In fact, talk about the fact that Sony is developing a new generation of consoles, being on various gaming forums are already like a whole year. The truth is it is not clear how justified these rumors. Is the life cycle of a console is nearing completion? Or company is disappointing sales in comparison to your competitor? At the moment, the Xbox One from Microsoft went on sale in November last year, is the most powerful gaming device in the world (unless, of course, except for personal

computers). But is it so good that they made Sony in a hurry to develop PlayStation 5? And in a hurry?

With the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has relied on the versatility and was forced to complete the first console controller Kinect, which the system initially cost $ 100 more expensive competitor in the face of PS4. The latter was also significantly more powerful, despite the similar overall architecture. In the result, the PS4 showed a sharp start and won on the backdrop of modest sales Xbox One high popularity. The release of the Xbox One’s situation is not corrected. All hope was vested on the Xbox One X, which, as mentioned above, the most powerful gaming console of modern times.

According to analysts, by 2021, Microsoft will be able to sell 17 million Xbox One X, and the total numbers of consoles sold of this family will be about 63 million. If it scares Sony? Unlikely. Microsoft, as you know, the real sales figures of the Xbox One lineup doesn’t love to share, so this information has to be collected bit by bit. However, in November last year it became known that the total number of consoles sold the Redmond company amounted to approximately 36.2 million pieces. At the end of December of the same year at Sony, the figure is more than twice as much. The Japanese company then reported that worldwide it sold $ 73.6 million consoles family PlayStation 4. In other words, to justify the transition to the development of a new game console can do everything, but not the poor sales of the console. What then?

The life cycle of the console. With this leapfrog generations even within the same line (PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro; Xbox One Xbox One S, Xbox One X) you probably didn’t even notice that it’s been almost 5 years since the announcement of the current generation of consoles. PlayStation 4, we recall, was announced in November 2013. After 7 years since the announcement of the PlayStation 3. It’s already March 2018, therefore, not surprising that rumors about the next generation of consoles will emerge with increasing levels of regularity.

One such recent rumor is insider information Marcus Cellar, known in the gaming circles, and having the status of an authoritative source. Through his page on Twitter he reported that a Sony PlayStation 5, or rather, her early dev kit has been created and is currently being sent to all the major game developers that they allegedly got acquainted with the minimum specifications and may even have begun to create games for the new consoles.

The insider claims that over the past few days several of his acquaintances of the developers got from Sony demonstration kits, a PlayStation 5. Any specific information on its technical equipment, the source, of course, does not disclose, but reports that Sony, not wanting to risk supplying console in special cases (buildings), in fact represents just a set of iron does not have any relationship to the final form of the consumer product.

As for the announcement of the Sony PlayStation 5, it will happen it is not before the game show E3. Just talking about the show not this year, and the next, 2019. After that, the company will need another year to fully complete the development of a new gaming console, to optimise the software and choose the final appearance that will be seen by all users. During this time, it is also planned to complete the first game for new products, including exclusives.

In other words, a new console we should expect somewhere in 2020. This does not mean that the PS4 will immediately expire and become illiquid. As a rule, the manufacturers of consoles trying to support the console of the previous generation for a good few years since the release of the new. For example, despite the announcement of the PS4 in November 2013, end of support PS3 began only at the end of 2015. And on home consoles in Japan, the console actually lasted until mid-2017. So that those who just now decided to buy the console line PS4 – can do it safely. You will have time enough with her to play.

Rumor: PlayStation 5 is already in development. The creators of the game get the first dev kit s
Nikolai Khizhnyak


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