Relatively young Swedish brand of headphones and other audio products Urbanears is well known not only in Western Europe but also in Russia. And you know it, not only thanks to decent sound quality, but also because of the special relation to the appearance of their products. Urbanears headphones are always an original design and a wide color gamut. Not so long ago, in the lineup of products this manufacturer new wifi speakers that have the same not quite normal Swedish design.

Most inexperienced users of wireless acoustics are generally associated with compact mobile speaker that you can take with you outside or travel. But the market for such devices there are home models that came to replace the classical wired acoustics midrange. These speakers are not only Bluetooth-interface for data transmission, but also can connect to Wi-Fi that allows you to significantly improve the sound.

Two new set of speakers Urbanears Baggen and Stammen concern just the domestic models with a wide range of wireless connectivity. Among the distinctive features of these columns it is worth noting the function of Multi-Room – combine two or more columns to work with one sound source. However, interesting features acoustic Urbanears are not limited to only one Multi-Room but don’t want to rush things and tell you all about it.

The package


Packaging and delivery of acoustics Urbanears Baggen (left) and Stammen (right)

The speakers come in a fairly large cardboard box with color printing on the outside. From drops they protect the pulp and ribbed insert. The package and the one and the other model is extremely simple: a set of printed materials and the power cord. It is worth noting that the last coloured column, so it looks the whole kit harmoniously.


Feature / Model Urbanears Stammen Urbanears Baggen
Dynamics 2 × 3/4” (neodymium)
1 × 4” subwoofer
2 × 2,5”
1 × 5.25” subwoofer
Power, W 36 60
Frequency range, Hz 20-20 000 35-19 000
Amplifier Class D Class D
Interfaces 3.5 mm jack stereo
Bluetooth: 4.2 AVRCP + A2DP
Wi-Fi: WPA2, 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4/5 GHz
3.5 mm jack stereo
Bluetooth: 4.2 AVRCP + A2DP
Wi-Fi: WPA2, 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4/5 GHz
Additionally USB type A (5 V, 1 A) USB type A (5 V, 1 A)
Power consumption in sleep mode, W 1,6 1,6
Dimensions, mm 210 × 210 × 142 300 × 300 × 212
Weight, kg 3,6 6,6
Guarantee, months. 12 12
Average retail price*, RUB. 25 300 35 000

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

Comparison of the structure of the acoustic Urbanears models Baggen (left) and Stammen (right)

As can be seen from the table of technical characteristics, the model of Baggen and Stammen have different sizes and power, so that the size of the speakers they have are also a bit different. Sufficiently compact column Stammen three inches below the model of Baggen and almost two times lighter than her. But both speakers are built on the same scheme: two tweeters and a subwoofer — the only difference in power and frequency range. For Stammen, the manufacturer used tweeters size 3/4 inch and 4-inch subwoofer, but for Baggen speakers 2.5 inch and 5.25-inch subwoofer.

To speakers you can connect both wired and wireless audio sources. For the first use the most common connector jack 3.5 mm. In the second case, the user can use connection like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also note the presence of the columns, the special USB connector designed for data transfer, but only to recharge your smartphone or tablet, which can be very useful during prolonged operation of the device at some party.

Appearance and ergonomics

The color palette of acoustic Urbanears

Both speakers made in the same far from classical style. They come in the same design, same materials, controls, and interfaces. The differences are only in size: the model of Baggen larger, and Stammen smaller. The selection of colors manufacturer approached carefully, giving their products a rather unusual shades of the usual colors: green, orange, pink, blue, grey and black. In the name of each color there is some additional word, emphasizing its peculiarity: for example, Goldfish Orange or Dirty Pink. We are testing the acoustics got in the orange color (model Stammen) and gray (model Baggen).


Column look Urbanears Baggen


Column look Urbanears Stammen

Form two columns represent put on the legs is a box, covered on the outside with a cloth. No removable panels covering the speakers, speakers have no. Form factor acoustics of Urbanears at all atypical for classical columns. Body not elongated, as usual, but, on the contrary, flattened. All interfaces are located behind and below, in a small cavity in the plastic base – the only non-fabric part of the column. Near the recess is located and a socket extending into the body of the bass. The model Baggen it has a round cross-section, and a more compact model Stammen stretched, but not oval, but rather rectangular with rounded edges.


Column Urbanears Baggen: bottom view

Column Urbanears Stammen: bottom view

As we mentioned earlier, both speakers Urbanears have a USB connector for charging smartphone or tablet. And not necessarily this smartphone should be the source of the sound. It can be any mobile device one of the guests who came to you. There is a connector on the lower surface, next to the 3.5 mm audio input and the power connector. The location is not too convenient, but the fact that the manufacturer took care of that outlet – it is great.


The control blocks column Urbanears Baggen (left) and Stammen (right)

Legs for mounting the speakers on a flat surface

Well, the final feature form factor acoustics Urbanears is the placement of controls. Unit with two regulators is not on the front panel and top. The decision initially may introduce user confusion about which side of the device, but the presence of the legs on one of the surfaces puts everything in its place. The top position of the control unit, apparently caused by the fact that these speakers can be installed not only on a high shelf, but on the nightstand, Desk or even on the floor. In these cases, adjust the volume or switch modes it will be convenient for this placement of the handles. However, to adjust the sound Urbanears possible without the use of handles, using for these purposes a smartphone.


Fabric structure speaker Urbanears Baggen (left) and Stammen (right)

In General, for the unusual appearance Urbanears acoustics deserves the highest rating. Lovers of the classics it may not have the taste, but for sure will leave no one. And this despite the fact that striking design Stammen and Baggen still have their drawbacks — fully fabric-covered speakers aren’t too practical. At the party they are easy to get food or spill a drink on them. Simply wipe the fabric surface with a wet cloth, as in the case of lacquered wood or plastic, alas, will not work. But if you are careful and do not forget to remove the acoustics in such places where guests will not cause damage, it will certainly serve you faithfully for many years. The same dust is easily removed from fabric with a damp cloth or even a vacuum cleaner.


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