The exhibition Mobile World Congress, manufacturers are trying to come in full armor, and some days are announced dozens of new devices. In such a situation there is a risk to get lost among the competitors. Perhaps this is why Huawei chose not to bring to Barcelona its new flagship smartphone, P20, indeed, in the framework of the MWC 2018 to be held the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S9. However, no new products, the Chinese have not left, presenting several new tablets.

The tablet market has been falling for several years in a row. So, according to IDC, in 2017 were sold 163,5 million tablets, which is 6.5% lower than a year earlier. But for Huawei, the year was very successful: sales of tablets grew by 28 %, allowing the company to take the fourth place in market share in 2017.

We were able to meet with tablets back in Moscow, a few days before the official presentation of the device in Barcelona. Thus, the main novelty was the model Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro with IPS screen diagonal of 10.8 inches. The manufacturer calls the tablet a premium device and as a competitor leads the iPad Pro. Like “Apple” product, the M5 Pro can adjust the color temperature of the picture according to the surrounding light. The stated contrast ratio ― 1000:1, brightness ― 400 nits.

In the heart of the model is the processor of its own design ― Kirin 960. It consists of four high-performance cores ARM Cortex-A73 frequency, capable of reaching 2.4 GHz and economical four-core ARM Cortex-A53 with a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz. Processor Huawei is produced at the facilities of TSMC 16-nm process FinFET. Although the chip was presented in the year 2016, it still has relevant features. Huawei Kirin 960 supports UFS interface 2.1 for connecting flash storage and is capable of operating with the memory LPDDR4. The amount of RAM of all tablets is 4 GB.

Despite the fairly large screen with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels, the tablet has a good autonomy ― up to 10.5 hours while playing HD video. Equipped with M5 Pro charger with maximum current of 2A, allowing you to fully charge the battery in about three hours. Battery capacity standard for this class of devices ― 7500 mAh.

Another feature of the older model is supplied stylus pen M-Pen. He distinguishes 4096 degrees of depression, which is twice more than Apple Pencil. But Huawei doesn’t specify, distinguish whether the stylus angle. In any case, for note-taking, handwriting and simple drawings of the capabilities of the stylus would be sufficient. A curious feature is the location of the charging Jack. By turning the upper part of the port hides behind the clip, which, incidentally, makes the stylus like a regular pen.

Tablets are often used for viewing video content, so the four speakers on the rear side of the device is clearly not to be redundant. Huawei proudly claims that the sound setting was attended by experts Harman/Kardon, which not so long ago became the property of Samsung. But 3.5 mm headphone Jack there, and it’s sad. Of course, you can use the bundled adapter with USB-C but it is not always convenient. In his defense Huawei says that the tablet supports Sony HiRes Audio, which is active even when connecting wireless headphones.

Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro is equipped with a pair of cameras: 13-Megapixel on the rear side of the housing and 8-Megapixel on the front. Both modules are equipped with lenses with a maximum aperture of f/2.2, and here the focus is only on the back camera.

The tablet will be available in two colors: Golden (Champagne Gold) and grey (Space Gray). In both cases, the device looks very attractive: polished metal body and 2.5 D glass look good in a pair. The tablet runs on the Android operating system 8.0, there is also a proprietary shell EMUI 8.0. The dimensions of Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro equal 258,7 × 171,8 x 7.3 mm and weighs 498 grams. There is also a slot for SIM-card format “nano”, and the maximum data transmission speed in LTE networks is 300 Mbps.

The Wi-Fi module will allow the tablet to connect to networks of 2.4 and 5 GHz, supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. The amount of internal memory varies depending on the version of 32, 64 or 128 GB. There is a microSD slot where you can install card with capacities up to 256GB. Biometric sensor built into a key on the front panel of the tablet.

Due to the small thickness of Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro size close to the conventional 10-inch tablets and a little bigger than the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, the dimensions of which are 240 × 169,5 × 6,1 mm. However, for tablets, further reducing the width of the framework, it hardly makes sense, because then to keep them in the hands will become very uncomfortable.

At the bottom of the back of the tablet noticeable magnetic contacts ― these are used to connect peripheral devices like keyboard. Optional keyboard makes a very good impression and suitable for even very extensive set of texts. And large touchpad will also facilitate the management functions of the device in the unfolded state.

For those who don’t need the stylus, Huawei provides a lightweight version of the tablet MediaPad M5. Another difference is applied the processor: it uses a slightly less powerful version of Kirin 960s. Unlike conventional 960 th are in the core frequency: ARM Cortex-A73 operate at a frequency of 2.1 instead of 2.4 GHz, but the frequency of cores ARM Cortex-A53 has not changed and is equal to 1.8 GHz. Apparently, the world’s first device based on Huawei Kirin 960s.

Model MediaPad M5 with 8.4-inch screen has almost the same characteristics as the top plate, except that the dimensions of the other, the stylus isn’t included. Battery capacity is also slightly reduced ― up to 5100 mAh. Charge enough for 10 hours of video playback, and on a full charge the battery will take 2 hours. The size of 212,6 × of 124.8 × 7,35 mm the device weighs 310 grams. Another simplification was the use of two speakers instead of four.

Tablets, Huawei made a good impression: a powerful filling, bright screens with high resolution, small frames around them, metal case. It is a pity that the Chinese have gone on about the smartphone trend and threw the 3.5 mm Jack from the tablet. Perhaps this is the main claim to devices in the first discovering.

Huawei MediaPad M5

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