The famous memory modules, power supplies and cooling system — this is not the whole list of what develops and manufactures the Corsair. Among the devices produced under this brand, there are and gaming peripherals for every taste, so to speak, genre. To our test lab got two devices belonging to the line gaming Corsair Vengeance. The purpose of them is simply to be faithful assistants in online games of the MMO genre (mostly MMORPG). Often these games require the input of a large number of repetitive commands, which have to be macros. So the player had to invent a whole lot of various combinations of standard keys, manipulators Corsair Vengeance series have a number of customizable to specific user tasks macro keys. But there are also other interesting features.

Keyboard Corsair Vengeance K90

The package

The supplied keyboard Corsair Vengeance K90

The keyboard comes in a large cardboard box with a large window. Inside, in addition to the keyboard, we found only a warranty card and brief instructions for getting started with the device in English. A more detailed user manual and firmware will have to download yourself from the manufacturer’s website.


Keyboard Corsair Vengeance K 90
Type Wired
Interface USB
The number of primary keys 105
The number of additional keys 29
The switches in the keys Mechanical Cherry MX Red
Features The backlight on the keyboard surface and the backlight
Through the USB port
The memory module 36 KB
OS Windows XP/Vista/7
Dimensions, mm 502x163x24
Guarantee, months. 24
Price, RUB. 5 000

A comparison of the forces pressing for keys Cherry MX Black and Cherry MX Red

The main feature of novelty is the use of expensive mechanical switches Cherry MX Red (not all keys). This is the analogue of the linear Cherry MX Red keys, but with an easier swing. If you’ve never tried working on the keyboard with such keys, before buying first pressing carefully on the keys Vengeance and think if they fit you. In General, Cherry MX keys are different minimum response time when pressing and a very high sensitivity, which is especially important for games. Furthermore, switches of this series are almost noiseless and does not have a distinctive click when pressed, which allows avid players night not much disturb the people around their loved ones to rest. But for typing, the keys with such switches are not good.

Corsair Vengeance K90 boasts not only expensive (in the literal sense of the word) switches, but the original technology of protection from phantom taps. The fact that each switch of this keyboard are additionally equipped with individual led, showing moments of pressing and releasing the keys. But the same technical features Vengeance K90 does not end there. Unlike most conventional keyboards, it is able to handle up to twenty simultaneous touches. Also on Board the device has its own memory module. Its volume is only 36 KB, but it’s enough to store user profile settings. The latter are carried out using a set of proprietary software, but we will speak more about them when we pass to the description of the process of working with the Corsair Vengeance K90.

Appearance and ergonomics

Appearance keyboard Corsair Vengeance K90

It is no secret that most keyboards (even the game) are very similar to each other. This is not surprising, since input devices in General are one of the most conservative types of PC-related peripherals. However, the designers of the company Corsair has done with the keyboard, though well recognizable, but not quite normal device. After the first cursory acquaintance did not immediately understand what distinguishes it from similar devices. However opinion the Corsair Vengeance K90 chains very durable.

The location of the keys

The answer to this “magnetism” lies in several very unusual features, the first of which is that without exception, all key trends are recessed deeper into the case, as most analogues, and entirely located above its main surface. They are even a little elevated above the body, thereby creating the feeling that there is not a keyboard but a remote control of some military facility.

Block macrocephalae

Reinforces this feeling is the fact that the designers of the Corsair was used as the top panel keyboard a massive aluminum plate with a rough surface. Due to this new product has gained significant ground as for a desktop keyboard can be recorded in the list of advantages. Panel with additional macrocephalae located in the left part of the body, is also very similar to metal. However, this is only an illusion created solely by a rough surface panel that is made of ordinary, though quite durable plastic. But the stepped panel design not only positively affect the comfort when working with the keyboard, but also enhances the visual “effect control panel”, as well as the fact that the unit with additional keys located substantially below the level of the main key.

Fixing panel under the wrist

Like many other full-size keyboards, the panel under wrists at the Corsair Vengeance K90 is removable, but it features a high quality study (rubberized embossed coating) and an interesting technical solution. The last is to use additional fixing elements panel on the keyboard. On the back side panel there are two captive screws securely fixing it on the keyboard. The only minus is that the screws have too small heads, so they can be spun by hand.

Folding legs

The change in the slope of the hull

To change the angle of inclination of the device is provided with folding legs. Interestingly, they don’t rise like most other keyboards, — across and along the long side of the housing.

Through the USB port

The rear plastic panel of the case carries a single USB port, while the Central part is rigidly fixed interface cable that ends in two USB interfaces. The second interface required to implement end-to-end USB port on the rear panel of the keyboard, which, for example, you can plug in a wired mouse. The cable has a thick durable cover, which is quite resistant to bending, which introduces some inconvenience in operation.

The layout of the keys

The layout of the keys

The main panel consists of keys 105, the location, form and dimensions of which can be described as classic. No complaints or comments on the layout were noted.

The layout of the block of macro keys

Located on the left side of the block, consisting of eighteen additional keys, designed for quick access to macros. The keys are divided into three groups, which facilitates memorization, but because of their similar shape and lack of color division without exercise do not work, and at first, possible incorrect keystrokes. But what did not like — so this diaphragm mechanism of additional keys. Rather, the fact that the main keys are mechanical switches, and these are cheap and not the most durable membrane mechanism. Moreover, the technical characteristics, the manufacturer does not mention. Meanwhile, if you use the product primarily for its gaming purpose, these eighteen keys will be most in demand. In addition, save the manufacturer and even on the function keys and on the keys located above the cursor block. Such a decision is unlikely to negatively affect the gameplay features and durability of a novelty, but in the prestige of the Corsair Vengeance K90 is a little still to lose.

Button profile switching

Above the block with the additional keys are four buttons round shape: [M1], [M2] and [M3]. They switch modes of operation, which tripled the number of functions performed by eighteen macrocephalae. Using the fourth button — [MR] — user can record macros on the fly almost, without the help of special software. While recorded macros are stored in the embedded memory module.

The backlight of the keyboard and keys themselves

One unit with extra buttons at the right of the keyboard. The first round button to the left of the top row is intended to control the backlight brightness which can be changed discretely. There are a total of three brightness levels. The second round button locks against accidental pressing completely unnecessary and even harmful for almost all games [Windows].

The control unit multimedia functions

Well, five rectangular buttons in the top right corner of the innovations needed to manage your media files. Here is located on a cylindrical control volume with a characteristic notch on the metal surface.


App to customize your keyboard Corsair Vengeance K90

To record a macro does not require any specialized software. Nevertheless, the manufacturer offers to use a proprietary application that allows you to record individual profiles for each game. In the computer’s memory can store up to 50 different profiles that are automatically activated on startup of a game. Interestingly, if you have connected to the computer is not one device of the Corsair Vengeance series, and, for example, and mouse, then after installing the appropriate application for this arm program will be merged into one. While in the upper-right corner of the window with the app there is a choice of the device and in the system tray after the system will hang only one icon Corsair Vengeance.

As for the usability of a novelty, here it is necessary to divide the intended use (of the game) and secondary work. In the first case the user gets the opportunity to enjoy the minimum response time of mechanical switches Cherry MX Red and customize the keyboard the way it will be convenient only to him, even if you have to use the exotic combinations. But this is the panel with the basic keys. But the block of additional macro keys raises conflicting emotions. If the features and ergonomics of this unit can only be admired, too tight membrane keys can easily spoil the game for her, to put it mildly, excessive slowness and lack of sensitivity.

If we talk about the set texts, for this purpose, the Corsair Vengeance K90 does not fit very well. To dial long texts on the high keys of the new items is problematic. Before buying, you need to clearly understand that this keyboard is tuned exclusively for games, or rather the MMO game genre in which you want to use a very large number of macros. As for other genres of games, then they have a Corsair in store other models. For example, for first-person shooters more suitable model of the Corsair Vengeance K60.

New easy to clean. Debris and dust have nowhere to hide, as markleville space is very large. It is also worth noting that the model Corsair Vengeance K90 is on the table quite a few places, but despite this, it is a real decoration.


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