Where The Water Tastes Like Wine — by the stadia, temples. Review

Genre Adventure
Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment
Publisher in Russia No
Developer Dim Bulb Games, Serenity Forge
Minimum requirements Windows 7 and later or OS X 10.8 or later, Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 2.2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphics card with 512 MB of memory and supports DirectX 9.0 c such as NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT or AMD Radeon HD 4350, 6 GB hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Release date 28 Feb 2018
Age limit no
Platform PC (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Official website

The game is tested on PC

In the New world, some came for hope — seeing it as a chance to update the life, overcoming adversity, pursuing them at home. America is built on this hope — or rather, the many hopes of many different peoples. But it is built and on the pain of those who lived here before the Europeans; those who were brought here to use as tongueless and unprotected labour. On these hopes, the pain and the incredible culture that has sprouted from the many germs, and it is a game Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.


Life is a gamble. If not set — then no reward. But sometimes the rate is too high and the life is subordinated to her. It happened with me in the cabin, pohihikivali, played a few girls, a little man, and a man in a suit with a wolf’s head; there were no signs of bad when I joined but it ended up that I had to leave everything and move on. I lost to Master of your destiny — in response, he sent me to collect stories around the crazy quilt of States. He stripped me to the skin, to make it easier to go, and gave the guiding star — the dream of a Region where the water tastes like wine. And the mandate to listen — after all, tell us about yourself much everyone, but not everyone knows how to listen.

Since this all began…

Already very long-winded title tells us — Yes, there will have a lot of reading (and walking and no longer will need to do almost nothing). The game does not give extra time for preparation, meeting as the notes played the card game scene and the voice of sting, who plays the Host with a wolf’s head. We will see many more scenes and many voices.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine made on the principle of the album is some kind of supergroup. The author of the idea and the one who tied everything together — programmer Fullbright Games times Gone Home Jonemann, Nordhagen (Johnnemann Nordhagen). The lyrics were written by game writers and journalists from across America: from Lee Alexander to Cara Ellison. The very voices of the characters of the game gave not only a famous musician, but famous actors dubbing: storyteller Keith Farley (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Fallout 4), cissie Jones (Delilah from Firewatch, in particular). To be honest, while waiting for news of the game with the constant ad star names rather frightened — supergroup, made up entirely of stars, are rarely as good as those projects which have made these people stars. But Nordhagen clearly excellent organizational skills. The game was very solid — instead of a tug of war all they have woven a web, which confused without a chance for salvation.

The game is able to give beautiful scenery

The entire game is a journey in search of stories through the magic United States of America. Mostly on foot — leisurely step that can make impatient players fits of uncontrolled rage; however, it is possible to accelerate — whistling melodies to the beat (this is a separate mini-game). You can also enjoy hitchhiking and riding trains — as for the cost, and sitting hare (with the risk to get from trackman). In big cities you can go as for new stories, and in order to earn extra money or to eat. Yes, there are health points and the scale of fatigue, as well as inventory, map, and history of travel. But don’t be fooled by the RPG tag in the game description on Steam is someone’s bad joke. All these options really have no effect, and any “pumping” is missing.

The first minute of the game gave me a rare delight and enthusiasm. As if stumbled on a treasure and will want to immediately immerse the hands in the precious stones that Packed the trunk. The game with the move throws amazing and great written stories — and it seems that each of them can argue for capacity and strength with the stories of Frederick brown. This, of course, not so — not all stories are equally good; along with small masterpieces that get stuck in memory for a long time, meeting and communicating. The tone changes constantly — to make a journey from tragedy to Comedy in Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, sometimes simply to cross the street. But definitely everyone will find here something for themselves.

The text in the game is fully translated — not without flaws and technical errors, but overall acceptable

One of the amazing and beautiful features Where The Water Tastes Like Wine — the almost complete absence of direct references. The authors refused postmodernista favorite entertainment and no teasing nostalgic feelings and the cultural baggage of the player. Yes, tell the stories felt traces of just about everyone: from Dickens to Lovecraft, from Henry James to Raphael Lafferty. But in short stories-stories have their notes, and not the straightforward borrowing of stories.


But the history Sol and the soil Where The Water Tastes Like Wine where it grows actually a magical grove of gameplay. In your journey you will see not only hundreds of amazing, strange and scary events, but will meet half a dozen characters with whom you will have to talk around the campfire, exchanging currency as their stories on their story. Each will have to meet several times with the move to a stranger, no one will open, and will have to pick up the keys: look for, what kind of stories do like each of them and to respond to specific requests. The main mechanic Where The Water Tastes Like Wine most of all in its spirit resembles verbal role-playing, but in a strictly defined framework of the history scattered on the topics indicated by the Tarot cards. You choose from them, and in between meetings can change the set for more comfortable conversation.

Once at noon, at the end of September…

The game takes place conventionally in the troubled times of the great depression. Conditionally because, in fact, we have almost the entire history of the United States: from the Indian wars and the civil war between North and South roughly to “Summer of love”. And all the characters — not so much real people as archetypes: a dark-skinned preacher with a crisis of faith, returning from the First world; the poet-hipster, trying to drown out the love drama endless road (Hey Jack Kerouac); a cowboy who is deprived of liberty; the Indian girl who tries to keep the tradition driven from their seats of the tribe, and many others. Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is not just a collection of amazing stories, but also dive deep into the very essence of America, walk on her sore spots.

With the mechanics of communication and connected the main problems of the game itself. At a certain point it turns from promising endless surprises adventure in a routine where you need to return through space to the second, third, fourth time, speak with familiar characters and find out they have a new biographical details. Yes, the matches delivered and it was brilliant, but the game turns, in fact, too much of familiar stories in an effort to please these characters. The most unpleasant — to-read story is impossible, you have only headers; Yes, it is memory training, and many stories to remember. But after any significant break to return to the game will not be easy. Adds to the problems that already told the story, as well as the reaction to them of the characters are also never marked. Well, someone like this can seem pleasant.

This catalog of stories — and without a gamepad it can not cope

Another pinch of powder into the small fire of anger technical performance. Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, despite its modest appearance, manages to regularly hang out (dramatically drops the framerate), and to confuse the bugs — however, a week after the release, the developers managed to release a couple of patches, and none of the really critical problems, which would prevent the promotion, I have not met.

Well, more trains, of course

While the game looks simultaneously old-fashioned and charming — calling condescending smile three-dimensional map with wandering on it with the skeleton-the traveler is replaced by a perfectly drawn illustrations. Major characters are even animated. Separate a kind word worth to remember Ryan IKE, who wrote for the game a great soundtrack with the songs of many styles from Americana and country to Blues and gospel. And not a single passage of the track.


Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is likely to remain unnoticed by the General public despite the starry cast of authors. This is a very specific form and deep content game, almost devoid of gameplay in the conventional sense. A collection of stories, dipping into folklore and investigation of the basic of American archetypes under the guise of video games.

But those who still dare to go virtual America lengthways and then across, you should always remember: the main thing — not result, and the path. Was only an illusion and the road. And be over the land of sunsets, and being over the earth dawns. Behind the beauty. Over us — beauty. In the end we are waiting for the beauty.


  • guide to the magic-realist America under the guise of video games;
  • the game is excellently written;
  • interesting visual style;
  • chic music.


  • sloppy technical execution;
  • routine gameplay;
  • many will enrage the slow movement speed.
Graphics The game combines the main map description somewhere of the two thousand, but very nicely done with change of day and night — and wonderfully drawn illustrations for stories and interacting with characters. 8
Sound Ryan IKE, again, made a composition deed, by writing to play music of different genres and succeeding in all of them. In addition the game is extremely great announced. 10
Single game From story to story, from character to character — no surprises Where The Water Tastes Like Wine the player does not cook. Need to read a lot and go, go, go. For those who like dynamic gameplay — better look for something else. 7
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Combining routine gameplay and many interesting and great written mini-stories, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is automatically in a niche “games are not for everyone.” But if you have good stories and word games mean something- you run into a real treasure. 9

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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

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