All devices of the gaming series Republic of Gamers (ROG) ASUS who visited our lab, characterized in that the specific design is given maximum attention. Not forgotten, of course, and the design, but the nature of the device, whether a laptop or a headset, is determined by these original technical solutions. In this sense, the new mouse ASUS GX1000 Eagle Eye is hardly the exception to the rule. The novelty is interesting primarily because it belongs to the class of true “racing” models, because

it has a laser sensor with a resolution of 8200 dpi.

The package

The mouse comes in a striking cardboard box book with blister inside. Packaging traditionally painted in black and red colors, and on the surface is so much different information about the product that it resembles something like a short manual. Inside, in addition to the device itself, was found to have the following accessories:

  • five loads with plastic cases for storage,
  • a large signature Mat with the logo ASUS ROG,
  • printed manual: getting started.

Supplied mouse ASUS GX1000

As with many other contemporary peripheral devices, a CD-ROM not included. The software needs to be downloaded from official website manufacturer.


Mouse ASUS GX1000
Type Wired
Interface USB
Sensor type Laser
Max. resolution, dpi 8200
Controls 7 + button profile switch, scroll wheel
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Dimensions, mm 129x66x44
Weight, g 150-175 (depending on load)
Guarantee, months. 12
Price, RUB. 3 000

One of the most important technical features of the product is an optical laser sensor with very high resolution — 8200 dpi. It is almost a record, occurring only in some of the gaming models. One of these is the ASUS GX1000. But what kind of sensor is used in “eagle eye”, the manufacturer, unfortunately, not reported. Of course, such high resolution it is convenient not in all cases. Likely to use the player if you have to, then only from time to time. In most cases, permission will have to be reduced. Software resolution optical sensor ASUS GX1000 can be reduced to 50 dots per inch — a real sniper mode!

Replacement goods allow the user to set for the manipulator a lot, what he will like most. The range of variation of mass 25 g feels great in the game. It is interesting that the novelty is no “extra” extra buttons. Each of the existing keys in the General case, is responsible for its really necessary and important function, although if desired, it can always be reprogrammed. With regard to the physical characteristics of the apply buttons, as in the case of the sensor, no official data the developer does not.

Appearance and ergonomics

Appearance mouse ASUS GX1000

The manipulator has a symmetric form of the body, but are located on its left side, extra buttons are unlikely to properly operate the device with the left hand. Still the developers of ASUS GX1000 assumed that users would hold the mouse in your right hand.

Front view

Side view

A feature of the design is pleasant in appearance and to the touch aluminum plated case having an elongated shape and chopped the surface. The mouse resembles a fantastic vehicle, space ship or a race car — as you wish. The novelty seems compact, but it is a false sense. In fact, the case though very narrow, but greatly elongated. On the one hand, allows you to comfortably place your fingers on aluminum oblong buttons, but forces users with small brush to experience discomfort.

Rear view

If the base of the mouse was narrow throughout their length, the use of such a device would not be very convenient. That’s probably why the developers made the back of the case is wider and slightly convex. On the surface very conveniently fits the hand.


The scroll wheel has a very comfortable textured rubber coating that almost completely eliminates accidental slippage of the finger. Above the wheel is an indicator of the selected permission level (one of four) and a button sequentially switching these levels. Three additional buttons are located on the left side surface of the body. They are narrow elongated strips with well designed geometry that allows the thumb of the right hand to spend the least time on clicking.

Bottom view

The compartment for the installation of the goods and a pencil case to store them

Grace the exterior of the manipulator adds a narrow “waist”, which is particularly clear, if you turn the device and look at its lower surface. On the “belly” you can see five of strongly elongated Teflon lining, providing a smooth mouse sliding on flat surfaces. Here, near the optical sensor is a button to switch gaming profiles. Well, in the aft is a five-sided cover for the installation of the goods, which expanded by clicking on its Central part. The reverse side cover has a mounting for parigramme goods. To currently unused goods is not lost, in the scope of delivery includes a special plastic pencil case for them.


The finishing touch to all of the above-described technical features of the design are still design refinements. Partly we have already mentioned, when talking about hull shapes and its spectacular metal coating, but something escaped our attention. Of course, we are talking about illumination. The rear casing on the sides has a triangular headlights/eyes/indicators — as you wish. In addition, the LEDs are embedded in a wide scroll wheel, the DPI indicator and the upper part of the body. It is noteworthy that the backlight of ASUS GX1000 serves a practical role. First, the DPI indicator informs the user about the selected mode resolution optical sensor. But secondly, the color of the large triangular “headlights” tells the user about which of the four possible gaming profiles that are currently active. Flowers, however, are only three (red, orange and green), but off the illumination means connected to the fourth profile.

It only remains to add that the product has high quality durable USB cable with synthetic woven braid. In General, the quality of the individual elements of the design, Assembly, and materials of the ASUS GX1000, is really admirable. It is felt that holding dear a solid device and not a plastic toy with cheap buttons.


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