Wireless stereo headset the company Microlab Electronics started producing just two years ago, but being a serious player in the market of various multimedia speaker systems, easily occupied the niche of relatively inexpensive Bluetooth headsets with sufficiently high audio quality. Among headsets Microlab Electronics is and ear, and patch models with different design and sound performance. To our test lab got one of the novelties headset Microlab T964BT, resembling in appearance the classic over-ear headphones, but having with high-tech stuffing.


Microlab T964BT
Type False
Acoustic design Closed
Emitters Dynamic 40 mm
Frequency range, Hz 20-20 000
Impedance, Ohm n/a
Sensitivity, dB n/a
Maximum power, mW n/a
Total harmonic distortion less than, % n/a
Sensitivity, dB -38 ±3
Features Built-in
General data
Cable length, m 0,3 (removable, replaceable)
Connector Jack 3,5 mm
Wireless interface Bluetooth 4.1
Maximum range, m 10
Bluetooth Profiles Hands-free, Headset, AVRCP, A2DP
Connector for charging the internal battery MicroUSB
The maximum time of Autonomous work, h 18
The maximum operating time in standby mode, days 15
Official manufacturer’s guarantee, months. 12

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not disclose the detailed specifications of its new products, leading in the corresponding table only the frequency response and sensitivity built-in microphone.

The package

Packaging headset Microlab T964BT

The headset comes in a compact cardboard box is white with colorful printing. Inside there is a plastic tab that securely hold the device and preserving its integrity and health of after downs even with a relatively great height.

The supplied headset Microlab T964BT

The package Microlab T964BT nothing different. Along with the headset were found to have the following accessories kit:

  • audio cable with two three-pin connectors Jack 3,5 mm;
  • cable for charging MicroUSB – USB type A.



Appearance headset Microlab T964BT

Externally headset Microlab T964BT designed as a classic over-ear headphones medium size. Despite the plastic case and plastic items-cups, the headset does not look cheap. This is partly due to the high quality soft-touch plastic, and partly – with an elegant covering of the headband, which is made of soft synthetic material that resembles leather and stitched with bright red thread.



Outside on a headband emblazoned with the company name embossed letters. Inside the headband is filled with soft foam material.


The sliding mechanism of the headband

The headband has a sliding mechanism, which also consists of plastic elements. More specifically, the slides, not the headband. It inserts holders cups with a long enough rail. Markings on the rails there, but the discrete mechanism with a teeth fixing the intermediate position is fairly accurate. Adjustment for head size is not difficult and takes only a few seconds.



Cups the model Microlab T964BT are mounted on plastic handles. The arms look quite durable, but if you happen to sit on the headset, it is unlikely to survive. On the bend the arms at the base, the Cup can be rotated 90 degrees around the vertical axis. In another plane the Cup also has a degree of freedom and is rejected by the angle of about 30 degrees. In General, this is sufficient for automatic tuning of the headphones for any shape of the head. For complete comfort and precise fit to the ear Cup of the headset have an asymmetrical shape.

Headset with an attached audio cable

On the left Cup there is a connector MicroUSB for connecting the charging cable of the battery. The right Cup carries the power control button, a microphone, an LED and a connector for connecting the audio cable. Also on its external side there are three buttons to control playback. The latter is easy to find, as they are spaced 90 degrees relative to each other.


Ear pads

Ear cushions headset is not removable. They are made from the same artificial leather, which is made from the covering of the headband. Despite the relatively small size of the model Microlab T964BT, almost ear cups completely cover the ears when worn, which have a positive impact on noise reduction. Very unusual was approached by a developer to the issue of labelling of the cups. Is applied to the headband of the marks in this case in the form of letters “L” and “R” made holes in the ear pads.

The overall design of the headset Microlab T964BT does not cause even the slightest criticism. The quality of materials and design of this model are at a very high level and will surely please even the pickiest user.


It is hardly necessary to buy a model Microlab T964BT to use this headset with the wire, but in the case of a dead battery or home use this connection option is available. You do not need to press the power button, as the device will work in passive mode as an ordinary headphone. Note that to Microlab T964BT can’t use the cable with MIC. The socket for AUX cable only has three pins.

No problems arose and wireless innovations. Search and connect the device we have tested with two phones (an old Samsung GT-I8160 with Android 4.1.2 and Bluetooth 3.0+EDR and a more recent Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 6.0.1 and Bluetooth 4.0) and the ASUS UX31A with the integrated Bluetooth module. To enter search mode, press and hold the power control button of the headset for six seconds. The device immediately appeared on the search page both on smartphones and laptop.

The communication quality does not cause any complaints. Within one room the sound is transmitted without distortion and interruptions. Also easily operate and control keys playback. During playback of the track or conversation, you can add or subtract the volume stop playback skip to the next or previous track. Also features redial the last call made. To activate it, need press power management.

During operation of earphone voice in English inform the user about enabling, disabling, and moving into a search mode. Also, the device is able to read the digits of the incoming number. It is a bit of a Lisp, but to understand what they say, is easy.

Experience with headset

The first thing you feel when you wear the headset on the head, is comfort. There is no pressure and not pressed with unnecessary force. Cups adaptable to the shape of the head and completely cover the ears. Soft insert in the headband also contributes to comfort when worn. This is not to say that the headset is too soft and loose on the head. As it turned out, she can even run! Although for these purposes it is better to use the model is easy, Microlab T964BT very firmly seated in the head.

Due to the fact that the cups do not fit the ears, and only closely adhere to him, with no less comfort the headset can be worn in hot weather and in stuffy metro. By the way, on the subway. Soundproofing any compact overhead headphones are always satisfactory. No exception and model Microlab T964BT, but due to the snug fit of the ear pads to the ears external noise in this case is strongly suppressed. Loud conversations, shouting and low frequencies remain audible, but one can recognize them, just hard of listening.

On the manufacturer’s website says that the “headset Microlab T964BT intended for personal listening of audio tracks with playback devices and telephone conversations mode Nands-free”. No beautiful epithets like headsets from other manufacturers, in this case not given, which indirectly speaks of the appointment of a novelty: not for aesthetes, but rather for a wide range of consumers. In other words – every day. But with this position we will evaluate the sound quality of Microlab T964BT.

First, we evaluated the sound quality of the device when the main version of the headset is wireless. Just note that the same tracks on different smartphones and laptop were played exactly the same. At the sound of Microlab T964BT dominated by low frequencies, which can be heard performing music of all genres. Even the vocals low turns excess paint. Heavy, electronic, dance music, and movies, this situation is not terrible, but the music of all other genres from this injustice still suffers.

Also the disadvantages of Microlab sound T964BT is attributed the lack of bright colors midrange. As a result, the sound of the headset seems a bit wishy-washy. However, only in comparison with other, more expensive headphones. Wired connection does not change the sound. However the sound gets a bit mellower and brighter. This is especially noticeable when playing instrumental or classical music.

If you do not require cheap slim headset surround sound throughout the range of audible ear frequencies, the picture is very good. In General, the sound Microlab T964BT pleasant, without obvious distortion, “mumbling” and other drawbacks, as a rule, cheap headphones. And this applies to both the music being played and listened-to voices in conversation. As clean and working microphone headset, to pass sound without distortion. The latter arise only when the wind and the noise on the street, with which the headset is not fairing so well.


The bottom line there are several basic advantages of a novelty:

  • attractive appearance;
  • comfortable while wearing design with automatic adjustment of the cups;
  • detachable audio cable and the ability to work in passive mode;
  • voice guidance;
  • a sufficiently high quality of sound voice and music of all genres.

Model Microlab T964BT claims to be one of the best versatile and inexpensive set. At a price of about three thousand rubles she copes with all music genres, and allows you to chat on the phone. Miracles, of course, is not the case, and music lovers, this model is unlikely to fit. But for those who don’t like earbuds, used in most headsets for mobile devices, the novelty will certainly have to taste.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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