox WorkCentre 5021, the module is equipped with duplex printing and duplex automatic document feeder for 110 sheets for rapid copying and scanning of multipage originals.

For multi-function office device that enables you to work with documents up to A3 format, the dimensions of the model Xerox WorkCentre 5021D quite modest, additional paper trays with a capacity of 350/850 sheets allow you to minimize maintenance time.

MFP made on the basis of a fast control controller with 300 MHz processor and 128 MB of RAM, enough to handle any print jobs. In a number of features of this handset, greatly reduces time spent for standard office operations, it is necessary to mention such functions as ID Card Copy, Job Build, copying multiple pages on one, automatically rotate and scale images and reproduction of up to 999 copies.

The technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer, are given in the table below.

Office laser multifunction printer Xerox WorkCentre 5021D

The technology of creating image Monochrome laser
Standard features Copying, printing, scanning, duplex printing, duplex automatic document feeder
Features Full functionality of the MFP, a bilateral document feeder for 110 sheets, standard duplex printing
Memory 128 MB
Processor 300 MHz
Interface USB 2.0
Supported operating systems 32/64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux
Dimensions (without additional options) 595x569x581 mm
Weight 36 kg
The density of the material 60-110 g/m2
Media sizes A4, Letter, B5, Half Letter, Executive, A5,A6, B6, 16K (197×273 mm), 16K (195×270 mm), 16K (184×260 mm); 90×216 mm, mm 148×297
The capacity of the paper feed trays 350/850 sheets
Capacity optional trays paper feed 500 sheets
Output tray capacity 250 sheets
The presence of ADF Bilateral, automatic, 110 sheets
Two-sided printing Standard
Print speed A4 20 p/min
Print speed A3 10 ppm
The output time of the first print 14
Warm-up time after vklyucheniya 30
Print resolution 600 x 600 dpi
The page description language GDI
The maximum amount of work 25 thousand pages per month
The copying speed, A4 20 p/min
The copying speed, A4 20 p/min
Copy speed, A3 10 ppm
Resolution copy 600x600dpi
The output time of the first print 7,5 c
Replication copies 1-999
Scaling 25%-400% in 1% increments
Special copy modes The increase/decrease, a few pages on one, copy of identity card, lighten/darken, auto rotation
Scanner type

Flatbed with automatic document feeder, 24-bit

Maximum scan size

216×297 mm

Scan resolution 600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi
Scan Monochrome
Scanning capabilities Scan to PC with TWAIN driver
Additional software included Recognition of texts ABBYY FineReader, Xerox Scan to PC Desktop 11

All of the above, I would like to add the most important parameter: price. Fully loaded model Xerox WorkCentre 5021D will cost the Russian buyer is around 40 thousand plus or minus four thousand on luck. Powerful multifunction system business-class A3 for the money looks very tempting offer. Try to understand more what we offers Xerox for the money.

Design features

Appearance model Xerox WorkCentre 5021D with all the “regalia” — the document processor, duplex module and paper trays — very impressive. However, more than two pounds total weight to move from place to place, even fragile the Secretary, in the bottom part of the lower tray there is a system of wheels and stops.

In the case where the office is not enough space to accommodate a free-standing rack or when there is no need to use additional trays paper feed, multifunction printer easily fits on any office Desk. Of course, the model WorkCentre 5021D is impossible to name very compact, but at the same time we should not forget that the unit easily copes with the printing of documents of A3 size, and in this sector the desktop version of the multifunction printer looks quite compact compared to most competitors.

Consider the device in detail. Model Xerox WorkCentre 5021D compiled by the classic monochrome laser MFPs principle: the role of base-base plays a printing mechanism, located on top of the “superstructure” of the scanner and the paper tray of the finished prints is located in the alcove between them.

The scanner device has a typical tablet design: available as a single scan of document directly on the scanner glass and batch processing with the automatic feeder with duplex mode.

Everything else – a connector for the power cable, switch and USB interface port is located on the right side.

Everything you need to know the ordinary employee in an office on the back side of the MFP, that there is nothing interesting for him there.

In fact, even for the elimination of paper jams and servicing the MFP back side of the device is not needed, since the cover that hides the duplex mechanism, other mechanical components, the drum unit and toner cartridge located in the front or on the left side of the device.

The feed trays are designed for media format up to A3, using a typical office A4 paper are fed along the wide side of the sheet that partly explains the compact design of the MFP.

Change the toner cartridge (in the model the cartridge is used to Xerox 006R01573) is a simple process that can be trusted with even the youngest office employee (of course, provided that it is quite neat to work with a toner and pre-instructed). However, an impressive cartridge yield of approximately 9 thousand prints, gives hope that this procedure will be quite rare, if we are talking about the office of small business, and not so often in the office.

All controls, display and control unit located in a single unit on the front of the device just above the receiving tray. It also housed the coveted “green button”, which switches the device into eco mode.

The information display panel, monochrome, with additional lighting. I would like to emphasize the high contrast of the image. After turning off illumination of the symbols and images on the screen still look clear even in low ambient light.

In General, the user interface of the MFP is very simple, traditional menu settings practical and intuitive, with any configuration steps, printing, scanning, and copying cope with even a novice office worker without any special preparation. Most of the current settings or operation of the multifunction printer (paper jam, the need to replenish toner, and so on) are displayed using special icons. The numeric buttons are used primarily to set a custom password, or specify the number of copies.


Model Xerox WorkCentre 5021D is the most recent development of the Xerox company in the sector of universal systems for the print business in the offices of small and medium-sized companies. Sales of this novelty began in Russia only a few months ago. That is why in the model 5021D embodies all the most advanced functionality and options available for economical printing and copying.

So through quick and easy device installation, a large paper capacity (tray 350 and 850 sheets), the mode for saving toner and a low cost imprint has managed to achieve a relatively low cost of device ownership with minimal maintenance costs and consumables.

Despite the affordable price of Xerox WorkCentre 5021D, it introduces significant functionality that is common is that the models of enterprise class. These include such functions as the above-mentioned ID Card and a Copy Job Build. Accounting treatment of copies, allowing you to create and use up to a dozen separate password-protected user accounts, allows you to make individual settings to limit the number of available prints, thus allowing you to control the volume authorized office printing.


We tested Xerox WorkCentre 5021D together with Microsoft Windows 8, it was obtained the following screenshots of the settings menu of the device. However, with high probability it can be argued that under most other versions of Windows view settings menu will have a similar appearance.

Activation mode of the scanner using PC is also very simple and boils down to the choice of a suitable driver, TWAIN or WIA, then you can use the scanning interface is available graphic editor or the private interface of the MFP.

Xerox WorkCentre 5021D works with various formats and sizes of media, but to different trays is governed by its own preferred range of densities of paper. So, for a standard tray Tray 1 250-sheet and optional tray Tray 2 500-sheet, it is recommended to use paper with a weight of about 60-90 grams per square meter, while for the bypass tray, manual feed (100 sheets) you can use media with a density between 10 and 60 grams per square meter.

For automatic document feeder for the scanner it is recommended to use a media density 38-128 grams per square meter, or 50-128 g/m2 for two-sided documents, however, the maximum number – up to 110 sheets, fits in the feeder only when the density of the paper to 49 g/m2. At the maximum allowable density, this number is reduced to 75 sheets.

The printing mechanism of the Xerox WorkCentre 5021D works with a page description language GDI — in essence, this means that the main burden for processing and output to be printed pages placed on the CPU of your PC, and the output speed depends on the performance of the USB port. But the impressive size built-in MFP memory – 128 MB — plus highly productive 300-MHz processor provide a very low ready time of the first imprint and very high for this class of devices speed printing and copying. At least all of our jobs on a high-speed printing and copying was performed by model Xerox WorkCentre 5021D within the manufacturer’s parameters.

A few words about the quality of scanning and printing. For testing we used the standard test templates 3DNews that were printed with standard and superior quality, and then the obtained prints were copied using the MFP.

And again we return to what started this article: quality printing and copying Xerox WorkCentre 5021D can be called good, even great, but for this kind of devices – office. Do not expect from them the widest, the 24-bit range color scanning, or precision, 2400-dpi printing for output to film. For this, there are very different devices. As for the functions assigned to MFP WorkCentre 5021D, with them, he’s doing brilliantly: print very good, the font outlines clear down to the smallest pins, the fill gradients are pretty high quality. Plus dense and uniform filling of darker fragments and different (for office equipment) the detail even at standard quality settings print.

A few scanned print samples we give only in order to once again state the obvious: modern monochrome laser printers and MFPs long ago reached the excessively high and sufficient for office work, the level of print quality, when to test these options once again makes no sense. Take care of your MFP, do not pour into the cartridge anyhow any toner, follow the PC and you will be happy for years to come.


Let us summarize again the basic capabilities monochrome laser MFP Xerox WorkCentre 5021D: modest dimensions, in combination with the possibility of floor and Desk stand, high speed printing, copying and scanning, stable high quality, work with a wide range of media up to A3 automatic duplex document feeder and automatic bilateral print, roomy set of trays for different paper impressive the toner cartridge with a resource of 9 thousand pages. And many more useful office functions, including control over the number of copies made by each employee.

And all this for the sum about 40 thousand rubles. By the way, it is useful also to note the relatively low price of consumables for Xerox WorkCentre 5021D: new toner cartridge for Xerox 006R01573 is now less than 30 dollars, and a brand new drum unit Xerox 013R00670 (with resource 80 000 A4 pages when completing 5%!) will cost around only $ 200. Here the main criterion – cost of ownership — to the obvious facts, in fact, nothing to add.

Monochrome laser MFP Xerox WorkCentre 5021D be the best choice for small and medium workgroups (up to 10-15 people) in private enterprises, banks and other institutions where you want to work with printed documents from the calculation of the maximum load to 25 thousand pages per month.

For the future I would like to recommend Xerox to expand the range of Xerox WorkCentre 5029/5021 device with a large set of interfaces, e.g. Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Somehow I have confidence that in this embodiment of the MFP of this family will be in demand even more.


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