With the increase in the quality of the built-in mobile equipment cameras a problem to save a copy two or three pages of text have ceased to exist as a class. But the smartphone or tablet is unlikely to help if you want to make a quality copy of the document for further work with her in the office, or at least to obtain some banal reference to the housing office. Even greater difficulties arise when it comes to mobile agent, who has his “office in the pocket”. That is, a laptop with access to

the Internet, he can bring anywhere, but to bring more and scanner is unlikely. And then the can help mobile version of this device.

Available on the market today mobile scanners can be divided into two types — manual and automatic feed of the sheet. Manual models are more compact, but it can not boast of high quality images, comparable to that provide typical desktop model. But large in size, but still remaining mobile scanners with automatic feed on the contrary, show the scan quality is not worse than the office MFP. One such model, the Canon imageFORMULA P-208 — came to us in a test lab.

The package

The device comes in a small cardboard box of elongated shape, which is convenient to place under his arm on the way from the shop to your home or office. Inside we found a neatly Packed the scanner in a fabric cover and a minimum set of accessories:

  • USB cable;
  • CD-ROM with proprietary software;
  • printed user’s manual.

The scanner Canon imageFORMULA P-208

The latter, as it turned out, deprived of the Russian language, so that newly created user to explore the possibilities of their purchase will have to use the electronic version of the guide, which is available in the Russian language.

Rag cover

Available in the supplied case is made from very thin and not very durable material. It is more like a technical pack, rather than the case for daily transportation device. Quite strange to see such savings on the little things, because the normal cloth cover is unlikely to significantly affect the final cost of the kit.


Scanner Canon imageFORMULA P-208
Type Desktop, sheet-feed scanner
Sensor scan unit 2-line CMOS CIS sensor
Optical resolution 600 dpi (from 150×150 to 600×600)
The light source 3-color (RGB) led
Read side Front / back / duplex scanning
Interface USB 2.0
Food USB (500 mA)
Power Consumption, W Scan — 2,5
Sleep mode is 1.5
Off — 0,5
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Mac OS
Dimensions, mm Closed pan: 312,5×55,5×40
Open tray: 312,5×76,5×40
Weight, g 600
Guarantee, months. 12
Price, RUB. 8 000
Read speed
B/W / grayscale (200/300 dpi), ppm unilateral — 8, bilateral — 16
Color (200 dpi) 8 pages/min / 16 Fig./min
Color (300 dpi) 6 p./min / 12 Fig./min
Document settings
Width, mm 50,8–216
Length, mm 70-356
Thickness, g/m2 (mm) 52-209 (0,06–0,22)
Card scanning, mm 54x86x1,4
Capacity feeder 10 sheets (64 g/m2)

Technical specs are impressive. At a fairly modest dimensions of the scanner the manufacturer claims for it is very high speed. Also, the device boasts simultaneous scanning of two sides of a document, which simplifies the work and increases its speed.

Appearance and ergonomics

Scanner Canon imageFORMULA P-208 is unlikely to be as unnoticeable in a bag or backpack like a thin tablet or a netbook. It is easy enough, but the thickness he felt. However, the scanner still fit easily into a briefcase or even in a large purse.

Appearance of scanner Canon imageFORMULA P-208

The housing, with distinct sharp corners and edges made of rough to the touch and very durable black plastic, which almost does not remain fingerprints. The operation of the device always looks neat, which is important if you use it for business purposes.

Canon imageFORMULA P-208: the view from below

In appearance it is hardly possible to guess at the purpose imageFORMULA P-208. Elongated parallelepiped does not suggest any Association with other known types of office devices. At the bottom of the hull of a small rubber grips is easy to guess that this “black box” in the theory should stand on the table.

Canon imageFORMULA P-208: the side view

Power supply — no built-in or external — the model Canon imageFORMULA P-208 no. The device is powered by the USB interface. The corresponding port located at one end of the housing.

The button for switching modes

Control buttons the scanner has two. To the right of the shell are illuminated multifunction button power management and activate a scan. Another button, sliding, placed on the back of the case. It is designed to switch modes of the device — scan with built-in utility or scan using the software installed on your PC. More detail modes Canon imageFORMULA P-208 will be discussed below.

Setting the slide

In “camp” as the front flap of the scanner is closed, and the adjustable slide designed for simultaneous laying of ten sheets of standard density, stacked inside the case. Open fold manually, and the whole process of setting up and laying the sheet hardly takes more than five seconds.

The scanner body in the expanded state

In the Central part, under the flap is a removable element, the separator, according to the user, is a consumable item. If after a couple years of use, the scanner will begin to grab multiple pages at the same time, it’s time to change the separator. When the machine is on, this element automatically detects the flow of the page and then presses it, waiting for the command to scan. If the original is still jammed, you must open the scanner completely. But at the same time you can see its internal structure.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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