Into the Breach — robots vs insects. Review
Genre Strategy
Publisher Subset Games
Developer Subset Games
Minimum requirements Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz/AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 1.46 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphics card with 128 MB of memory and supports DirectX 9.0 c such as NVIDIA GeForce 210/ATI Radeon X600, 140 MB hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHz/AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphics card with 256 MB of
memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GT 340/ATI Radeon H1900 GT
Release date 27 Feb 2018
Age limit from 7 years
Platform PS

The game is tested on PC

FTL at the time caused a lot of noise — it still can be used as a synonym for sleepless nights. To pick up a ship, to approve the crew and hope that dozens of random events will play into the hands, and not be destroyed in the first minutes of space Odyssey. Into the Breach from the folks level of excitement not inferior to its predecessor. She is as clumsy in appearance, but it is necessary to begin to understand the mechanics and to break away is impossible.

Bugs. I hate bugs!

Story written by Chris Avellone even fit in a couple sentences, but still elegant. You control a group of three fighting robots and trying to save the planet from destruction huge monster insects. “Pepper” is that pilots are able to travel in time. In case of defeat (and they will often, believe me) one of the soldiers is sent into a parallel reality, back to the time of the invasion, and with a new team once again tries to perform the task.

Opponents clearly show the direction of their attack during the next turn. Helps to plan future action

This also explains the random generation of tasks on the four Islands, where they will be fighting. The number of missions on each of the scraps of land remains the same, but every time changing landscape of the cards and shuffled conditions for more points, which can then be spent to buy bonuses. By the way, the locations vary greatly as to climate and disasters. Somewhere there will be floods, reducing the field of battle, somewhere Blizzard will forge frost anyone caught in its radius. Although, in truth, the available levels are not too much — eventually they begin to repeat.

At first glance, Into the Breach seems to be the next pixel crafts with a claim, but to evaluate the project only in appearance — perhaps the worst mistake you can make. Behind that facade is well-developed tactics with a hundred a variety of situations and their solutions. Besides, unlike FTL, the ball is ruled not an accident but a skill with a maximum benefit of available opportunities.

Who ordered the Board game?

First unusual conditions of defeat. Usually in the tactics screen you see Game Over when all the wards had fallen in the battle, so try to save them by any means. Into the Breach breaks the logic — often lose for another reason. During the battles on the maps are not only the opponents and your own troops, but also civil buildings. The latter are responsible for the most important thing in the game — the energy powering the robots. The loss of any of these structures reduces scale, but it’s worth it to collapse to zero, as an invasion can not be stopped.

Wow, someone is now freeze!

Of course, a variety of reptiles will try to destroy not only the troops but also civilians. There are situations when you face a difficult choice: lose pumped pilot with good skills, putting it heroically to take a punch, or to sacrifice valuable energy, which is not the fact that they will be able to raise to its former level. It is worth to note that the death of the operator means the loss of the robot in later battles, you can use the machine, but without gaining experience and useful abilities of the deceased like increased range of movement.

Although described above — only add-on fun battle system. The rules are easy to remember, but how many combinations it allows you to get up! Battles on tiny maps with a size of 8 by 8 cells are transformed into a tactical puzzle, since each type of robot and each attacks the enemy in their own way. Victory conditions one — to hold out five moves. You don’t even have to kill all the mutants. Preferably in the process not to lose civil, and at the same time to fulfill additional conditions for receiving bonuses. How exactly to achieve this — depends entirely on you.

You can take a squad of powerful battle machines that attack will keep you and iron fist Nada shells. Or to be more cleverly, shifting insects with artillery fire on the third-party cells so that instead of buildings they attacked the brothers in the hive. Or specifically block stones those areas where the need to get out another enemy. Of the 24 available robots can do the most inconceivable versions of the units, and then to test them in combat. Still losing a game is not the end but beginning of a new cycle chic battles.

Seems to be only one stone, and the damage will be applied to all

Into the Breach makes hard to move convolutions, working through all possible variants of development of each specific battle. Sitting in three hours of the night, looking thoughtfully at the screen and quietly speaks: “So, if this fly will move here, it will kill the bug, and he will not destroy the building. Well, then the remaining two robots I can kill other enemies, and the next phase will be already easier”.

A bit like chess, but with other figures, is not it? Then move the cursor over the sequence of moves and understand that nasty bug will act before it will overtake the shock and the loss of energy at such tactics can not be avoided. In space flies a couple of swear words, and the brain begins to find other ways out of the situation.

Such thoughts simply do not notice how time runs, but the game starts to throw more and more complex situations. Especially if you decide after the two Islands did not immediately go to the opened the final battle, but to help other regions. This is where you can test your abilities.

And like everything in the game is great, but the more time you spend, the more it begins to irritate the opening of the new fighting machines. Fresh units are bought for coins, they are issued only under certain conditions. For example, several times to push the enemy into the water during a battle to save so many people and all in the same spirit. In fact, a trivial “achievements” for such actions in addition to gold and give more achievements on Steam. Some of them runs just along the passage, but the rest need to bother.

An example of a desperate situation. Anyway, you still lose

It seems to be good, such conditions are constantly pushing to change the composition of the party, since each unit set of tests. However, sometimes over and over again trying to arrange the situation to obtain a bloody coin, because I’d like to see what else is in the Arsenal. And it is not always possible to do this: that if any did not turn up, then the error will happen. I suspect that some such system of progress may turn away from the game.

If for you it does not matter, for Into the Breach will be a very good time. Due to the fast-paced battles it is passed (or lost) very quickly, but whatever the outcome to call it a day no desire. I would like to take in exciting battles and to see how effective the new combination of robots. To save the three Islands, and four. Finally, just one more time to enjoy the search for possible ways out of difficult situations. And there are already to work it’s time to leave, and not sleep.


  • deep and sophisticated combat system;
  • dozens of possible combinations of unit;
  • a fascinating battle, forcing to think, think and again think.


  • inconvenient system of getting new robots;
  • the design of the enemies.
Graphics Neat pixel art, but no more. Very frustrating the design of the enemies are the usual bugs-spiders, which are supposed to have come from the pages of the textbooks of biology. Well, if the books were pixel art. 6
Sound Exciting inspirational tunes — exactly what you need for battles with huge monsters. 8
Single game The combat system has simple rules and quickly mastered, but it does not affect tactical depth. Options for the development of each battle weight, and what will lead to a positive result depends on your skills. 9
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Into the Breach continues the glorious traditions of FTL, but this time on the field tactical battles. She will gladly kick you for every mistake, but did not stint on interesting puzzles to solve that pleasure. 9

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Into the Breach

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