What should be a portable laptop that is constantly used for work? Come to mind the following qualities: lightweight, Autonomous, productive, having a sufficient number of ports. These criteria satisfy a lot of different laptops, but there is, as they say, nuances. Until recently the best choice, according to many, for portability was Apple laptops. But the latest MacBooks have turned out so very ambiguous. My current MacBook will soon turn seven years — quite a respectable age for a laptop. But I’m in no hurry to change it on a new laptop with the Apple logo. The manufacturer while there is no model suitable to me 100 %. At the moment my laptop is connected to the phone via USB cable, SD card and power supply. New makbuki this situation is impossible ― no adapter not necessary. Perhaps we should look at the products of other manufacturers?

In Barcelona, Huawei did not bring new smartphones, but the attention of the public to draw her still managed. The announcement of a new laptop has not left indifferent many journalists MateBook X Pro clearly aroused interest. During the presentation the head of the company Huawei proudly told me about the product, do not hesitate to compare it with makbukom. And in comparison with competitors based on Windows the new version also looks a winner on many fronts. What is so good MateBook X Pro and whether he is willing to become the best compact laptop at the moment?

The first thing that you notice when looking at the laptop ― its screen is very thin frame. The side width is only 4.4 mm, the Screen occupies 91 % of the front panel is the best indicator to date. For example, the new Dell XPS 13 and Lenovo Thinkpad 13 — 80.7 per cent. The fashion for “frameless” screens migrated to laptops, from smartphones. In addition to a pleasant aesthetic effect from the compact framework there are undoubted benefits in the case of the standard size can fit matrix more diagonal. Here and Huawei MateBook X Pro with a screen size 13.9 inches in the closed state the dimensions are close to some 12-inch laptops.

The screen resolution is 3000 × 2000 pixels, is used LTPS-matrix. The screen has a high enough pixel density of 260 PPI. Stated viewing angles ― 178 degrees contrast ratio ― 1500:1, brightness ― 450 nits. It provides 100% coverage color space sRGB. Touch screen, support 10-point multi-touch. The display is protected from external damage by a coating of Gorilla Glass, in addition, the manufacturer says that the glossy screen is susceptible to fingerprints.

The screen has really good viewing angles, a good supply of brightness, and high pixel density will appeal not only to designers but also to all working with texts. Unusual in these times the aspect ratio of the display 3:2 at first it may seem awkward, but I’m sure with time you get used to it, because not so long ago we worked on the screens 5:4. And for editing such a display might even be easier, because most cameras take pictures with an aspect ratio of just 3:2.

The minimum thickness of the framework makes difficult the placement of web cameras in traditional places. Huawei went their own way and integrated webcam… into the keyboard! This is no joke ― in the normal position, the camera does not protrude beyond the keyboard, but if you press a key between F6 and F7 is out as the devil from the box POPs up the camera lens. This location of the module has obvious disadvantages: first, it is not the best angle on your face during video calls ― a double chin is provided even to people who are not overweight. Secondly, to communicate and to simultaneously print the text will be difficult to get your fingers to close the picture. In addition, the durability of the movement, especially if the owner is not neat and loves to eat cookies at work. And the resolution of the camera is very small ― only 1 Megapixel, so the picture quality leaves much to be desired. The advantages include the ability to close the camera and not worry about potential surveillance.

The keyboard is protected from accidental liquid spills. Of course, there is the backlight, it is made of very high quality and glow does not interfere with typing in the dark. In the power key integrated fingerprint scanner, with which the authentication process is considerably accelerated ― we are all used this way to unlock smartphones and tablets. I am glad that this technology is increasingly appearing in laptops. In MateBook X Pro applied sensor shengenskoy company Goodix, production of which has already been seen in Dell laptops.

Here the keyboard is island-style keys are quite large, have a small move. At first glance, typing on it comfortable, impressions are about the same as from keyboards new Apple laptops. On the keyboard side located slotted speakers. They are worth discussing separately. Despite the minimum thickness, MateBook X Pro is equipped with four speakers, it also supports Dolby Atmos. Recall that to get surround sound, even on systems with two speakers. I must say that the sound on the laptop is really good for this class of devices, and volume enough for viewing movies in a small company. By the way, the microphone of the laptop is also four, so sides have to assess the audio quality of the videoconferencing.

Touchpad have MateBook X Pro is huge ― probably the biggest among all devices of this class. Use it quite comfortably, although, subjectively, the touchpad on makbukah better. Technologies like Apple’s Force Touch here, i.e. click on the touchpad is not virtual, but real. Touch the surface slightly recessed into the body of the laptop. The huge size of the touchpad can cause problems with false positives during typing, although I never happened.

With the technical characteristics from Huawei MateBook X Pro is good. Older versions are equipped with Quad-core Intel Core i7-8550U. This is the eighth generation of Core processors ― a family of KabyLake-Refresh. Chip made on 14-nm technology, the base frequency is 1.8 GHz, but in turbo mode it rises to 4 GHz. TDP of the processor is 15 watts. The basic version of the laptop comes with Intel Core i5-8250U. It belongs to the same family, also comes with 4 cores, but has a smaller frequency (1.6 and 3.4 GHz, respectively) and reduced volume cache (6 vs 8 MB have i7-8550U).

Huawei decided to equip the laptop discrete graphics — GeForce MX150 with 2GB of video memory. According to the head of the company, NVIDIA four times faster built-in graphics Intel HD Graphics 620. Approximately the same advantage of the promise and the NVIDIA internal tests. Californians claim that Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or World of Tanks will work in Full HD resolution at 60 frames per second.

The major modification is equipped with 16 GB of RAM LPDDR3, operating at a frequency of 2133 MHz, the other version has got 8 GB. On test laptops use Hynix modules. Keep the information offered on the NVMe PCIe SSD drives with capacity of 256 or 512 GB. Interestingly, on laptops brought to Barcelona, I met two different versions of the SSD: this is a Lite-On CA3-8D512 and Toshiba KXG50ZNV512G. Their characteristics are practically the same ― use the same controller and type of memory (Toshiba BiCS3, is a 64-layer TLC 3D NAND), so look for an option with a certain drive is not worth it.

Huawei MateBook X Pro is equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 57.4 W·h internal tests of the manufacturer, the notebook can hold 12 hours of video playback in 1080p. Display brightness is at 30 % of maximum, the sound level ― 67 % of maximum. In the mode of everyday use promises 14 hours of work, and when viewing web pages ― as much as 15 h. These data need to be tested, but on paper to autonomy MateBook X Pro no questions. Supported fast charge ― for example, 30 minutes from the outlet is sufficient for 6 hours of battery life.

The smartphone Huawei legacy is reflected in some of the chips of the laptop. When you create MateBook X Pro Huawei engineers used a number of technologies used in smartphones. Fingerprint scanner built into the power button, allows you to run Windows and unlock the desktop for 7.8 seconds after turning off and on for 6.6 seconds when you exit hibernation ― this information is provided by the company itself. From sleep mode the laptop goes instantly, no different from those of the MacBook is not.

Dimensions 13.9-inch notebook be 304 × 217 × 14.6 mm, it weighs 1.33 kg and the metallic housing has a surface treated by a sandblasting process. 13-inch MacBook Pro has similar dimensions: 304 × 212 × 14.9 mm, weight it a little more of 1.37 kg Battery from MacBook also worse ― 49,2 W·h, as well as the stated autonomy of up to 10 hours. By the way, the laptop Huawei can be opened with one hand when he’s lying on the table — a trifle, but nice. How things have MateBook X Pro expansion ports? It’s one of the main problems that users have criticized Apple.

Laptop Huawei is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone Jack, two USB ports-C, one of which supports Thunderbolt 3, and one usual USB port is A 3.0. Any of the USB ports a-C can be used for charging the device, respectively, to replenish the battery will be possible by using an external battery, which is useful in some situations.

Unfortunately, MateBook X Pro there is no connector for memory cards, HDMI ports and Ethernet too. The situation, of course, a little better than the MacBook, and the adapter will not have to resort to connect regular USB devices like peripherals, flash drives, and external hard drives. But to move photos from the camera will have to look for an external adapter or connect the camera via the supplied USB cable.

Another unpleasant surprise was announced at laptop prices. In Europe MateBook X Pro estimated at least 1,500 euros for the version with Core i5, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. Most chassis will probably be the middle version with the Core i7 processor, 8 GB memory and 512-GB SSD. This machine will pull already 1 700 euros. If you want 16 GB of RAM, be prepared to shell out another 200 euros. Very expensive.

But gone are the days when Huawei played for a fall, fighting for the buyer with affordable prices. MateBook X Pro ― to the same degree a fashion product, as the smartphone 10, Pro Mate, and gives the impression of a really high quality device. Unfortunately, as in the case with a smartphone, there is no information on whether Apple laptop Russian retail. So that all who wish to acquire this technologically attractive product will have to keep our eye on other markets. We will thoroughly test the laptop in the lab once we will have that opportunity.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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